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October 26


Also electronics + piano. A bit more pianistic and melodic; more "pretty" than "driven."

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October 25


Electronics + Piano. Lots of harmonic and rhythmic drive.

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October 20

A New Flame

What a difference (or not) six years makes. 'A New Flame' is, well, a new version of our earlier song, simply entitled 'Flame'. [more inside]

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October 18

Opinion: The Pretty Reckless are the best rock band in 40 years

These folks are talented in a way I haven't seen in years. Just watch them perform on YouTube. The singer's range and the way she can stretch it out is extraordinary. The first time I heard them on the radio back in 2010-11, I couldn't believe it was on the air. Their tune "Follow me Down." It seems to be about a frickin' blow job, for cryin' out loud. The lead singer is Taylor Momsen, a child actor who we saw in that show "Gossip Girls." She says acting is a piece of cake, performing live is what it's all about. Mind you, with all this "incel" stuff, maybe their tune (it's absolutely phenomenal rock) "Why'd You Bring A Shotgun to the Party" is a bit inflammatory. Drums, bass, lead, singer. Power trio with a great, great front. So refreshing! Really hope they can make more music together. posted by dustpuppy at 6:26 PM PST - 4 comments

October 14

chords 'n gourds

An autumnal fingerpickin' instrumental.

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Reconstruction (Nothing but the Rain)

This is a "reconstruction" of my most popular song, "Nothing but the Rain," that came out last fall. Formerly a more mellow folksy song, the vocals are different and there is more energetic instrumentation. Can be found in all the usual digital places (Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.) under my name "MK Ellison." Enjoy!

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