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December 31

Open Eyes (Auld Lang Syne 2011-2012)

Since Demons of Gyrophonia won’t be together to record this year’s Auld Lang Syne, I figured I’d put my own spin on it by…well, combining a bunch of other people’s ideas. [more inside]

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December 30

September Gurls

A bit of acoustic September Gurls to round out December.

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December 29

Auld Lang Syne, ragtime fingerstyle arrangement

It's been five years since my last attempt at arranging Auld Lang Syne. I thought I might try to start a small fire under it this year. [more inside]

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December 28

What's Not Being Said

Instrumental. We used electric and nylon guitars, glockenspiel, electric bass, and a drum set [played by 2 guitarists, so don't judge]. Criticism [aside from the drums] welcome. [more inside]

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Neon Night Drive

Life can be more like a video game if you take everyday scenarios and add a silly soundtrack (SYTL)

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mmHg — Innocent (Our Lady Peace)

Electro cover.

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December 27

Chillout in Am (Opus 11)

Piano, flutes, and pads, downtempo. Worked over the Christmas break while avoiding family. Feedback appreciated!

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The Big High Dive

I pushed myself to sit down and write this one, as I haven't had time to write much this year. Just sit down and write while I had time over Thanksgiving. I try to write one for the new year each year. It's still pretty unfinished. I haven't come up with any reserved solo's yet. [more inside]

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Deep Freeze Rodox 394

Dub synth techno, served cold. Paired with Heat Sealed Rodox 392. [more inside]

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December 26

Don't Fool Me (2011 version)

Are we there yet? [more inside]

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December 25

You're worth it (hopefully)

So what did Santa bring? [more inside] posted by unSane at 9:00 PM PST - 44 comments

December 24

mmHg - Hark!

I made this a few years ago, a remix of Hark, the Angels Sing. It's completely cheeseball — but some of my friends actually LIKE it, so I guess maybe it's good?

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It Would Be Love

Another one featuring the amazing WaveDrum. Video here.

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December 23

Computer recording - bass

Bass and recording on Macintosh [more inside] posted by Hoopo at 9:09 PM PST - 10 comments

Christmas Island

I made my children to sing on another Christmas song. In three-part harmony. Merry Christmas, everybody.

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very big delicious christmas part 5 (oh god, yr uncle's drunk)

mashy mashed sound collage the fifth featuring our cat the big delicious on solo cat voice. [more inside]

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December 22

Yummy (Electronugget Mix)

A grooving house remix I did of my own track from the ultra-upbeat original soundtrack of my latest game project, Mighty Switch Force (3DS eShop). [more inside]

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Jingle Bells

Impromptu version of the holiday classic. This closed out the night for the Smoke Benders' last gig of 2011. Video here.

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Merry Cohenmas! The creation date on the lyrics file is 2004, which means I've had at least six better holiday song ideas than this. At least the Bengals still aren't very good.

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December 21

mmHg - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Epic Electro Hip-Hop Mix)

Standard epic/apocalyptic hip-hop end-of-the-world Millimeters of Mercury take on a standard Christmas melody.

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December 20

Cold Dip

New recording of my song Cold Dip. Many thanks to MonsieurBon, who recorded it and played drums. And here is a music video I made for it out of footage recorded a few years ago for something else. Features bowed banjo. As always, thanks for listening!

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December 19

O Canada

And to close: you know it, you love it, we love it. That's why we did it properly. Please enjoy. [more inside]

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December 18

Island Home (Jersey (Bailiwick of))

In a truly avant-garde move, the last real gyrophoniation on Anthemic is an Anthem which isn't yet officially the anthem for the Crown Dependency it's supposed to represent. Also, does anyone know how such a beautiful island come to be the namesake of the Garbage State? [more inside]

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December 17

You Wish We Waltz

My friend John has a Victorian-style punchcard music box. We put the punched strip for a well-known Christmas carol in upside down, and this is what we got. [more inside]

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Meda Dau Doka (God Bless Fiji)

Skipping the next track on the album, as it was the first to be posted here, we move to the nonsense version of the Fijian national anthem--the one in English. Mr. Prescott must have thought Fiji to be a much bigger, stronger, less who-gives-a-shit-worthy nation than it really is. [more inside]

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December 16

Untitled Ghettotech Battle Track

A blues influenced Detroit-style ghettotech jam. [more inside]

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December 14


Cover of the Carpenters song. [more inside]

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Aegukka (The Patriotic Song - Korea (North))

LYRICS: Well, our country's kind of shitty, But we love it anyway (We have no basis of comparison!) This is Anthemic. [more inside]

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December 13

Mongol ulsyn töriin duulal (National Anthem of Mongolia)

I didn't know Ricardo Montalbán was a Mongol... [more inside]

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December 12


I thought I'd share this with the mefi music makers and listeners. It's a sparkly-ish, delay-ish, electronic-piano-ish, one-take-ish, THC-ish improv/rhapsody. [more inside]

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December 11

Nightmare Dub

A dark and nasty dub-influenced track I threw together today

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Marcia Pontifica (Pontifical Anthem - Vatican City)

Why? Because we haven't made enough fun of the Papacy this year. This is Anthemic. [more inside]

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very big delicious christmas part 4 (thugsmas)

mashy mashed sound collage featuring our cat the big delicious on solo cat voice. [more inside]

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December 10

Ain't No Train

Dusted off ye olde WaveDrum (it's been a while) for a solo gig the other night, and played it over a simple bass line (from ye olde JUNO synth) which I have on ye olde iPod, for a new version of a song that appears on ye olde Roomful of Ghosts, and which ye can see on ye olde YouTubes and Vimeos.

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Electronic beat with lush pads.

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This is the lead-off track from The Flood, the new album by Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies, released today. [more inside]

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She Talks To Rainbows

A Ramones cover, from their last album Adios Amigos.

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December 9

piano, 2

another micro tune.

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If You Got The Time

The second song from our first self-recording session. This one rides on a solid bassline, and has a big chorus and a powerful ending.

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December 8

The Comfort Zone

Another fantasy for small electrified ensemble. [more inside]

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Soon As the Rain Lets Up

From the latest BIG SYSTEM gig. Mostly drumming going on here (WaveDrum and talking drum), but the one verse I broke into (never got around to the next one) is from an old song of mine (someone uploaded it to YT here), and that was enough to give this one a title. Video at YouTube or Vimeo.

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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

We tried to write a jazzy, quiet version. This is what happened instead. Cheers!

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When The Morning Comes

The band has decided to dive into recording ourselves instead of going to a studio, and this is the first result of that effort. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have on making it better. [more inside]

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December Challenge - HOLIDAY MUSIC

Just to confirm - your December Challenge is HOLIDAY MUSIC, with possible bonus points below the fold. [more inside] posted by unSane at 7:04 AM PST - 8 comments

December 7

Kassaman (We Pledge - Algeria)

Changing gears a bit, we go to one of the more fascinating anthems to grace the album. Kassaman's lyrics were written by Algerian poet Mufdi Zakariah while imprisoned by French colonial forces. He wrote the verses on his cell walls using his own blood. They are, by nature, extremely violent, and (far as I know) may comprise the only national anthem which mentions machine guns directly. [more inside]

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December 6

Hold It There (Within You, Without You)

Part 3 of a live 27 minute improv. This is the final 12 minutes. [more inside]

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Bizarre Musical Traditions?

Do you and your friends/family have any fun/strange/bizarre/WTF-worthy musical traditions that come up this time of year? You should share them with the group! Maybe we can glean a few from each other, and make them nation/world-wide... [more inside] posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 4:20 PM PST - 7 comments

Dideba (Praise - Georgia)

Next in line comes Georgia (the country, not the awful state). Oh, Georgia...your flag is classy as hell, your language looks like squiggly doom. You're pretty awesome. I'm so sorry. [more inside]

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December 5

MeFi Mag January Theme

Hey there MeFi Musicians! Just a head's up, MeFi Mag's theme for January is Music, so we'd love to any of you music creators contribute to the issue. Could be written article, photos, art or whatever you think would good to put in the issue. We're open to suggestions also, so if there's a particular angle or suggestion for a person to talk, etc, etc, we're all ears. posted by Brandon Blatcher at 6:13 PM PST - 7 comments

Evil Empire

A rocker about the titular subject. Possibly related to OWS, though definitely related to Star Wars by way of musical pun.

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Heat Sealed Rodox 392

Dub synth techno. [more inside]

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December 4

December Challenge?

Is it holiday music? What's the haps? posted by Karlos the Jackal at 11:23 PM PST - 10 comments

Change Your Way

The fourth and final song on our [Habrok] upcoming EP is finally mixed, and I believe this is the top candidate for the single. Please enjoy :) [more inside]

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December 3

I hate you, chemistry

Chemistry + a ukulele = my very first MeFi post. I have little to no music experience, so please be gentle! [more inside]

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Paris 1919

A perfectly good John Cale song, ruined by yrs truly last night. [more inside]

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Blessings of the Swazi (Nkulunkulu Mnikati wetibusiso temaSwati - Swaziland)

Next from Anthemic comes a much more abstract interpretation of a much more obscure anthem, from a country many more people are prone to forget exists. It's also, probably, my personal favourite track of the whole album. I'd like to think it very deftly stomps through the full spectrum of brilliance and stupidity, at any and all times. [more inside]

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December 2

Bless Your Pretty Bones

From the inaugural gig of my new clatter trio, the Metaphors, here's a tune I posted (in a solo version) here earlier this year. Video at YT or Vimeo.

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this is why

More of a slow-building groove than a "song." Probably recorded about 10 years ago, I honestly can't remember. [more inside]

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December 1

Up Above the Young Rhine (Oben am jungen Rhein - Liechtenstein)

Presenting Anthemic: a collection of abstract interpretations of various obscure, entertaining, odd, or otherwise intriguing national anthems. We start with a fairly harmless country, and a fairly harmless interpretation of a fairly harmless anthem. [more inside]

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Happy (Carpenters cover)

Popgasmic cover of the Carpenters' sappy-but-intriguingly-odd tune for the Carpenter's Coverfight which went live today. [more inside]

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