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December 31

It's Been So Cold Since We Left Earth

Space-y, shoe gaze-y little number I put together some time back. Left pretty much everything up to chance and was very pleasantly surprised with all the different sounds that came out. [more inside]

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Five Fathoms Down

Melodic, slightly exotic, wistful surf music from Hell. [more inside]

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Lazlo, Buddy (rethought)

This is a rethink of a song I posted earlier this year. [more inside]

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Brooklyn Cars

Recorded with lots of bleed to 2" analog tape in a very cold studio in an old barn upstate New York (and vocals, keys and other overdubs done in a warmer environment back in NYC), this is a song about fan culture in the internet age. Sorta. And fun. [more inside]

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Order of the Dual

Riff-heavy rock/metal, from a long long time ago. Lyrics inside. [more inside]

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A while ago I posted a song from an old tape-album called It's Amazing What Some People Can Believe, and said I'd tell people when I'd uploaded the whole thing to my website. I forgot. Mea culpa. This is, as it were, the second single. [more inside]

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Bucky Done Gun

an electro M.I.A. remix. happy new yearr mefi musics L:)

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December 30

Metafilter Orchestra - It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

The Metafilter Music Collaboration, as described here and here. [more inside]

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The Long Trail

Foolishly recorded next to a loud computer. Features whistling, a shaker, and tapping on guitar percussion. Perhaps worth a rerecording someday. Named after a trail that cuts all the way across Vermont. [more inside]

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Hands are clean

This is 3/4 of the original line up of "the next" in my basement. Improv jam session My ex roomate the idiot on keys and fake drums. Recorded with a sony minidisc player and a crappy computer mic.

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should been about cupcakes (now with cupcakes!)

drunken, impromptu collaboration with infidelzombie. my apologies to all. [more inside]

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December 29

The Expected Escape

Well, cortex said to upload anything vaguely musical, but since all I have is this, here's what you get! [more inside]

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Shoulda Been About Cupcakes

And it woulda been, if I coulda thought of any decent lyrics on that sugar-laden theme. As it is I'll backdoor this MeFi Music Challenge entry with a reference in the title. (Though I think I get the "brisk" tag legitimately.)

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Hide and Seek

Just a GarageBand loop creation. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening.

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Dented Cans for MeFites

A holiday gift for Cortex and the Mods [more inside]

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cakewalk and the pocket lights

Quick little ditty about the joy of watching shitty bands in Northampton. Still not sure how I feel about this one. Little help? [more inside]

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Ballad of Josh Millard's Oddly Sized Stationery

More or less self explanatory, eh? [more inside]

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December 28

King of the Road

Tape really does sound better. And good mics, preamps, compressors, consoles... [more inside]

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Original Recipe

This is a recording from Ground Zero in Troy, NY. I played a solo show for about 50ish people and a stuffed pony.

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December 27


A song about friendship. [more inside]

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over water

A slow glide through an industrial wasteland [more inside]

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waters of nazareth + ch-check it out

(mashing justice feat. beastie boys)

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December 25

Lazy Susan

Our bass player wrote this song about a little girl in Afghanistan, probably the closest we come to a political song

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The last broadcast from communist Russia. Created in 1999, with The Great Big Mulp back when he was Mixmaster Suck and I was DJ Wrong. Or he may have been Vorticon.

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808/qotsa [more inside]

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December 24

Where Corals Lie

Sir Edward Elgar, 1899, from a cycle of 5 songs called Sea Pictures. This one is about the singer constantly hearing the call of the sea. Live recording from a recital I did in May with pianist Guy Newbury. [more inside]

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King Kong Song

This is the second song I wrote when I started learning the guitar in February. This was when I could not sing as I played guitar unless I sang one syllable per strum. Starts slow, but the second half is kind of fun so don't give up right away. [more inside]

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In threes

Happy merry bouncy Christmas electronic music thing [more inside]

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December 23

Show Me A Better Future

This should snap you right out of the Christmas spirit.

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Oh, I made this just to annoy y'all.

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Who wants food

Stoned, hungry, and desperate to get the guitarist to stop playing so we could go to East Side Mario's. This comes from 1999. The Great Big Mulp and reklus with the oft mentioned dead guitarist. [more inside]

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December 22

Three In The Morning

This song was written about a friend with too many loser friends.

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December 21

The Chestnut Tree Cafe Lounge

The guitar player, Sken, and I have been working on this and a few other pieces in my garage without the benefit of a drummer for a little while. Although this is far from complete, after finally adding the much needed drummer, I'm too excited not to upload it. Here we, Fralex9, are practicing at "Studio A" in Seattle with Christa Kae on drums.

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No Other Way

A song we wrote about a month before we recorded it last August, with lyrics by our singer Red

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December 20

True Skool (Lestrade 1440 rpm mix)

This is a remix of Coldcut's True Skool featuring Roots Manuva that I did for a remix competition a while ago. [more inside]

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December 19

Camaro Husk Part 2

This is the second part of a long song (by the Slim Castle) about the husk of a formerly mighty Camaro. It lies in some desert, half dune-devoured, and perforated with shotgun holes through which the sun spills. (People use it for target practice). [more inside]

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I think this is one of the catchier songs I've come up with in a while, though I never seem to be a good judge of that. At any rate, it's a short and simple track about intense love gone missing... or something like that. [more inside]

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December 18

Surfer Girl

No, not that Surfer Girl. I wrote this years ago back when the internet was still pretty new and AOL chat rooms were becoming popular. Recorded on my first Mac with no bass and a drum machine that I had absolutely no idea how to work.

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From late 2001. This was performed live with human sized puppet ants and a backup band. The drum sound was an old performa's midi based drum program. This was composed over 6 hours in the morning 2 days before 9/11. [more inside]

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If I Had Wings (in Yiddish)

If I only had wings, I would fly to you... If I had chains, I would pull you to me... Just open up my heart, you'll see that it's dark and heavy with my love to you... Late last night, we wanted to capture the intimacy and quiet sparkle of this old song ... Hope it brings you a moment of peace and loveliness... [more inside]

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December 17


Upon finding yourself floating pleasantly in a canoe, you are launched into orbit. Alas.

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Friday Nights Without Jonathan Ross

I'm sorry that I've met you, but it's really not my fault.

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December 16

Seres Humanos

A cover of 'Human Behavior' by Bjork sung in Portuguese. [more inside]

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Tryptophantastic (2007 edit)

A happy happy holiday fuzzy buzzy song. Play at loudish volume. [more inside]

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The sky was filled with rainbows

A little synthetic ditty for FAWM'06.

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Satan Love Song

First take of SLS, live to track, this is a jam that became one our more popular songs from "the next." It's a mess because it's an improv jam. [more inside]

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Sunset, wind over water, autumn into winter. [more inside]

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December 15


cover of the 1st track on matthew sweet's pre-Girlfriend record "Earth". [more inside]

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Cupcake, When You Have a Chance

This month's themes (cupcake, brisk, interstitials) didn't exactly turn the inspiration amplifier up to 11, but, goddammit, I ain't one to run away from a challenge, no sirree. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. So this one goes out to you, my little cupcake. You know who you are. [more inside]

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Little Wing

When I first started playing the guitar I was obsessed with Jimi Hendrix (okay I still am). I spent hours learning as many solos as I could and listened to the blues album over and over again. At the end of the day though, this has always been my favourite Hendrix song. It's beautifully understated, short and sweet! [more inside]

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Crunchy, Chrunchy Christmastime

A song for the season. Slightly disturbing. [more inside]

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December 14

Lonely Thoughts

11 years ago, live to tape, first take, reklus + The Great Big Mulp + the now dead guitarist. I was 18 and had almost died of Lyme disease and subsequently lost "the love of my life." The sentimentality and quality of the lyrics is therefore no reflection of my style. Also, I was 18 and sing like it. [more inside]

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The mini-collage-opera that kicks off the "For All The Birds" album. Featuring actual birds, captured alive and forced trained lovingly to sing for your pleasure. [more inside]

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MetaTalk Musical Moment

This is what I do when I have twenty minutes to kill before I pick up the kids. [more inside]

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A St. Paul Christmas

Sailor Martin, a pierced and tattooed Sailor Puppet, finds himself in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Christmas eve, and heads out to the bars. [more inside]

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Camaro Husk

This is the first part of a long song about the husk of a formerly mighty Camaro. It lies in some desert, half dune-devoured, and perforated with shotgun holes through which the sun spills. (People use it for target practice).

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Cement floats.

Download the entire album for free at . [more inside]

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A soundtrack for a ride down an alien mine-shaft. [more inside]

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December 13

Merchant Marines Maxmix

This is a (NSFW) song Reklus stole from The Great Big Mulp. I'm stealing it back. [more inside]

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So Does Everybody Else, Only Not So Much

Adaptation (more or less) of an Ogden Nash poem of the same name. Essentially an apology from an aging man who spends his time boring people with the same stories.

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Mefi User Podcast

This was recorded at the San Francisco Meetup back in August. There's a story & everyone present says hi. Short & sweet.

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Right, Right.

Right. [more inside]

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December 12

Thanks for the Add (demo)

A dancey pop kinda thing. I finished all the recording and rough mixes for my next album so I'm starting to enjoy making music again. Also: trying to be less of a perfectionist so I maybe don't go bonkers.

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My God is dead

This comes from my noise/rock opera which is still unfinished. Our protagonist realizes that he can survive and function without belief [more inside]

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A song of loneliness and betrayal - sounds fun, right? [more inside]

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December 11

Jump Off the Roof

One of four sound collages I put together in 2005-2006 under the "Jimmy O'Clock" brand name. Kinda puts a smirk on my face when I listen to it. [more inside]

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in memories

A collaboration with non-mefite Riadsala, who sometimes records bass for me. This is a pretty strange track, with a lot of effects going on, with a weirdish tempo change into the chorus which is backed by something in the vein of guitar shredding. [more inside]

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One of the earlier songs by Kinda Panda [more inside]

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Mostly acoustic strumming. Maybe the simplest song I've ever written - but I like it, for a' that. [more inside]

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December 9


Stupid broken modem wasting my whole afternoon. Dammit.

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December 7

Fucking Merchant Marines

NSFW remix of my favorite part of "Moby Dick" by the Great Big Mulp. This so for the never upcoming "reklus vs K(10)z" [more inside]

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dmd-A Call to Prayer

A simple mashup of dmd's "this has unbreakable drm" and Athan Al-Fajr's "Call to Prayer". [more inside]

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I Love Tea Parties on the Ceiling

An old song based on this scene from Mary Poppins that I told melissa may I'd post a long time ago. [more inside]

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December 6

My Dancing May Assassinate

For the minimal crowd: some future jazz. Influenced by Ricardo Villalobos, Krause Duo, etc. [more inside]

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Faster Peach

Your eyes, diamonds rough as a fist, chipped away. [more inside]

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A brief mysterious scene. [more inside]

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Stressed out? Listen to this healing song and follow it's prescription to the letter! [more inside]

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untitled creep (rough)

Single take on keyboards with my kawai k1. Old announcer style microphone with broken bits add to the creepiness. I did this in august, so it's unrelated to any halloween urges...

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I was about to depict a complex scenery, but it wasn't very popular the previous times I did. Let's say that this is one with a strange groove. Like, hypnagogic. To be more specific, let's say some fairies are gathered around a sleeper. Maybe black, african fairies. Summoned by a griot. Softly singing. Well, forget it.

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December 5

This Has Unbreakable DRM

I was over at 31d1's place; this resulted. This is my first 'beat' in 31d1's parlance.

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King of Flesh and Bone

The first mostly completed track in a larger project my wife Lori and I are working on under the name Tangemeenie, called "The Gilded Age." It's obliquely about the romantic (and so often foolhardy) impulse to knock down giants just to watch them fall. Lyrics inside. [more inside]

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December 4

star shapes

This is a song i've been trying to put together for a year or two now. It uses my usual punk + x formula, where here, x = rawhide. The second half is big, noisy, and was tons of fun to make. I"m kinda fond of the lyrics Hope you enjoy. lyrics inside [more inside]

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Man of Very Few Words

Well, it's a few days late for the November '07 MeFi Music Challenge, but my on-the-fritz computer spent most of the month in the repair shop, plus the dog ate my homework, but better late than never, I reckon. So this one's going under the veryfewwords tag, as if the song title didn't give that away. [more inside]

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December 3

Not My Fault

Random rocker from a year ago. The chorus is a little short.

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Good Morning Cadets

In response to this question. Uses these samples. Everything else synthesized.

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Pulling Hard Against the Stream

Someone wondered what I'd sound like with instrumental backing. Here you go. [more inside]

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December 2

Professor Marvel's Journey

This is positively the finest exhibition ever to be shown!! Uh, well, be that as it may... [more inside]

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Turing Test(icles)

Recording for a day, mixing for a week. Time to let it go. Thanks, mefi.

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