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October 31

Centipedes of Many Sizes

[more inside]

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I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me

Happy Halloween! Here's me doing that song from the film "Carrie" where she gets to dance at the Prom. Maybe it's not a trick and Tommy really likes her? It seems as though things are finally looking up for Carrie. Oops, nope. CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL! [more inside]

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October 28

A Heavy Lift

A song against the powerful. Or the all-powerful. Or about screaming into the void. Hey, piano! [more inside]

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October 25

All I Have To Do Is Dream

A quick finger style arrangement of the Everly Brothers' classic for baritone guitar. [more inside]

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October 24

Walk Around the Pond Three Times

Something may happen if you do. [more inside]

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October 23

under an asynchronous sky

Instrumental: bass, guitars, drum machine, arpeggiator. Sort of industrial at times.

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October 18

Midnight Feast

Festive dungeon synth! [more inside]

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October 16

you recall/yes

vocoder demo

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October 14


Cover of "Anabelle" by Gillian Welch. Bass, guitar, accordion, lots of reverb. [more inside]

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October 12

Vocal guide for Passion Fall

been trying to record some vocals lately which of course meant trying to figure out what the melody and lyrics would even be so I did an improv vocal session and then repeated the best of it 3 or 4 times and did a rough mix. [more inside]

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October 11

Illuminated Corridor

A bit of dungeon synth.

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October 9

The Foreman

Another ambient office jam - some granular textures and filter pinging over a slow chord progression. Needed something relaxing, then got too relaxed and needed a bassline. [more inside]

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October 8

needs a name?

First song I've completed after falling out of making electronic music over 10 years ago. Going for spooky chillout vibes. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

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October 3

The Game, a Sapphic Darkwave Love Song for Hard Femmes

If you're a nonmogamous sapphic lover this song is for you to bump to. Think Dancefloor love and pheromones that have bodies and hot and moving [more inside]

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