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January 31


breakbeat of yore [more inside]

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January 30


It's an allegro but I don't know what work this particular movement is from.

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The Beckoning Light on the Marsh

Dungeon/fantasy/forest synth again. You shouldn't follow the light! [more inside]

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January 29

Rabbit's Shop

Here is some Sunday comfysynth for you. I imagine it playing in an RPG shop run by a rabbit that cycles through 2-3 bits of dialogue.

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January 28

The Very Small Starship Rises into the Clear Sky

If you listen closely the five tones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind are almost in there.

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January 27

the aldous doors

ambient / drone [more inside]

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January 26


Very pleased with how the key change at 1:30ish, just before the synthflute comes in, worked out

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January 25

What to release under what name?

Hey, I'd like to know what folks here think of a problem I have involving releasing music that is really different from your previous music. [more inside] posted by ignignokt at 6:28 PM PST - 4 comments

January 24


idm, with a nod to mssrs turner and handley [more inside]

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January 23

Slow Cascade

Slower, shorter and synthed up version of Cascade

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January 21


Improvised electric guitar over drum machine

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Dear to my Heart

It’s the summer you left home, and you’re thinking about it thirty-ish years later. Thinking of what that summer seemed to promise: a little bit of the shine is still on it, some of it got worn away by vicissitudes and whatnot, and some of it did what it ought to and got used up making a life for yourself.

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January 19


This is one of my partner's songs, on which I played some of the instruments. It's full of wordplay. She recently uploaded her demo album, Nothing New, to Bandcamp. She's a smart and witty lyricist and a great guitarist (and ukulelist). And she plays reed instruments, which are a complete mystery to me.

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January 18

never alone

brash, downbeat electro. one part melancholy, two parts wibbly wobbly bass

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January 16

phobos anomaly

some experimental noodling with virtual drums and discordant synths [more inside]

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January 15


"That One Last Rose" is an original, traditional honky-tonk country song, in the style of Buck Owens, Ray Price, Dwight Yoakam. Playing on it (and on the album it comes from, Last Rose) are some incredible, truly legendary musicians. Byron Berline, Dan Dugmore, and, on other songs on the album, Jason Carter, and Kristin Scott Benson. See my website for more information. [more inside]

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Split the Daylight

I get no sunlight at all in the winter, at my job, so the day when 5pm includes ANY sunlight at all is a big day for me.

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January 14

Terrible Realization Music for an Imaginary, Low-Budge

The usual. Perhaps slightly more menacing.

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January 13


short/minimal arrangement of a handful of acoustic samples [more inside]

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January 10


fairly-intense breakbeaty darkish post-rave mooch made in Reason 2.0 [more inside]

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January 9

offworld colostomy

lowfi dubby/dnb experiment

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January 5

aerosmith black rhum baba

more scattershot electro. a deliberate "track 1". [more inside]

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January 4

red shift

rave-y dnb-lite crudely cobbled together in an early edition of hip hop ejay of all things [more inside]

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January 3

Engine of Flowers

Solo Spanish guitar

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January 2


Instrumental score about discovery, evaluation, and conflict. [more inside]

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