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October 31


A mix of cultures often results in something beautiful - interesting art, world views, beautiful babies and intriguing music. And you don't have to be from either of those cultures to appreciate how wonderful this can be. This song represents a melange of two cultural infusions - from Canada and Ukraine. This is Ummagma. Enjoy. [more inside]

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October 29

In Western Lands

Sam Gamgee's song in the tower of Cirith Ungol. Words by JRR Tolkien, melody by Stephen Oliver. [more inside]

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October 26

Bringing Me Down

An upbeat alt-countryish number I wrote in 2002, brought back from the dead and revived (with some cheap rhymes preserved). [more inside]

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October 25


This is one of those "let's drift away" songs... hazy gazey spacey and dreamy all in oneā€¦ If one is prone to daydreaming or aural hypnosis, this may not be the song for you :) Just the same, this is definitely worth a listen to all others. This is Sounds of Sputnik.

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October 23

Small Band of Rebels for Star Wars Covers

Anyone interested in collaborating on short punk/rock versions of Star Wars themes? Please hope me, Obi-Wan. [more inside] posted by TheSecretDecoderRing at 2:58 PM PST - 1 comments

Talk to Her

There is always that belief out there that musicians often self-create bad situations in their lives so that they have something to write about. ;) Well, here is one track that actually was written as an apology after a lovers' quarrel :) Oh yeah... [more inside]

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October 21

Kingdom Come (15 Metaphors for Love)

There were originally 23 metaphors but it was 8 too many. [more inside]

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October 20

Go Away

Acoustic guitars, a little slide, singing, breathing room. [more inside]

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Separate Ways

Pensive piano interspersed with electronic outbursts and a broad, burbling middle section. [more inside]

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October 19


I've been having trouble sleeping lately. This is a brief, improvised lullaby I made the other night to help with that.

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gam boy


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October 16


A stripped-down version (accordion and vocals) of the They Might Be Giants obscurity, for the Flood project. [more inside]

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Be Long

A little tune riffing melancholily and finger-snappingly on Tonight You Belong to Me [more inside]

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October 15

Istanbul not Constantinople

An extremely hasty rough draft of a They Might Be Giants cover.

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March of the Rainy Days

Mississippi John Hurt- and John Fahey- inspired fingerstyle guitar tune. [more inside]

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October 13

Minimum Wage

Spidey sense tingled. Dashed this off.

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October 12

Happy Birthday

Birthday song options. [more inside]

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October 9

Why is the world in love again? Why are we marching hand in hand?

Calling all MetaFilter musicians! The time has come to pay tribute to one of the greatest albums of all time: They Might Be Giants' Flood! [more inside] posted by Faint of Butt at 10:49 AM PST - 205 comments

Try Again The Best You Can

The lyrics to this song are from a postcard dated 1965-1966, where John Lennon wrote lyrics to a song that he never recorded. I read about it a couple of years ago and wrote music to go with the lyrics. This is how it turned out. [more inside]

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October 7

Tiny Tangled Trainwreck

I play mandolin and haven't written anything new in entirely too long. Today I remedied that while also facing my fear of writing/playing in the key of F.

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October 6

Man with a Beard

Ever hear a sound that falls and rises at the same time? This is NOT a song that captures the feel of No Shave November. [more inside]

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October 1


I went to Alaska cruise several times and one day, I sat in the library and looked out the ocean from the window. It was such a thrilling moment and I created this music with my little laptop computer. I tried to describe the massive and spiritual scenery of Alaska and its vanity as well. Its "Gold Mining" starting in 1870, which was mainly all about fantasy and led so many people to tragedy, was expressed in this music.

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