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November 30

Weighin' me down

English, French, backup vocals, slide, banjo, bam!

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November 29

(all hype)

another one off the bus!

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A Minute to Let That Thought Sink In

The gnawing emotions of uncomfortable notions. A low-fi MeFi music challenge entry. [more inside]

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Der Tod und das Mädchen

One of Franz Schubert's finest songs. Recorded, inexpertly, live in a recital I did in Oxford about a year ago with my excellent accompanist Guy. [more inside]

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Jessamyn's Song

Well boys and girls, I imagine this is what it would sound like if one was lucky enough to hang out on the front porch with our favorite banjo picking librarian. Yes, that's jessamyn on banjo! (collaboration)

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The Thing

Science fiction rap, Mefi references [more inside]

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Videotape (Radiohead cover)

I dunno why I'm so into a capella these days. I kicked around the idea of doing this song as a round for a while. This is just a sketch. GarageBand, built-in mic in MacBook.

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November 28

Everybody Knows

Leonard Cohen cover [more inside]

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I Love You

A little improv ambient electronic jam I made last night that was definitely influenced by herbs. [more inside]

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A song I produced with a much older version of FLStudio. Sudden stops and changes of timbre abound.

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There Are No Answers

A funeral march in D minor. [more inside]

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Here is a cheerful ditty for all of you. My one-man-band, drowsy, usually uses autoharp but this song doesn't have any. It does have toy piano, if that's any consolation. (Please let me know if it is not.) [more inside]

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November 27

Christmas Time for Girls and Boys

This is the first thing I've recorded in awhile. It's a song about Christmas that I wrote for Surfjam Stevens. I recorded it in my bedroom with a little help from my friends. [more inside]

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River fences

Guitar diddy [more inside]

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No Hard Feelings

Nighttimesleepyurbantriphopcoffeecup instrumental

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November 26

Metafilter Music Collab | Teaser #2: Freak Show

Another teaser from the collab. [more inside]

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Culture Clash

Micayetoca and I in a fun collaboration. Features banjo, vocal percussion and a big bass. [more inside]

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Kahlo e Noel

Um samba. [more inside]

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Winter's Over

I was asked via MefiMail to repost this because the original was accidentally cut short.

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November 25

A million rounds

Made with samples from this video.

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November 24

Off Kilter, MetaFilter

Just another reworking of divabat's totally awesome recording. [more inside]

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the end

A "drifty" and atmospheric song about life and death and love, complete with harp. [more inside]

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We All Live (What's the deal remix #2)

Divabat's singing debut [more inside]

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What's thd Deal - remix

Someone had to do it! [more inside]

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Sam's Company

Sam sitting in the corner.

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November 23

What's The Deal, Banana Peel?

In this podcast, jessamyn asks for a MeFi Music recording of all the rhymes on this AskMeFi thread. Here's my try. [more inside]

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Bad Dream

Simple 3 chord song...with drums etc [more inside]

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November 22

Staring at My Spaceship

I get to perform this as part of my set at Blip Festival in NYC next week - essentially the Woodstock of chiptunes / 8-bit / video game music.
This was written out of intense affection for my EVE Online playing nerd girl (a soft orchestral arrangement of it is going to be our wedding processional, awww) and was released on 8bitpeoples' 8BP050 compilation CD. I've spruced it up with some orchestration for the show. Come rock with me if you're local -- I'd love to meet my fellow mefimusicians and introduce more people to the chiptune scene. It's pure love and fun.

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i kill all my enemies at birth!

I lifted a three second sample from an Ol' Dirty Bastard track to produce this remix. [more inside]

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November 21


I wanted to write something that used two famous musical initials -- DSCH (D-Eb-C-B, Dmitri Shostakovich) and BACH (Bb-A-C-B). I put them in the bass. Needs more harp.

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A bit of electronic whimsy from way, way back. [more inside]

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November 20

Metal Storm

Made with samples from this video.

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نسان آلي, ربوط إنسان آلي


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A song to convince a dog [more inside]

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Blessed Every Day

I was fooling around with a dropped "D" and found this little thing there. Ended up writing some kind of lyrics and sang a little bit. Enjoy!

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November 18

En vivo

Live? [more inside]

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Another song inspired by the Rodeo Ford car dealership. [more inside]

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November 16

Um Alive (Cake and Beer mix)

A couple cover songs, sex, and cake. [MNBSFW] [more inside]

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November 15

Metafilter Music Collab | Teaser #1: Backing Vocals

To appease (or perhaps aggravate) your curiosity, here's a tiny little teaser compiled from the Mefi Music Collaboration tracks. [more inside]

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November 14

Nothing's Any Fun Any More

I spent my twenties and the early part of my thirties smoking far too much weed. There is nothing wrong with weed, but there is something wrong with too much of it. A cautionary tale [more inside]

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November 13

How's Yer Hole

Rude song with plenty of single entendre. [more inside]

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Sleeping at the Wheel

Quickly written on a sleep Saturday morning a year or so ago.

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November 12

Daddy Don't Live Here

An obligatory country tear-jerker. [more inside]

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November 11

Oh, but to begin!

Just me and the acoustic. Short and sweet. About a year old. [more inside]

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hell is other people

a brief description of the song [more inside]

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Long Since

find a place to hide, wait out the rain.

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November 10

Ghost Ship Dub

Electro-Acoustic Dub

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A Shrieking Blue

Very short, two sparse verses, some pickin'. [more inside]

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November 9


musical sketch [more inside]

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November 8

On The Blue (With Apologies to John Coulton, Valve, Et Al)

A parody of the Portal end-theme, as written by robocop is bleeding earlier this afternoon. Confused? See this post for background on the original song. [more inside]

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Winter is icumen in, Lhude sing Goddamm [more inside]

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November 7

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Yes, that one. [more inside]

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You Caught My Eye

Another country song about one of those nights you wish you could take back.

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November 6

I Wish

Remixing my favorite Stevie Wonder song. [more inside]

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Major Bounce

Reason, a Strat, a Vibrolux, and a Tubescreamer - what more do you need? [more inside]

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Todas las mitades del mundo

Very few words, but in many languages.

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November 5

lofi why

I really like working with a vocalist, and when I don't have one around I get increasingly desperate, and occasionally give up and say stuff. [more inside]

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What Happend

Just A quick instrumental all mixed in the Gopher Hole done with my acoustic guitar.

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November 4

I Overshot You (Demo)

This one is probably about reiterated obviousnesses and vain hopes regarding poorly plotted relationship trajectories, but what do I know, I just wrote and sung it. Oh, and the guitar tuning was EADGBD, capoed to the fourth fret. [more inside]

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A short Arabic-influenced tune, played on a jazz organ. (OK, it's actually a synthesizer, but one can dream, no?)

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California Dreamin' (cover)

Just a dreary little vignette to remind myself I record music sometimes. Started as a morning grumble, while the leaves were falling outside our kitchen window. [more inside]

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November 3

Boerum Hill Stomp

A groovy little bluegrass-inspired solo acoustic guitar number.

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Hear the Wind Sing

Music inspired by Arcadia's "Lady Ice". Lyrics inspired by Murakami Haruki's "Kaze no Uta wo Kike" (Hear the Wind Sing). Samples include Meredith Monk, John Zorn and an NHK broadcaster backmasked. [more inside]

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A groovy little excuse to abuse a wah pedal

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a man sitting in a chair on the second floor looking out the window.

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November 2

Your Melodies

Basically a song about a failed friendship, which as we all know is best done with several banjo tracks!

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