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December 30

Naturelle 2

I bought an old Steinway upright recently, on which I've been making pieces like this, which I call "naturelles." Three more naturelles on Bandcamp, here: [more inside]

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December 24


Doing sort of a Deadmau5-style beat using an old drum machine (Korg S3). I used the noise wave on my Korg Monologue to create the little cymbal swells every couple bars (classic Deadmau5 trick which I have been trying to copy for a while using different methods). The pulsing synth riff is also kind of a Deadmau5 thing. It's weird - I'm not even that much of a fan of the guy but the handful songs of his that I've liked have clearly influenced me a lot.

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December 23

Christmas Vacation

Looks great. Little full. Lotta sap.

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December 21


The final song on our new release, the Red Light EP [more inside]

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December 19

Brennivin and Malort

Banjo and accordion, some light processing through the modular synth, lots of reverb (of course). [more inside]

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December 17


Enjoying my new drum machine!

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December 16

deep end

Some minimal/deep house vibes. A very simple 4-track recording that was super easy and fun to make.

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December 10



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December 4

Ambient Office : Twin Special

Two sequencers that randomly diverge from a programmed melody, while I try to keep control of them by resetting the values. [more inside]

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December 3

A New Kind of Beat 3

Arpeggiator solo

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