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November 30

We'll Meet Again (In A Minute)

A great song by Vera Lynn, not performed by Vera Lynn. Guitar, vocals, pump organ (back again!), a slinky, and hand sounds. [more inside]

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November 29


A quick sort-of-improv on the Rhodes for this month's challenge. Playing it through my ProCo Rat for a little oomph. [more inside]

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November 28

North Korea Goes Bang

A brief, throwaway cover of Johnny Violent's '90s Gabba classic North Korea Goes Bang for this month's 60 Seconds and Under MeFi Music Challenge. Over 9000 hours in MS Paint Audacity. [more inside]

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November 27

Everything You Threw Away

60 seconds of corny pop. [more inside]

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November 26


This is a guitar solo over some jungle beats.

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November 25

Functionally Illiterate

Simple (VERY SIMPLE!) 30 second composition created using the ChucK programming language. [more inside]

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November 24

What Does the Latke Say?

Hint: it doesn't like the oil. (but it has no problem with auto-tune...) [more inside]

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November 22

no blade tom

...cuts like harp strings.

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November 18


Travel with me to my freshman year of college, when I tried to do the "rock music." [more inside]

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November 17


This is the probably most commercial thing I've ever written -- still not sure how I feel about it -- but it was completely accidental. I just had this little 3-3-2 piano riff going and started putting a bassline under it, and the whole thing kind of fell out. I resisted it for months because it seemed so obvious but eventually gave in. Drums are 1-take 3-mics from my drummer but I think they work pretty well. The interesting thing is that the 1-bar piano riff continues through as an ostinato through the whole thing, never changing. I guess it's Coldplay's version of Marvin Gaye's SEXUAL HEALING, or something. A bit of U2 in there too somewhere in the scritch scratch guitar that comes in in the second verse. [more inside]

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November 15


A song I threw together using a sample from the 60s Hercules cartoon ripped off youtube [more inside]

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Ummagma - River Town (Mind Movies Remix)

This is one Ummagma track that has been totally turned on it's head, taking what was a dreampop folkrock-ish track and utterly transforming it into an whirling electro-dance track with traces of vocals from Shauna McLarnon. [more inside]

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November 13

Fly Dog!

Flyball battle anthem. Not quite "Eye of the Tiger", to be sure, but you can still turn it up and rock out. Electronic instrumental. [more inside]

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November 11

Boss Mode

A short track inspired by Super Mario World. [more inside]

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November 10

Milk Truck!

From Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman: The Rock Opera [more inside]

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November 9


A beat I made in the last week or so [more inside]

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November 7

Old Man's Eye

On the heels of this rough draft, [more inside]

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November 6

End of the Rainbow - Sadpianos Version

Request: a slow-jam and/or somber cover version of End of the Rainbow by September. [more inside]

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November 3


Request: "I have long wished for a happy, loud, upbeat version of The Beatles 'Michelle.'" [more inside]

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I Will Wait (for the Mefi Music Raffle)

The request: A slowed down version of I Will Wait. [more inside]

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November 2

Hardiman the Fiddler

An Irish traditional tune - a slip jig - played in clawhammer banjo style on the guitar. [more inside]

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November Music Challenge: 60 Seconds and Under!

An idea from our dear friend Sweet Mister that's short and sweet [more inside] posted by greenish at 3:37 AM PST - 11 comments

November 1

I Am The Cosmos

After flaking on too many challenges I was determined to get this one in under the wire, despite whatever life threw up in the meantime to distract me (quite a lot as it happens, but in a good way). [more inside]

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