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October 31

76t Doomsday

Zombie Hymn. Tune arranged from Abraham Wood, 1789; words by Joseph Hart, 1762. [more inside]

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Imperial Triangle

For Halloween, here's me dressing up at Elvis Costello cosplaying as Weezer doing a few bars of "Pink Triangle." Trick or Treat!

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October 30

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Happy Halloween! [more inside]

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October 29

Body Break

Kᕮᕮᑭ ᖴIT & ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ᖴᑌᑎ

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Waves of Fear/Beginning To See The Light

A cover of Lou Reed's Waves Of Fear, with a coda of Beginning To See The Light by the Velvet Underground.

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October 27


Hector Barbarossa joins your local metal detectorist club. It's not going to end well, is it....

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Turquoise Migration

Piano, strings, and electronics on a journey across a strange, wide landscape. [more inside]

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October 26


I am aiming for "grand, yet subdued". I see all sorts of magnificent people and dignified creatures parading slowly by. [more inside]

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Just Won't Do

A quick little pop song about the early days of falling in love. [more inside]

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October 25


billiebee and I made another song together. [more inside]

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October 24

Breathe-Pigs-Cigar-Breathe (Reprise)-Great Gig in the Sky

A re-do of a Pink Floyd medley thing I posted a few months ago -- we got better at playing it and added a bit at the end. [more inside]

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October 22

White Lies

I hope remixes are ok here...I purposely used a minimal amount of the original song. It's an experimental remix of White Lies by ODESZA.

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October 21

8 - picasso jones - vampire deer

daydream believer no longer - the 8th and last song of sisterbell [more inside]

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October 19

7 - hotel detective - vampire deer

i don't know what this is about [more inside]

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One of the first compositions I wrote when I bought a guitar looper, recorded in my friend's apartment last June. Anxiety, illness, helplessness.

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October 18

distant empty futures—touching on the past

About missing people. It's not 'till the end when I realize that my songs and stories are just shadows of reflections of feelings, lost intentions and devoid of useful meaning. [more inside]

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October 17

Moss and Mold

Another transnational mefi-founded iPhone-based collaboration between billiebee and ochenk [more inside]

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October 13

06 old man blue - vampire deer

well, you know how teenaged musicians make whiny songs about being teenagers - guess what they do 40 years later [more inside]

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Someone Just Like You

The first track off of my new album with Teen Mom, called Groovy, that we released today. [more inside]

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October 9

Road Race

Instrumental with big tunes and riffs, and a driving cadence that's perfect for cycling (especially if the weather should force you to ride indoors). Bandcamp download (with artwork).

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October 8

Aircraft Recognition (live)

What a difference a few months makes. The original has been reworked and extended and was recorded live a few days ago on the London stage (the Alleycat in Denmark Street). A song by Sredni Vashtar.

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October 7

Oort Cloud Rain

Another improvisational recording from 3-9-13, the night comet Pann Starrs 2013 first because visible in the Northern Hemisphere. We recorded in celebration of the celestial event. [more inside]

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05 anyway - vampire deer

reluctance, i guess [more inside]

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Dirty ol' TPP

Topical song. Wrote this today, and recorded it straightaway. Check the live video of this same recording here.

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October 2

Tides of Sand

Alternative rock, 3 chapters, mix in progress, would appreciate any comments which I'd try to implement in the mix. [more inside]

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