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October 31

Chicken Train

This is aparently a cover of an Ozark Mountain Daredevils song. I am utterly unfamiliar with that band or their version of the song. In college, a firend sang the song to me once, and years later I recorded this from what I could remember. I was trying to do a gospel thing, but the sort of gospel you would hear in that church portrayed in the last scenes of X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes.

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Ghosts Up (featuring Shannon)

Despite the oft-publicized benefits of ghosthood, being a ghost may not be as great is commonly thought. This song (with vocals from my friend Shannon) explores issues faced by modern ghosts. Lyrics here.

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October 30

Crew of Sleepless Nights

The result of this question. If you like it, you can download the rest of the album all day today (Halloween) here.

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Gwine ta Champaign - acoustic version

Some of you may have heard of Straight-Up Willie, the pickingest banjo man ever to be run out of Chatahootchee on a rail...

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Working draft of an ode to those green-aproned mistresses of the coffee shop.

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A Complicated Man

Pretend poetry soundscape using minimal sampling

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Stupid Bee

It's a song about a real incident. (Lyrics here.) Heh, I actually played it while I was suffering from the effects, and even though it's a short song, I had to take a lot of breaks.

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This is an instrumental song with an early 80's feel that I wrote on piano about ten years ago and arranged on my desktop computer in 2004. This is one of those songs I gave up trying to improve.

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October 29

'79 chevy

a sad demo to mark my last weekend before entering the 9-2-5. expect delays.

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Technology Let Me Down

A simple and intimate recording about the fallibility of technology.

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October 28

Big White Horsie

This song is Ridiculous with a capital R. It's sung by a lonely fellow who's setting off to find his love on a big white horsie, with a saddle that he put on there himself.

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October 27


Song based on a disturbing mic in track recording I found. Here's the original (warning: I mean it when I say it's disturbing).

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October 25

Smart Bar

If you were ever in that cave below The Metro in the early 90's, tripping balls, you may know what I was trying to get at in this song. Otherwise, just crank it up and enjoy the ride.

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heir to the would-have-beens

i just finished moving my pile of equipment from the garage into the house for winter, and to celebrate i did a special mix of the latest song from the project mentioned here to share with y'all.

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Devil Blues

Satan has bad days too.

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October 24

Bigger, Cheaper Buzz

I've been messing around playing the guitar for about a year, but I recently got a drum machine and decided to start trying to write some songs. This is my second. The song has lyrics, but I haven't recorded the vocals yet. Recording was done in Garage Band.

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from the sky

Looped guitar samples provide a not-unreasonable setting for VLF transmission.

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The Rookie

The title comes from the Clint Eastwood movie but God only knows what that has to do with the track....

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October 23

Untitled Bossa Nova

Here is a mellow bossa nova flavored tune with a bit of a free jazz outro that I recorded with my friend and principal musical co-conspirator Jeffrey "Hawtlixxx" Gulley. Our friend Zach, who is in a really great band called Telenovela btw, provided the atmospheric guitar drone in the background. This is one of my favorite home recordings so I hope you enjoy it.

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I Shine

CollaborationFilter: I had this song I could never considered finished because it sounded dreadful in my voice. Then I discovered Metafilter Music and here I discovered chococat. Like pretty much everyone else who heard his music, I was blown away. And so I asked him if he would help me out with the song. Cool guy he is, he did. And this is the result.

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October 20

New Mean (excerpt)

Excerpt from a live performance at AS220 in Providence, RI, by Flavour, which is Billy Gomberg and casconed (me). the sounds are entirely from circuit-bent children's toys.

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Champaign Song

Sitting around the living room of a green house in Champaign, IL with a 7' cartoon chicken on the lawn, sometime around 1990, Jim Potts and I threw this together. A couple years later, we made this recording, with Mark Schwarz engineering.

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The Aural Times is Back

The nice thing about a musical website like AT is that when you apologize for a lame failure to update, you can do it in song.

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October 19

This song is Mathowie to me

Here's a Minutemen spoof about MeFi. Recorded with my son's first-act (toys-r-us) guitar-for some grit. This is my first try at "vocals" on MuFi. It sucks, but I haven't had time to do any recording work for a while.

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This is a short theme I composed while at the grocers.

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One in Japanese, fellows. I know there are a few of you who speak Japanese out there, so if the lyrics of this song don't really make sense, don't get offended, take it on a "best effort" basis. The lyrics were translated by the girl who sings in it, who is half Mexican, half Japanese. Also, if anyone can provide confirmation that it actually says something, it would be great, all this time we've only been able to hope the words actually say something and they were not taken from a refrigerator manual.

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October 18

Jean Jean Ass Machine

This a story 'bout Jean; Jean Jean Ass Machine. Vox: Nicholas Markos, The rest: Me and ACID.

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October 16

Game Over

Emperor ZiLOG said, "Cough up another quarter, kid." Who was I to refuse the galactic imperative?

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You and Whose Army?

Me and general Schwartzkopf's Army, if that helps date this "song." It's done in that 3 Days style that all the kids are using now.

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a fun new lounge track dedicated to our friend Uli in NYC - with warm greetings from fuzzy Budapest. Enjoy!

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October 15

Jesus Etc. (cover)

Acoustic cover of Wilco's Jesus Etc.

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October 13


This song is for an old friend, a guy named Todd. He came up with this revenge scheme, see, and that's what this song is. It kind of collapses at the end. I'd fix it, but I find it sorta cute. Baffling lyrics within.

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Suite: Girl of My Dreams

Me: tenor sax & vox & cowriter, Jim Potts: guitar & cowriter, Nicholas Markos: bass, Chris Markos: drums

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Heat Me Up!

Ljova would love to see your interpretive dance of this. (Please post YouTube links!)

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99 Red Balloons (cover)

Just fooling around. The clicking beat is a zippo lighter, edited in Garageband.

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October 12


A fairly straightforward narrative. Recorded on 16 track, 1" tape, as was the custom at the time. I played tenor sax, yelled some stuff, and played or programmed all the electronic stuff. Recorded and mastered at the legendary Flat Iron Studio in Wicker Park (well, legendary to Screeching Weasel and Ralph Colvert fans, I guess).

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Destruction Baby

A cover of a Number Girl song. Vocals done in one take, sung in Japanese. Programmed in Reason from the band score.

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October 11

MC Pizarro Explorer Rap

A friend of mine decided to start a hip hop group made up of 15th and 16th century explorers who, according to the premise, actually did discover the Fountain of Youth, are thus immortal and are rapping about their exploits. This was my contribution. There's no chorus, but there are three verses. The second one's actually my favorite.

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October 10

You or Your Memory

Just fooling around with a favorite Mountain Goats song... recorded in Garageband with girlfriend on backup.

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Tale of The Friendly Dolphin

An odd and jarring, yet ultimately life affirming, song about how I got a dorsal fin.

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"Once I was running, running from..." 2 distorted acoustic guitars, a bass, a beatbox, one person yelling and some whistling.

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A short duet for baroque harpsichord (fake) and loud guitar (real). (From my second Album-A-Day.)

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October 9

untitled (three stars mix)

I just noticed the music section here and decided to toss this up for a little feedback. It's the first cut I did with a new trio, and we're still trying to decide what direction we should take: get crazy composing for the studio, or write simpler stuff that can actually be performed by three people. So far the studio stuff seems to hold up better.

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Brittle, flittering, skittering, algorithmic monochromatica — with a bit more color towards the end.

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Radio Cure (cover)

A lofi, live, solo acoustic cover of the fantastic Yankee Hotel Foxtrot track, recorded a few years back. Music has been way too slow the last couple days, dammit.

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October 7

... a song for persona non grata

Y'know, I've dug your music. So, in commemoration of your self-linkage, I've composed a brief song. Take no offence to the last line, please. But don't self-link, goddammit. If you're still even here.

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Seattle Suxxx

A cover of a song by my good friend Dan Huff. This is from back when I played with a band called I Need Sleep.

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October 6

In the Frame Room

Ben, the lead singer in the band for which I am the drummer, requested I upload this song. The band's name is The Next, and the song is an impromptu jam in which he was searching for something about which to sing. As it turned out, we practice in an old fabric dying factory, and the board next to the office in which we play had many labels. One of which is "In Frame Room". Another is "Scheduled for Dying". It is the first upon which the lyrics were based.

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October 5

God of Filth

I am the drummer in this kinda punkish/metalish rock band called The Next. And this is one of our songs. It is very, very different from the sort of thing I tend to do whilst solo. And this is the best recording of it we've made, thusfar.

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St. Nicholas as a Boy

I was thinking about my friend Nicholas and Xmas, and this squirted out. "Drums" are an Acid loop, "bass" and "horns" are WX5 wind controller driving a VL70m. A/D via Layla, mixed in Cool Edit Pro on win95.

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October 3

Blue Bird

Another one for the guitarron tag. For this one we invited a friend to sing, Marie Afonso, who used to be in Zap Mama. Two voices, a guitarron, an acoustic guitar and shakers. I really like what came out. Hopefully you will like it too.

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Hollywood - Zack Austin

Acoustic song about the American Dream. Written and performed by Zack Austin. Thanks for listening.

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round and round it goes. started out sorta orbitally, then diverged

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Mr. Nite Nite Man

A gentle lullaby for kids and adults alike.

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bp vs oscillator707

a gentle, short collaborative experiment in lullaby-like clockwork

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October 2

The Weddling

I wrote this simple little song for my wife to walk down the aisle at our wedding. Written for cello and vibes, here it's more of a sketch done in Reason.

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October 1

CHRIS GARVER - Wasp in the House

A selection from the recently released album "e4/e5" ...songs about elected servants and employed servants. Songs about shock and awe, the beatniks, & holy Moses. Songs about Paul Bunyan, Tammy Faye, & Zelda Fitzgerald. Posthumous songs, sacreligious songs, contradictory slanderings... Jewelry store robberies, the language virus, & the reawakening of the languished American dream?

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