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October 31

November Music Challenge: 60 Seconds and Under #2

A short and sweet challenge in preparation for the longer December/January one - this November, keep it short and sweet. [more inside] posted by greenish at 8:53 AM PST - 18 comments

October 28

Lullaby For An Insomniac

A sampling of my nightly anxieties set to some phony harp. [more inside]

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October 24

seasonal swells

bit of a chord sesh

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October 18

Walking On Eggshells

We need more spoken word breaks in songs these days. [more inside]

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Disquiet0250 Soother - 10:15:16, 10.13 AM

Acoustic guitar improv with ambient desert sounds. On the guitar I was trying to do bells by letting strings ring against one another. Recorded late Saturday night in the woodshed the the Soundcloud app on my Android phone. The guitar was my National Estralita. The ambient sound tracks are from Freesound - "A can rolling into the wind, in the desert of Atacama (Chile)." by felix.blume. "The Australian Desert at night." by "kangaroovindaloo" felix.blume Chile, desert ยป A can rolling into the wind, in the desert of Atacama (Chile)

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October 17

Another Bottle

This little song that's somewhat about Don Draper sprung to life while rewatching the entire series of Mad Men. This is the audio of a video that's here, if you're into that sort of thing.

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October 15

Only Slightly Bent

Noisy guitar instrumental. Sort of melancholy. [more inside]

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October 13


I figured out how to use the arpeggiator on my op1 (actually the 'endless' sequencer). Brings to mind seeing out from the home village on an epic quest.

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October 10


Getting real with yourself about self-medication.

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Loathsome Slug

A little number about that orange-skinned lunatic who's running for president. Please listen. Or watch here.

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October 6

A Heartbreak Cliche

I've been cranking out a lot of songs almost involuntarily lately and many of them seem to sort into a genre I think of as "Tragicomic Americana," a traditional mode of American blues, country, and folk songwriting that ruminates on heartbreaks and losses exaggerated to such dramatic extremes, the effect becomes darkly comic, like Hank Williams's "There's a Tear in my Beer," for example. Well, FWIW, here's my latest attempt to make a minor contribution to that grand tradition... [more inside]

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October 1

Return to Maridia

My train rides lately have been spent either a) playing with my synthesizer, or b) playing through Super Metroid on my phone. This captures pretty nicely the feeling of wandering a submerged subterranean maze, looking for secret side tunnels while kinda low on life (though with a couple energy tanks in reserve).

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No Marked Tracks

Post rock with guitar/cello.

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