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November 30

I Want Tacos

Recorded this on a first gen MBox with a Rode, years ago. Acoustic guitars and singing and stuff. [more inside]

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November 29

Writing is going somewhere, mastering sucks, help?

I am useless at mastering.. I can articulate what I want to happen, but not how. (Crappy speakers and headphones don't help.) [more inside] posted by feckless fecal fear mongering at 11:13 PM PST - 3 comments

Fairytale of New York

It's almost December, so it's time for this classic holiday song, originally by the Pogues with Kirsty MacColl! [more inside]

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November 26

A Sunset Song

The sun is setting... [more inside]

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November 23

I Know It's You (Jeff, It's Roger)

I turned four years worth of voicemails from my brother into this song, and I gave it to him for his 39th birthday. [more inside]

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John Irwin

My version of Turlough O'Carolan's tune John Irwin, for fingerstyle guitar. [more inside]

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November 22

Oh, You...

A dig at nostalgia, kind of... [more inside]

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November 19


Psychedelica as embodied in music is not always about rowdy trippy cagey delivery and a catchy spacey or 'wow' riff…. sometimes psychedelica can drift unassumingly into the realm of melancholia, which is where this Ummagma song firmly rests. [more inside]

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November 16


First commerical project. Commissioned to accompany a video for an awards show somewhere. Electronic kinda catwalk music.

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Lama (Mind Movies Remix)

So much music, so little time. Even in the mind of the remixer, likely that expression would sound something like "So many remix options, so little time"… which is why we're lucky there are so many different great remixers in this world (yes, there certainly are a lot of terrible ones too)… But here we have a wonderful remix by Brazil's Mind Movies of Ummagma's track 'Lama'. Certainly do hope you will enjoy this vision too.

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Heartbreak of Dawn

Written and recorded in Cairo, Egypt almost exactly two years ago during a time in my life when I was trying to tune and play an oud just like a guitar. Features strummed and bowed oud, more harmonies than normal, squeaky chair. [more inside]

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November 14


Two minutes about my paralyzing self-consciousness about working on my music in the presence of other people. [more inside]

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November 12


OK - not exactly a sing-along and not exactly the kind of song you can imagine a sing-along happening to, but there is something to be said for the harmony established between two voices in a song, even if they are not singing in tandem. This is, indeed, one of those songs where I think that kind of love-in has been achieved, at least sonically.

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November 10

20 Minutes

New recording, old sentiment. [more inside]

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November 9

Ice Machine

Another cover of a Depeche Mode song penned by Vince Clarke. I took some ideas from Röyksopp's recent cover. [more inside]

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November 8

Intergalactic (Hoopo Remix)

I made a remix of one of my least favorite Beastie Boys hits. [more inside]

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November 6

Choke a Moff (Taylor Swift parody)

I apologize to basically everyone. [more inside]

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November 5


Dream dripping floating melting flying… All of these are feelings that might come to mind if you close your eyes while listening to this current track. Somewhere between the mellowest of Pink Floyd and the catchiest bit of Billy Bragg, I hope you'll enjoy Ummagma 'Colors'. [more inside]

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Agriculture Report

A spur of the moment composition inspired by rice farming activities. [more inside]

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November 4

Minor Waltz

A composition for 2 banjos in the classic style, composed by S.S. Stewart in 1882. I decided to give it the carnival dirge treatment.

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Greetings to the Unknown

Fast catchy tune with a thumping chorus - but the piano takes the star turn in the verses. [more inside]

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November 3


Different synths, different arps, different drums

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