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December 31

Another Year And Most Of Us Have Made It

A song for the new year, about making it through another year, and doing it together, and finding the ways to do it without the folks who didn't. [more inside]

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I did a cover of my favorite song by Pinback. It's as close as they get to church, I think.

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December 30


YOUR MEFIMU CHALLENGE NEEDS YOU [more inside] posted by greenish at 5:54 AM PST - 13 comments

When Green Leaves Spring (It's Good To See You)

This short (1:16) instrumental ditty is what happened when I started learning a new recording platform that came with loops of instruments I'd always wanted to play or include on my recordings: pedal steel guitar (I was super excited about this especially -- I've wanted to work with pedal steel for a really long time), baritone guitar, and mandolin. And did I mention the bossa drums? Not sure if I went overboard but I had fun and liked the result. [more inside]

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December 25


"I can't do anything without thinking about you next"

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December 22

Fucking the Snowman

This is a song that I deeply regret, but it's been going around in my head for weeks now so I have to get it out. I originally thought that it would sound good as a thrash version, but this seems quite nice. Please feel free to add an instrumental and send me a copy :)

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December 21

The Barefoot Polka

"Gymnopedie" is just a pretentious word for "Barefoot". I made this for DJ Stashu's Homemade Polka Contest on WFMU. [more inside]

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December 18

Three Way Mirror

Track one off our most recent release, a dual album set called Infrared & Ultraviolet. This is the first song on Ultraviolet. For once we get right to the point, & make a short & sweet 8 1/2 minutes. Made up on the spot - totally improvisational. Titled such because there's three of us & we mirror one another as we play. Plus, it breaks space. [more inside]

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December 16

Superior Hiking Trail

bluebar wrote a sweet little ditty on guitar, and I doubled him on the wurlitzer

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December 8


Another weird, haunting indie folk song from yours truly! There is also a weird, haunting music video located here. This is all part of my first official release, which I am super excited about, under my stage name MK Ellison.

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December 7

Prelude & Groove

A groovy bit sandwiched in between two playful piano improvisations a la Kate Bush sort of 3 movements, if you will 1. Prelude 2. Groove 3. Postlude or 'Outtro"

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December 4

MeMu Pals (a retrospective/feel good thread)

Anyone want to share some stories of friendships that have blossomed from the MeFiMu community? For my part, I gotta say this particular corner of the internet remains the nearest/dearest online community (music-related or otherwise) I've ever been a part of, and has been the starting point of a some really cool friendships (not to mention cool traxxxxx). Thought I would post a thread for us to share stories of how music collabs have turned into friendships, give a shout out to past collaborators and/or favourite collab tracks, and basically otherwise just have a mini-celebration of our singularly (dys)functional online musical family. posted by CarrotAdventure at 5:26 PM PST - 10 comments


Just having a play on my day off

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December 1


Just some four-on-the-floor.

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