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November 30

01 birdie - vampire deer

first song of new album birdie [more inside]

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November 29

The Middle Of The Night

For this month's 60-second-or-under challenge. [more inside]

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Hot Mess

A jazzy/funky/noisy/weird tune written for the 60 second challenge. Just sort of stops instead of ending. [more inside]

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November 26

mellow sats

chord sesh II

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Fun with drones and LFOs. Could probably pass as an Enigma tribute, thus the name.

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November 24

Anything Is True


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November 23

Thoughts in B-flat

In the past couple of weeks, I found myself going back to a piece that I'd started working on a few years ago -- probably because it's in a slower triple meter that's somewhat calming for me. This is a condensed one-minute version, featuring piano and guitar, for the 60 Seconds and Under #2 MeFi Music Challenge. [more inside]

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November 22

Jar Full Of People

My entry for the November Challenge. It is not new, but it has been waiting for this challenge to finally have an appropriate home. [more inside]

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Who is more foolish, the fool who requests a honkcore version of "Sir Duke," or the fool who fills the request? [more inside]

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November 20

Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)

A wrote a little pep talk, for myself and for anyone else who needs one, as we wade through the fuckedness of all this. Catchy and short and angry and upbeat and exactly a minute long. [more inside]

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November 19


Short acoustic number. Background light rail. [more inside]

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Be careful what you wish for. [more inside]

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November 17

Chimes & Oatmeal

Here's my submission (finally) for the assignment I got for the Great Raffle Request Challenge a few years back. The request: "Record a song (cover or original) on an instrument you don't really know how to play." This one's for Secretariat! [more inside]

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November 15

Please Don't Be Happy

Please, shake your booty for 60 seconds

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November 12

panic room wallpaper

sweeping drum loops and keyboard while a guitar synthesizer does something

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November 11

Objective Truth

For Leonard.

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November 10

I thought you said 6 seconds!

This is for the 60 second Metafilter November Music Challenge. My software, the Platonic Music Engine, generates 6 glorious seconds of avant-garde electronic beeps and boops for your listening pleasure! Many, many, many more details inside. [more inside]

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November 9

I have dreams of going through tunnels

Done on my arpeggiator of choice (Yamaha MO-X6)

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November 8

Hip with the kids

Delirious, teeth-gritted ballad about weapons of mass destruction and grass roots violence. Also, a breathless love song from one monster to another. Also, a way to distract myself while this horrifying evening plays out. Rough mix. Suggestions welcome. Lyrics past break. [more inside]

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The Challenge Is This

I needed this challenge to get away from the song I've been slowwwwly working on otherwise. I recorded some of it last year, but heavily edited and added onto it last night, and then trimmed it down to a slim fifty-seven seconds. Song 14 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series.

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November 7

SciFi Series Theme

Here's a theme I wrote for an online SciFi Series soon to be live.

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November 6

Darling Nelly Gray

Fretless recording of an 1868 James Buckley finger style banjo arrangement of a tremendously popular song written in 1856 by Benjamin Hanby. [more inside]

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November 4

Deserts 2 - 11_4_16, 8.32 PM

Acoustic guitar improv + desert sounds from Freesound. Much longer and more free form than my normal way of doing things.

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November 1

No Spoilers

A song (accompanied by accordion) about past, current and future(?) events. May or may not be helpful for election obsessives. Spoiler warning: spoilers. [more inside]

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