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December 31

dreamland - vampire deer

song 7 - and so we go to sleep - happy new year [more inside]

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Interesting Times

Written because I am finally starting to get back into recording stuff, and I needed to give myself a simple project to stretch my muscles. So I told myself to write a Stereolab song circa 1994. I haven't listened to Stereolab for few years. Now That I've recorded this, I'm gonna go back and listen to them.

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December 30

luna pier - vampire deer

song 6 [more inside]

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December 29

asphalt princess - vampire deer

song 5 - lost love [more inside]

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December 28

White Light Music Night

Late night and off-kilter, a love song for the otherwise apathetic. Recorded at rehearsal in South London by Sredni Vashtar and then (lightly) polished. One day we'd like to record this properly (do the vocals properly for example). One day. [more inside]

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December 27


Eastern Europe has long been known as a mysterious place when it comes to music, spanning multiple genres, including music with a particular ethno-folk component. This is one of those songs. Well done Ummagma. [more inside]

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December 26

Swamp Root Liver Cure

This is the unofficial theme song for my new group, the Swamp Root Jimmies. It was recorded live at our inaugural gig in November 2013. Lyrics and link to video here.

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half empty blues - vampire deer

song 4 - two guitars, harmonica and synth aren't the traditional blues format - especially when the guitars and harmonica get messed up [more inside]

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Lama (Dunaewsky 69 remix)

I love it when one talented artist can take the work of another talented artist, creatively metabolize it, and then craft output that is impressive in it's own right. This remix takes a quirky electro approach to Ummagma's track 'Lama'. Hope you enjoy it. [more inside]

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December 24

die at work - vampire deer

song 3 - dire things happen [more inside]

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December 23

Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?

A cover of the Louis Jordan jazz evergreen performed in the style of a video game boss fight. An egregious splattering of Autotune completes the image. [more inside]

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December 22

nothing but trouble - vampire deer

song 2 - existential paranoia caused by partying [more inside]

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Deck the Halls

This is about the least effort you could put into wishing a merry f'n Christmas. Now with sleighbells. Of course.

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Actors are always celebrated for their chameleonic ability to change characters and roles. Ummagma possesses this quality, among a small number of shape-shifting bands currently out there. This song is very different from anything else created by Ummagma. Hope you enjoy this. [more inside]

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December 21

making rust - vampire deer

song 1 of making rust, my new album or whatever you want to call it - [more inside]

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December 19

Mele Kalikimaka

Sometimes I just can't stop myself.
Merry Christmas, everybody.

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December 18

ShH 408t: Bennington

Merry Christmas! Here's an arrangement of Bennington, No. 408t in the Shenandoah Harmony ( Poetry by Isaac Watts 1706, original shape note arrangement by Billings, 1770. [more inside]

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Ethereal wave is what they call this genre, but you can definitely sense elements of early 4AD-era postpunk, darkwave, shoegaze and postpunk here. The mood is a bit heavier and there is an outpouring of philosophy, moral and emotional reaction. Enjoy! [more inside]

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December 17

You and Your Sister

Cover of the Chris Bell song. This song was one of three assigned to me in a music challenge on another site. [more inside]

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wilshire waltz one

Well, it's been about (over?) 3 years since I last posted. I haven't done a single music-related thing in that time. This one just kind of came out. It's an instrumental waltz about walking in the city.

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There is such a thing as light-imbued melancholy. This song shows that @Ummagma is among a cozy handful of bands nowadays who seem to thrive on achieving that combination. You can find Ummagma here too. [more inside]

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December 16

Didgeridoos Ate My Guitar: A Lullaby

Sleep, little ones. One note x 10k (give or take).

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Do You Remember the First Time? (Pulp cover)

After I finished this I went back and listened to the original and, okay, wow, that's kind of different. It gets a little Nashville in the middle, which may have been a mistake. Or not.

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December 14

Resistor -- Vincent van Gogh (studio version)

This is a song about an artist dying for attention. From the forthcoming album First World Problems by Resistor. [more inside]

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This track makes it a lot easier to imagine how the classical work of J.S. Bach could be meshed into a dreampop track, something that is rarely seen or at least, that is rarely pulled off well (The Verve and The Farm come to mind as other successful cases of this happening). [more inside]

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December 13

NIMBY (Not In My Backyard)

Perhaps the most Cocteau Twins' inspired song by Ummagma to date, this song also features a strong pulse-driven effect inspired by Pink Floyd. Need I say more?

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December 12

Human Factor (revisited)

The lyrics to this Ummagma song seem very timely considering what is happening in the world these days, with a bed of music that drums up intensity. You might particularly enjoy the ending.

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December 11

Are electronic guitar tuners a thing?

Theme 1 Stage 3

I once herd the term "sound track for angels" and having Lisa Von H on vocals has certainly brought a sound track to reality!

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December 10

1+1=3 (revisited)

Some songs take you on a trip (and bring you back), while others just send you drifting endlessly and blissfully. For us, this song belongs to the latter, building layers of layers of sound and effects - like new galaxies being opened. [more inside]

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December 7

Dink's Song

traditional American tune, played clawhammer style on the guitar. [more inside]

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O-o-h Child

A cover of the classic Five Stairsteps song, put together last week by a bunch of us around the country via Facebook, Dropbox, etc. [more inside]

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December 6

Who's Gonna Keep it Together?

Kringle steals the singer's girlfriend and takes her to Berlin in his sleigh. Hardly a nice thing to do, especially around the holidays. [more inside]

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December 3

Christmas in Tokyo

Three days into December; it has got to be time for some Christmas songs! Four years ago I wrote this song, with lyrics in Swedish, to communicate my Christmas melancholy to my family. Two years later I was still sad, but now in English, and on camera... [more inside]

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December Music Challenge: Seasonal Special

It would seem rude not to do a seasonally-relevant challenge at this time of year! [more inside] posted by greenish at 4:05 AM PST - 0 comments

December 2

Mitt Romney's music stores not doing well...

December 1

Blue Sands

Oldish jazz tune played by myself and some friends [more inside]

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Long Story Short, Short Story Shorter

I was really hoping to get this posted in time for the November Challenge, but technical difficulties and the sudden realization that oh I really need a glockenspiel combined to -- wait, it's still November in Hawaii? I CLAIM FLAWLESS VICTORY [more inside]

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Ummagma - River Town (Mind Movies Remix)

This is one Ummagma track that has been totally turned on it's head, taking what was a dreampop folkrock-ish track and utterly transforming it into an whirling electro-dance track with traces of vocals from Shauna McLarnon. One slight change from the previous version. [more inside]

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