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November 29

Fire Over The Deep

I've posted a few old Hurlo Thrumbo songs here before -- this is an unfinished project from mere weeks before we broke up. Rough mix, rescued from 24 track 2-inch tape, scratch vox. [more inside]

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November 17

Unconditional Loop

If humans have unconditional love and computers have conditional loops, what is robot love? [more inside]

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November 15

The Last Baseball Game - Part II

Part I of The Last Baseball Game is meant to be the song they play before the game, as an intro. This is meant to be the post-game epilogue 'final farewell' kinda number. I meant to do a fadeout at the end, but I forgot, so the track just sort of plays out. I figured I might as well just leave it like that.

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November 11


My partner and I performed Dean Rosenthal’s Stones/Water/Time/Breath yesterday at the The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida. [more inside]

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November 9

Magic Show

An upbeat instrumental piece. [more inside]

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November 7


I just wanna nest; I cannot find a nest now [more inside]

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November 1

Skeleton Dance

A day late for Halloween, barely in time for Día de Muertos. A composition for classic fingerstyle banjo and piano by Norton Greenop, circa 1900.

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