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January 31


Improvising with 2 synths and a drum machine (where it's at!!!!)

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January 30


Another pop song [more inside]

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January 29


Another Ambient Office Project, this one involving a custom 4-voice sequencer that involves the generation of melodies and then handing them off between each voice, in and out of sync to produce polyrhythms. [more inside]

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January 27


Using my friend's old Roland SoundCanvas to get the mellotron-esque string sounds and the Yamaha SLG-100 for the acoustic vibes. It records remarkably well, though definitely not the same as the real thing. Little bit of fretless bass action on here as well!! [more inside]

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January 25

La Sed

another lil uke song for to practice my spanish while i'm out here herding goats in the desert [more inside]

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January 19

Gin Diana

Trying out some new recording equipment [more inside]

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January 18


I sort of learned how to fade out a song on LogicPro. [more inside]

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January 17

Inchoate Burbler

Some weird low sounds.

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January 16


Cover of a Postal Service song. I'm pretty sure the song is ~actually~ about nuclear war, but the lyrics are weirdly appropriate for the pandemic. [more inside]

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January 14

Another Day

Little song my wife and I recorded this morning on an iPhone. Guitar and cello [more inside]

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January 9


A walk through the depths of feedback noise [more inside]

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January 1


This is 2022-01-01, both the song and today's date. We thought this phrase was catchy in our house, so I developed it a bit, but only slightly.

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I took the Linn drum set in Live, slowed the samples down and played with it; vaporwave came out. I followed that to a conclusion of sorts. [more inside]

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el tiempo se mueve demasiado lento

to two ends: improving spanish (little by little) & lessening longing (bit by bit)

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