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December 31

03 silveressence - vampire deer

crickets take over the world and ep2 - gargoyle, draws to an end

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December 30

02 report - vampire deer

just more spacey frippertronics

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Sitting On A Halo

Santa put a new saturation plugin in my stocking. I......may have overdone it a bit on this quick song about appreciating life and what you have - just in time for the New Year. [more inside]

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December 27

The Fifth of Never

Just a short random sampler improv with a bit of guitar and recorder (of the plastic flute-type variety.) [more inside]

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December 25

01 gargoyle - vampire deer

the 2nd ep begins [more inside]

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December 24

Resistor - Peace on Earth

Have a merry Synthmas with this peaceful electronic soundscape from the Men's Snarehouse. [more inside]

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Thinking in Color

A dashed-off not-quite-synthwave instrumental that rolls around for a bit but doesn't really go anywhere. [more inside]

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December 23

Resistor - Uni

An upbeat synthwave / retrowave instrumental. [more inside]

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December 19

Kitchen Deconstruction (Edit)

My wife Nadine decided to do a little reorganizing in the kitchen a week or so ago. I pitched in, but set up my handy little Tascam DR-05 to record the resulting racket... [more inside]

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We Love You (all the time)

This is a great gesture. I wonder what MeFi Music could come up with? This being The Eagles of Death Metal's Pay It Forward Fundraising campaign for victims (and families of victims) of the recent Paris terror attacks. [more inside] posted by philip-random at 1:27 PM PST - 3 comments

December 18

Coventry Carol - strings

This medieval English carol is certainly not cheerily optimistic-sounding, but might not quite qualify as pessimistic. "Somber" is better - a mood rarely evoked for Christmas. [more inside]

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December 17


My version of a popular holiday favorite. [more inside]

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December 12

Chanda Pant II by Anna Meredith Monk

A little mashup/pastiche (mastiche?) of two of my favorite musicians. [more inside]

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December 10

Brother Casanova

New Years. Listlessness and Watching Your Life Go Bye. But there is Love and Hope nestled deep in in the chorus. [more inside]

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Christmas Glow Worm

A Johnny Mercer joint, including one of my favourite rhymes ever: isthmus/Christmas. Merry Christmas. [more inside]

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December 9

Kiev (Haioka Remix)

When a meeting of cultures occurs in a musical setting, something 'unordinary' may possibly occur. But when this meeting involves two awesome creators, it may even be extraordinary. Here Japan meets Ukraine and Canada, as celebrated Red Bull artist Haioka creates his own version of Ummagma 'Kiev'. Enjoy!

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December 7

Lama (Malcolm Holmes' OMD Remix) by @Ummagma

Just as the seasons can see a categorical change in all the features embodied in this one unifying phenomenon we call 'the weather', so too can a song be totally turned on its head from the original version, doing a near about-face.... that is what happened to this track in this remix by Malcolm Holmes, famous for his participation in legendary synthpop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD). [more inside]

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Oh For Certainty

I really love JJ Cale - I'd like to think he would have enjoyed this quick song I wrote about our home in southern California, fate and love. [more inside]

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December 4

Rock of Ages

Def Leppard's deathless anthem, reimagined as a power chord ├ętude for the accordion. [more inside]

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December 2

March from "The Nutcracker Suite"

If synthesizers were around, would Peter Illich Tchaikowsky have used one? [more inside]

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December 1

04 doc quixote - vampire deer

another new instrumental - rather longish - thus concludes ep1 - bullray

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