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November 30

Alcoholic Hole

A song about drinking.

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Wherein A Servant Is Revived From The Dead, Only To Perish Anew

Track 4 from the Hot Dog Party The fifth and final track, entitled Wherein The Waters Recede, And A New Day Is Ended Abruptly, is too large to post here (14 MB). If you need it, you can download a zip file from here.

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November 29

Bang Camaro - Push Push (DJ Die Young Bootleg Mix)

I, under my other moniker, DJ Die Young, did a remix of one of the best bands on the Guitar Hero 2 roster and Boston's own, Bang Camaro. The track was made by cutting up the full mp3 version of the original track. Hope you like it!

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Wherein A Soothsayer Is Queried To Little Avail

Track 3 from the Hot Dog Party

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This is more AlienPop (see wherein my Macintosh sings, in a duet with itself, the following poem (inside) from Leonard Nemoy's book "Warmed By Love" to the tune of a song generated by intelligent music software Band-In-A-Box.

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Hats, Caps and Notions

Another slice of power-pop rock from LISBOA's self-produced 2005 LP Live from the Grand Hotel Abyss [iTunes link], with a title indirectly inspired by a mefi thread of all things! By the way, you should totally pick up a copy of the mefi compilation CD: it features another track from LISBOA as well as a bunch of great tunes from some genuinely talented mefites, too. Plus, proceeds go to, you know, the kids.

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November 28

Hold Together

More fuzzy lo-fi goodness from Esther. We always enjoyed the hell out of playing this one live, but were never able to capture that same energy on disk. This was our best effort.

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Wherein The Seven Messengers Of Truth Are Berated

Track 2 from Live at The Hotdog Party

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Tom & Sarah: I'm Still Wishing

I always thought that Tom Waits should do a duet with Sarah Slean. So here's a mash-up for being sad to: Tom Waits "I'm Still Here" with Sarah Slean's "Your Wish is My Wish."

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November 27

Interplanetary Lover (lyrics NSFW)

A tragic interspecies love song with a special rap section in the middle.

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Wherein Our Hero Descends Into A Quagmire Of Sub Mediocrity

This is the first track from my "Live at the Hotdog Party" CD. More info on the HDP in the comments.

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Warren Peacetime

I wrote/recorded this song when I had moved to a new city and was shopping around for a new band/songwriting collaborator. For a lot of reasons, that didn't happen and am thinking about resurrecting it and putting vocals to it, but I have a niggling sense that it sounds too much like some tune from the 80s I can vaguely remember. Any ideas? Guitars, bass by me, drumming by my faithful drum machine, whom I call "Steve".

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Ein Nichtnicht

A track built upon Oswaldian traditions, cutting up German minimalist electronic samples with a bit of piano from the Romantic era.

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November 26

Everyone's Depending on Us

I wanted to end the 23rd Century song posts on an upnote, so here ya go. This is also our Queen tribute, so be ready for my bad Brian May impersonation. Sorry for posting so much, I hope it hasn't been too irritating.

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Relaxing Jar

Power-pop tune from Detroit foursome LISBOA.

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FX3 - Thrash

As mentioned previously, I write chiptunes. This Thursday through Sunday in NYC there will be a gigantic concert called Blip Festival where I'll join 32 other chiptunists in a massive orgy of squarewaves and nostalgia.
I'm playing Thursday at 8, and will be doing stuff similar to this song - my niche is "chip metal". But there will be dudes from all over the world playing everything from happy lighthearted stuff to floor-pounding dance music.
I'm practically pissing myself with excitement since half these guys are idols of mine. Oh man oh man.

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Chopped Nocturne

CN is a happy experiment. Nothing more.

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November 24

Radio Test

Electronic Instrumental. Unfinished.

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Moon Factory

Another imaginary industrial space. I picture this place as vary large, probably planet sized. Apologies for the abrupt ending.

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Misunderstanding At A Busstop Downtown

When I first got my digital 8-track recorder, I wanted to make a test song to learn it's functionality. This song showcases some wild off-key singing as well as my inability to track an instrument without a single mistake. It's about a little mishap I had shortly after I started dating my current girlfriend.

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November 23


Another track from the new 23rd Century Album, and because you demanded it, one more song after this one. You can DL the whole album for free from our website.

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Livin' at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe

MC Frontalot and I (Brad Sucks) teamed up for an Achewood themed track for this week's Songfight.

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November 22

Another Another Number (Rollercoaster Project remix)

I got some positive comments last time, so it seems like The Rollercoaster Project is your cup of tea. Here's his remix of Another Number by The Cribs. This is an official remix, which was released on their Hey Scenesters single. Said the Gramophone had nice things to say about the remix, as did some wag reviewing it on Amazon (scroll down to "Temi Amazon"). Again, do let us know what you think. <crass commercialism>You can find out more about The Rollercoaster Project, and download (or buy physical copies) of more of his stuff on my label's website</crass commercialism>.

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On My Way (Acoustic)

A song from a recording session I did with my brother's band (He's the singer). The band is called Beautiful Blonde Pineapple!

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(not) Polished

Rough track I wrote when mired in a bit of a funk. Wanted to see if I could write a song that contained both 3/4 and common time and not end up sounding like Rush. I think it works... sorta.

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November 21

The White Whale

The weekend before last found me hanging out with my special lady friend in the historic district of New Bedford, MA. Now, New Bedford is really a rather depressing place, being one of the eastern cities that has outlived its major industry, but one lovely thing we did get to see was the Seamen's Bethel, the church in which Moby Dick's famous Father Mapple sermon was delivered. Oh, and I promise never to attempt to rap again. (And it's NSFW)

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This song was an experiment for me. I usually do more straight forward dance music, but I decided to go with something faster and more melodic. Plus, chopping up beats is fun.

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This downtempo "weirdo-falsetto" number is a track by Clearspeaks featuring edlundart. The music was written and produced by Clearspeaks while I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody. I also performed the vocal and created the vocal snippets used in the background, similar to what I did on "elevate."

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November 20

Working on the Moon

The second to last song I plan to post here, this one was intended to be fun, not work. Thanks very much for the kind words on the previous songs, everybody!

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Organic Machine

Experimenting with imaginary industrial spaces.

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November 19


A very, very low tech recording of little pop tune my band put together. Vocals definitely not for everyone.

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Waitin' For You

The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory - it's a breakup psychosis song from a while back. I layered my voice and guitar with a four track, but kept things kind of sloppy.

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November 18

Grape Stompers

With regards to the post on embarrassing web moments of yesterday: I made this quite a while ago for some friends who loved the clip of the grape stomping reporter. The first 13 seconds are ok, the rest is just agonizing.

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You Stole My Heart

Here's a little thing I whipped up in a couple of hours one night earlier this week. Given the amount of time I spent on it, I think it turned out pretty well, despite my voice. The chorus was stolen from another song I was (am?) writing which is based loosely on an episode of Doctor Who. The rest of the lyrics were written in about 15 minutes. I never got around to the bass, and I lost the final drum song program I put in when I stupidly yanked the SD card out too quick, but I doubt I'll ever get to putting these in, so here it is.

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can't get enough

Another entry for the song-a-day (pt 2!) project. This one's got a sweet glorified click-track for a drumbeat, and even more vocal overdubs!

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November 17

Played Right ALong

The second song from the new 23rd Century album. This one is written by The Platypus.

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November 16

i've been gone

First song from round 2 of my song-a-day project (previously on metafilter projects). On-the-spot songwriting fun with many, many overdubs!

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Evil (Rollercoaster Project remix)

This is an extremely remixed version of Evil by Interpol. It was produced by my friend and label-mate The Rollercoaster Project, whose music is guitar-driven experimental electronica. If you like this, you can download a couple of tracks from his debut album (sadly now sold out) or download the title track from his upcoming single (and purchase it). I'd love to hear what you think. He has a few more (unrecognizable!) remixes, which I'd be happy to post.

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I created this the first time I really fired-up Garageband, sometime in May of 2005. It's a cliche of itself, provoking nostalgia, and makes me laugh out-loud. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think!

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November 15

Only In Your Mind

The "big power ballad" from my hard rock album that was only released in Japan (in 1996) after I lost my major label deal (in 1994). Excellent backing vocals by Ted Poley of Danger Danger.

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Will The Moon Explode Pt 1

The first song off of the new 23rd Century album - "Will The Moon Explode In...The 23rd Century?" The entire album (and our first album, as well) can be downloaded here.

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November 14

Give 'er to you

In the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex there broadcasts an ever present tv ad for the Rodeo Ford car dealership. The ad involves a cowboy who promises that, should you find a better deal elsewhere on a Ford truck, he'll "just give 'er to you". The song is rough but true to its inspiration. From the fools that brought you Moon Patrol.

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Three Dimensional

Absolutely ridiculous synth-and-spoken-word composition I recorded to cut my teeth on Reason.

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November 13


I did this about 7 years ago in my old apartment on W. Fullerton in Chicago. I used to play under the name Skycraft. It has a break I lifted from Little Miss Lover and then I chopped it up in ProTools. Guitar played through ring modulator into an amp covered with aluminum foil. Enjoy.

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November 11

Cyber Santa

An in-depth exploartion of the birth of Christ, as recontextualized through the filter of cyberspace. Nicholas Markos played guitar.

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Heavy duty math rock is my secret shame. This was recorded about 10 years ago. I played bass.

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November 10

So What'cha Want

A cover of the Beastie Boys song, utilizing a cast of Mac OS9 text to speech voice talent and Acid.

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Compassionate Coercion

Now that the US mid-term elections are over, here's a song about politics.

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November 9

Baby One More Time

This thread reminded me that I wanted to cover this horrible, awful song. One of a series of vile covers I've been planning. For my own amusement and hastily thrown together. Don't worry -- I only went as far as the first chorus.

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November 7


While listening to the final mixdown of this song, which is about my search for a place to which to move at the end of the month, I received a phone call from someone looking for a roommate. Coincidence! And, yes, I am playing glasses with varying amounts of water in them.

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Despite What Santa Said

Running with the unofficial Christmas Comes Early themea one-off from 2004, perfect for a mythical antichristmas album.

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Xmas Won't Be Xmas

It's getting to be time to put together the Christmas mix tapes! This was recorded by a band I was in in 1991. Our new guitar player, Michael Cox, brought us the song so he sings lead. I'm one of the girl background singers (heard best toward the end) and might be playing a tiny bit of guitar (I don't remember for sure), and I know I played some jingle bells near the end of the track (What Christmas song doesn't have bells?). It's a goofy singalong sort of holiday tune. I like it a lot. I wish I had a better quality copy, though. We recorded this song along with another batch of demos, in time to get airplay on KNDD's local music Christmas show that year... then promptly broke up before even completing all the tracks as a band, though I went in to the studio later to finish. C'est la vie.

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November 6

Shiney Knife

I first performed this when I was 14, I'm 40 now so think about it. It sucks, but is funny in that adolescent kind of way. I don't know what happened with the lead guitar, it was recorded with the same line-in and settings as the first guitar. Woo hoo, snsranch is finally doing some vocals, kinda. Enjoy!

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November 5


Schitzy, glitzy music from the centre of your CPU.

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November 1

Latin Tang

Back when I moved into the then-gentrifying Wicker Park neighborhood, I was under the impression that I would be having a whole lot of cross-cultural sex. Sigh...

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Classical music meets instrumental tango salsa rock. Live recording from the Ohio Action benefit show, October, Kenyon College. I took the solo on this track, replacing vocals with a violin "guest vocalist."

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The True Lover's Farewell

My own version of this folk song, partially inspired by Nickel Creek's rendition of House Carpenter from their album This Side. Recorded in one take, not that that's any excuse.

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