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December 31

Auld Lang Syne - Harvey Girls NYE 2006

A quick, messy, ridiculous recording made earlier this evening at Chez Harvey Girl, featuring melissa may on vocals, sleepy_pete on vocals and acoustic guitar, and moi on vocals and casio and maybe some banjo too but I can't honestly remember if we did that track.

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Auld Lang Syne

Fingerstyle arrangement of the trad tune. Looks like it was transposed down a step during conversion. Link to mp3 inside.

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Can't You Find It?

Can't you find it? Where'd you put it? Is it in your pocket?

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December 30

Soundtrack Lite

This is a song I wrote in 1992, I got around to recording it in 2004. There are a few imperfections and I would like to record it again...a better longer version. Tell me if you like it.

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The Greatest Days

These are the greatest days, and this is optimism rock from The Forget.

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December 27

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

A very minimalist ditty, recorded in October at SCM Recordings in San Diego. Also, my first MeFi Music post.

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Banjo Lullaby

On preview, this sounds at least 1/4 slower than it should be. Posting anyway. It's my best so far.

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The Semi-Coherent Funk

A 1 minute, 43 second ditty. This was the first thing I did when I got Garage Band 2 years ago. All the drum loops are stock, and I'm riffing on bass & "lead" bass. I improvised over the groove until I got something I liked, then looped it.

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December 25

My Baby Likes To Eat

I recently completed an album, and as a devoted (obsessed?) Mefite, I thought it only appropriate to share. The album is lyric-driven rock, this particular tune has a bit of a country flavor. More info here and here, you can preview and/or purchase the album from the fine folks at cd baby.

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Can techno music be sad and banging at the same time? I've been listening to a lot of Jurgen Paape and wanted to try my hand at the sad vocal sample techno song.

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December 24

Messy Bells

Carol of the Bells, on violin (plucked), recorder, sieve&fork, and a can of kitty snacks (with the cat on unsolicited vocals on that track). I did this late last night in a hurry as a last minute Christmas greeting for friends, so it's a bit messy here and there.

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December 21

Runaway Chicken

snsranch JR#2. His first foray with no (very little) supervision in the studio. He's 8 years old. Kudos to the kid. I STILL can't sing and strum at the same time!

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December 20

It Must Be The Neighbors

A track from an EP I just released called Friendly Songs. The five songs were written for livejournal friends who responded to a memepost.

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Sister's Gone by Channel 18

Recorded in an airplane hangar in Louisville back in August, we used the built-in mic on my friend's iBook, and Garage Band to do the multitracking. Sounds pretty kickass for how low-tech it was, if you ask me. Just two guys, I played drums, my friend played guitars and bass.

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Love Means Eating Out of Cans

Here's a sarcastic little ditty about post-divorce helplessness, just in time for that freshly-single-the-holidays drinking binge. Recorded in 1986 by my long-defunct trio, The Whores, but never finished because we ran out of money. We weren't very good whores. Mixed last year by me at home in Logic 6.

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Another DJ Dial-tone joint.

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December 19

Huron Carol

Another Christmas nugget from the Sovereign Brass. Just as in Sweet Chiming Bells and Deck the Halls, I played the tuba and arranged the music.

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To Wit

A song off the upcoming EP from Victor Furious & The Murder of Men, a Nashville-area local group. Looking for some feedback, as a move to NYC is forthcoming. Music is (self) classified as laughing-gas rock. Let them know what you think - eponymous website and MySpace.

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A brief experiment in trying to fake synchronized prime-ordinal rhythms.

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December 18

Still Crazy After All These Years

I needed to do some audio/MIDI stuff in Digital Performer for a class project. My professor called it "a great waltz...for people with three and a half legs."

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December 17

Nova (Type III Mix)

A remix of Nova (which is also downloadable from the site linked in my profile), a bit more industrial sounding. Instrumental.

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December 16

Sweet Chiming Bells

Another Christmas nugget (see also this post) from Sovereign Brass. Like the other tune, I arranged the music and played tuba.

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That's No Way to Get Along

A cover of Robert Wilkin's 1929 "That's No Way to Get Along", me on vocals and 12-string guitar. Also covered by the Rolling Stones as "Prodigal Son"

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December 15

Deck The Halls

A great arrangement of a classic tune by the Sovereign Brass, an all-brass quintet, which was an impromptu thing between my friends and I to spread some Christmas cheer and create a few new arrangements of some old chestnuts.

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Dealyspiel (Roughmix)

Electronic, moody little piece, not really house, not really downbeat, but with a little of both.

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December 13

(A Glass of) Christmas Cheer

A Christmas drinking song by Sailor Martin, a pierced and tattooed sailor puppet, who apparently believes that Yule is a celebration of liquor and vice. The original recording is Cecil Macklin "Too Much Mustard," recorded by Charles Prince's Band in February of 1913. Lyrics and Sailor Martin's singing voice by yours truly. The singing was recorded on a Kodak z730 digital camera set to record digital video. The soundtrack was then removed and converted to an AIFF using Quicktime Pro, and then added to the original instrumental tracks using Garage Band.

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December 12


This is a slower song from my personal electronic music project DJ Dialtone. It's free of copyright, so feel free to remix it or do what you will with it.

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Our Love Violates Corporate Policy

Written and recorded for SongFight! [MeFi FPP] in March of 2005, with my wife contributing vocals. SongFight! is still around, and though I've done a few other songs, this is the one people seem to like so I thought I'd share it. If you like early 80s TV show theme songs, or musical theater, this will probably appeal to you. If not...well, consider yourself warned.

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2012 Overture

Inspired by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture", I constructed a beginning synth composition and then borrowed the climatic final progression for the conclusion of my piece.

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December 11

No More Parties, No More Fun

A song by my last band - I played (bad) backup guitar. Recorded live at a show at my college

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I was in Amsterdam in 1995 and found an old Billie Holiday bootleg CD. Years later I found an interesting sample on there and imported it into the totally awesome audio program....SoundEdit16. Stretched it, pulled it, squished it, doubled it and looped it. This is the end result in all of its 16bit glory. I originally released this under the name Skycraft. By "release" I mean I burned 10 copies in 1999 and gave it to Ray at The Quaker Goes Deaf in Chicago and a bunch of friends. 10 Blank CDs cost a lot back then.

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December 9

It's Like Your Heart's the Color Yellow

This is a song from the concept band Heroes that Hurt. My roommate writes the lyrics, in which he explores the futility of super-love. Then we all get together and set them to music. This one is about the Green Lantern.

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Cars That Go Boom

A rough folk-cover of L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom", with me on guitar, mandolin and vocals.

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Aram's Concubines

Sailor Martin, a tattooed and pierced sailor puppet, sings a convoluted and inadvertently homoerotic parable about a scimitar battle in an Arabian harem. Original public domain instrumental recording by Kaplan's Harmonists, recorded in 1923. New lyrics and Sailor Martin's voice by yours truly. More about Sailor Martin here.

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Yes, Dope

This is a little ditty I worked up in Logic, as a sort of self-guided tutorial to building loops, aliases, aligning things to a tempo, and adding & quantizing midi notes. The drums are samples grabbed from an unfinished recording session from the late 80's (played by Dennis Bruhn), and the vocals are snippets from a song by The Whores a long-since broken up post-punk band of mine from the eighties, called Girls on Dope. I have no idea what genre to tag this with.

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December 8

My Dictator (Can Beat Up Your Dictator)

Putting the "b" in "subtle," Detroit's LISBOA pens a political power-pop tune that pulls no punches. Alliteration is always awesome. Sounds like: Kansas City's best (i.e., only) Cheap Trick cover band meets Propaghandi at an after-hours bingo parlor. In drag. Dig the horns, dudes and lady-dudes.

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December 6

One Thing's For Certain

Another from Esther. The vocals could use quite a bit more post-production work, but overall, I'm happy about how this one turned out.

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December 5

Sum Yung Punk

A little adventure into some left-field drum'n'bass. Strangely enough, when this song started out, I intended it to be a little ambient-melodic piece for my four-month old. Pretty early, though, it just screamed out for a beat...

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December 4

Jolie Marie's Stocking

Sailor Martin, a tattooed and pierced sailor puppet, sings a song about the joys of silk stockings at sea. Public domain music, "Second Hand Rose," by the Broadway Dance Orchestra. Lyrics and Sailor Martin's singing voice by yours truly.

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December 3

Out of Luck

Garagey powerpoppy cover of a song by the Pointed Sticks. Recorded almost exactly 15 years ago by the band I was in at the time, NOT!. (That's the band name. Not a comment on whether we recorded the song. Yes, we had seen Wayne's World. I'm sorry.) There are some glitches that are on the original tape. I'm singing lead and harmony. I might be playing some rhythm guitar. This was our rowdy set closer, and lots of fun.

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December 2


Acid-ambient space dub loops. This is a live jam I did with a friend while visiting him in Seattle. The rig was comprised of me playing small and very slow beat loops in Traktor at BPMs relationally fractional to a master tempo of 110 BPM, while my friend looped samples in Live, both from prerecorded and live samples from mixboard outputs and sends. There is a Macbook microphone involved in the sampling of the room and as a feedback and reverb source. There is no shared MIDI clock in use - all tempo/pitch control is manual, and listen for long beat-count tempo-drifts of loop components, which are manipulated and intentional. The majority of this dub takes place as variations of two beats in one "measure", sometimes four but never more. This cut of the track is the last ten minutes of approximately one hour of play and loop building. It is pre-release version intended for derivitive works, remixes and redubs. (If you wish to remix, sample, splice, loop, fuck, deconstruct or otherwise destroy this track, I would vastly prefer that you please contact me via the email in my profile for the uncompressed and unprocessed file and the full Creative Commons license. Please do not use this low-bitrate file.)

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December 1

the most mediocre piano

I made this in 2003 or 2004, when minimal house music was getting big. It's not minimal house music, per se, since the beat is too twerky. However, it does steal from the genre.

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I Like To Pretend

A song by Gert, 6 geographically scattered Songfighters. Lots more here.

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Hit me in the Head

An entreaty to hit me in the head, but good. By Esther.

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