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October 31

A Half-Hearted Anthem for Singledom

Needed a break from some other music projects, so here's a little song I put together today that turned out more melancholy than I intended. Hope you enjoy it?

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Valentine's Day

A love song for my guitar. [more inside]

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October 30

I Live In A Place Nobody Owns

A one day recording by The Dan Germans. It's about living in a foreclosed home. Crack a can of cheap beer and enjoy.

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This Is Hollywood

The title sound from my forthcoming solo album, "This Is Hollywood," detailing three years on the fringes of Tinsel Town leading up to LA Riots.

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October 29

Jub Attack

With a FPP about Fabio After Dark over on MeFi, I figured now was as good a time as any to share my 2008 cover of When Somebody Loves Somebody.

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October 28

Kari Ann

A rough version of the first song from my forthcoming solo album, "This Is Hollywood." [more inside]

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The Sower

An out-of-phase Strat golden oldie. Sweet. For JI, wherever she may be........ [more inside]

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pretty silly, super spooky [more inside]

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When Turkeys Vote For Christmas

I've written a bitterly humorous Christmas lyric (see inside) and thought it might be interesting to see what others did with it. This is not an official challenge btw - it's just an off-the-cuff bit of fun. Feel free to add or delete verses etc. Musically I'm very much hearing a rockabilly two-step along the lines of Dylan's Dirt Road Blues. I guess I'd only stipulate two things (a) that the four key lines of the chorus are retained and (b) that you don't upload until we can see the landing strip lights for Christmas. [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 2:30 PM PST - 2 comments

October 26

November Challenge: A Song Never Written

November challenge: A song never written [more inside] posted by unSane at 9:39 AM PST - 9 comments

October 25

Authority Song [John Mellencamp cover]

This is a cover of one of my favorite songs from when I was a child (it came out when I was ten, to be exact). One of those "story of my life" numbers with a simple and catchy tune. Welp, Internet, I got a wild hair and decided, "let's record a version of this fucker." So I have. [more inside]

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You Are Now Origami Swan

Another improvised electro-acoustic/glitch tune.

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October 23

Take On Me REMIX

Remix of Aha's Take On Me made by intricately, expertly, and precisely scratching a burned CD and playing it in my car's stereo and then recording that from my car speakers into GarageBand and adding "Club reverb". So turn it up! [more inside]

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October 22

Lower Lights

A capella performance of an old Methodist hymn. Just me and some friends. [more inside]

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Allahu Akbar (Libyan National Anthem)

Topical? Certainly! Tasteless? Probably! Pantsless? Unfortunately not. Well fought, revolutionaries. I hope these days are the turning points you so need. [more inside]

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October 21

The Cavalryman's Lament, (Girl on a Swing)

Orgiastically melodromatic Jacques Brel-inspired version of the strange little ballad I posted a couple of days ago. [more inside]

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I shot a man in Reno...

Cowboy Junkies flavored version of the Johnny Cash classic. [more inside]

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October 20

Without My Pants On

Submission for this month's "record a track before you put on your pants in the morning" challenge. I sat down in my underwear at 7:35am to put together a song about what might have happened if I had sat down without my underwear. [more inside]

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It's Not Like You

How well do you really know anyone? [more inside]

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October 19

there's a 'zombie guitarist' story in here somewhere...

Seems that, if it's a Telecaster, you indeed cannot "take it with you"... posted by flapjax at midnite at 10:57 PM PST - 6 comments

Folk Song 2

Next song in a series of electronic pieces with sampled acoustic instruments.

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Blue Sky

My version of Common's new single "Blue Sky". [more inside]

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October 18

Girl on a Swing (Ballad of a Cavalryman)

This is a super-rough demo of a song I wrote yesterday for the 'Has Been for Years' song fight. It's a gothic little waltz using a resonator guitar, told from the point of view of a trooper in the 7th cavalry who was killed at Little Big Horn while waiting to be relieved by Reno's troops. Recorded before I put my pants on, for the challenge. Video proof is here. [more inside]

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October 17


Solo oud improvisation, recorded last year.

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October 16


I've been sorta kinda following Cortex and Chococat on Songfight and I think Davejay, The White Hat and Doleful Creature are also on there somewhere although I don't know their handles. Anyone else? And any tips? [more inside] posted by unSane at 8:55 PM PST - 16 comments

The Other Shoe

Peppy and poppy, though I don't really have a pop voice. Who needs more than two chords, anyway? [more inside]

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October 15

DYI Instruments

I watched some clips of Staff Benda Bilili and heard the NPR segment. My questions: FIrst, the can guitar thing. How is it made? Second, any cool DYI musical instrument sites you can point me to? posted by cjorgensen at 7:29 AM PST - 4 comments

October 14

The Logical Song (feat. Ayn Rand)

Supertramp's classic, covered for the 'uncool' challenge. Featuring resonator guitar in Open G, pump organ, polka accordion and Ayn Rand. [more inside]

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Schwankfeld's Blues

Off of my combo's demo, this is a 12 bar blues I wrote in college, the changes are a little... non-standard. [more inside]

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October 13


Folky electronic music.

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Butterfly Trapped In a Phone Booth (minimal mix)

The second in my new series, Songs of the Mundane. It's written specifically for a video, which is, of course, viewable at YouTube. The version I'm posting here features vocal and dulcimer only: thought I'd start posting alternate mixes here to MeFiMu since I almost always link to a video version, and why not make 'em different, right? The version you can hear with the video has several percussion tracks, and, of course, a butterfly...

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Cape Cod

I was recently reminded of good times on the Cape. Thought they deserved some hard rock. [more inside]

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October 12

Searching for Gold

Work in progress for the next songfight.org topic, which is "has been for years." I recently learned about songfight and thought it would be fun to try it out. [more inside]

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Money? What money?

This could be kind of interesting... check it out. posted by flapjax at midnite at 8:39 AM PST - 13 comments

October 11


Sort of a spare, dirge-like rendition. [more inside]

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Man in a Red Hat

This song, the start of a new series called Songs of the Mundane, was written and recorded specifically for this video.

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October 10

Rock Lobster

Pirates For Sail covers the B-52s classic! [more inside]

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October 9

Little Lambs

Slept late while the wife and kids were out of town, woke up and wrote and recorded this. Without pants, naturally. [more inside]

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Hymn to the Preciousness of Human Frailty

Here's a new recording I made last night. It's a song of my own composition. I feel like it's a strong interpretation, and I think my style is becoming more personal. [more inside]

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Millimeters of Mercury — I Will Never Love Again

this song was birthed of an experiment to compose a Folk-style song and then doing it electro-style instrumentally and vocally. so the result is a folk-ish drum beat and accompaniment (and chord progression in the chorus) with electronic actual drums, synth bass, electric piano and electro vocals. enjoy, and never love again.

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October 8

Morning Reverb

Ambient reverby thing

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I'm ducking out of the woodshed for a moment to meet this month's "pantsless" challenge. I recorded this with no warm-up, first thing after waking up. It's a take on the Miles Davis standard "Four." [more inside]

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October 7

Hello, Are You There? I'm Listening.

Kind of experimental...starts off very synthy. Not a song exactly but probably enjoyable. [more inside]

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Don't Disturb This Groove (Ex Machina Mix)

A few weeks back, I bought an acoustic-electric guitar. I want to go back to the songs where I faked guitar parts and replace them with real ones. I posted this cover of The System's "Don't Disturb This Groove" a long time ago. This new version changes the strumming style enough to necessitate the addition of a bass part. [more inside]

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virtue is its own sword

For the October Pantless challenge. This is a hair away from extemporaneous. [more inside]

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October 6

Mary Wants 2 be like Me (419 mix)

this is a tune I wrote over 11 years ago. Ive posted it once as "Marra Wanna be like me" The Version is a rare 4:19 mix. [more inside]

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October 5

Gonna Have to Let You Down

Pantless snarky powerpop for the October challenge. Video proof. [more inside]

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October 4

Help me build a rhythm machine!

What are some good exercises to develop better rhythmic cohesion as a band? [more inside] posted by baniak at 8:45 AM PST - 18 comments

Luck, She Sleeps

Another one for all you punctuation lovers out there. We wrote this one wistful evening and the next day joined forces with some Brazilian friends of ours (on the pandeiro, jambe and rhythm guitar) and managed to get this recorded in one 5-hour session. Note: song starts 6-seconds in. [more inside]

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Millimeters of Mercury — S2

Slightly dubstep-inspired, named for the closest star to the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy (S2). The star is a young star and the fastest-moving massive object in the galaxy, and by metaphor, the song expresses the hubris and beauty of youth.

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October 3

Baba O'Riley

A shoegazey take on the Who's classic rock radio staple.

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Under Radiant Signs

Another acoustic guitar thing. [more inside]

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October 2

Beer for Breakfast

A short song about a lazy morning made today in a state of undress for the music challenge. [more inside]

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Steel Dub

OK we're gonna do this. My old shit. [more inside]

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October 1


If you like reverb and delay, then this song's for you. I don't really know how to describe this one. It was done for this month's challenge, so it was hasty and under-thought and turned out better than I expected.

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