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February 28

Emma Lane

Another laptop song. I'm not sure I like the vocal melody enough that it will will stick. I didn't really "write" it so much as I made it up on the spot several weeks ago at an open mic just after I'd finished the words (which I do like) and the backing track (which I also quite like). I get the feeling I'll get annoyed with it in six months and go back and make up another melody (which has happened several times before). It's the only song I know of about a thief who steals weather.

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The Human Condition (rough cut)

One of the nearly-finished songs for my almost-done RPM 07 album. Navelgazing lyrics, lush instrumentation.

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Las garras del destino

I'm always unsure about posting the songs in languages other than English here, so I'll post this one with the question, would you listen to the song even if you don't understand the lyrics?

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February 27


Something from my RPM Challenge album. Due to the methodology of its production, (read details here) all the songs on the album are pretty rough, but I'm going to post a few of the more successful experiments. The songs on this album are all about one of my favorite topics, the end of the world.

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Talkin' Atheistic Blues

A song for Franky, his wife who shops at Whole Foods, and their kids who live on YouTube. Above that, a song for George himself. I wrote this back behind enemy lines. The beat was made upon my return and it was recorded the next day.

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Apparatchik Waltz

This is probably one of the few times you'll get to hear me "sing" on MeFi. This is another song I wrote for the rpmchallenge, singing, programming it, and playing toy piano on it... I think it's also the first song I ever wrote in 3/4 time.

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What If God Wanted Pasta Sauce

I can't believe it never occured to me until tonight to post what is by far my most famousest song! This is not actually the recording I made back in August '05. This is a somewhat improved version that I made about a year ago. The improvements were really just redoing the vocals so they weren't as bad, and putting in the electric guitar part. It's funny-ha-ha.

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February 26

My C*** in a Book (NSFW)

A spoof on the old Justin Timberlake SNL skit.

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The weirdest song on my new record. Unrelated harmonies, weird backwards noise, weird melody, weird guitar solos. Tried to make the production fit, though.

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The band died on stage

Uhm. It could be used, like, in a movie, where the band dies on stage, or something else happens. More at my site.

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Feeding the Earworm

Another song I did for the RPM Challenge. In my single-handed attempt to bring video samples back into music, this one uses a sample from an instructional film called "duck and cover"

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February 25


Beep beep beep. The main keyboard line in this song and much of the chord structure started life as a guitar part. This is the first thing I wrote that uses nothing but my laptop. I was watching it snow, and the basic idea(s) for the song just sort of ... popped in there.

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At empyrean's request. I needed a break from mixing my own songs anyway, so I threw together this quick & dirty cover of the Counting Crows song in 15 minutes, and uploaded it warts and all - one take off the top of my head, complete with missed notes, words, and chords. Enjoy.

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electronic dance pop thing - another one recorded in same 6 mo period as "when your lover has gone" (prev post), this one was sorta more where I was at stylistically at the time. Utilizes killer slowed-down Prince sample from 'my name is prince' to chug throughout, periodically sprinkled with horn samples from Bernstein's "Prelude, Fugue and Riffs" as well as some other stuff (kronos quartet?). Not entirely sure about the recording process here, but it also went to ADAT, and I think I used a boss dr rhythm for the main hat. The string sound was from my poor old ensoniq VFX... it freaked out all the time for no apparent reason, but man that poly-key pressure is STILL the best system to date for emotive midi controllering. I don't know why nobody else seems to have it in their boards.

Finally, not sure what I was thinking with the wacky instructional tape sample at the very beginning, nor the instrumental breakdown at the end, but here ya go.

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February 24

Oscillendulum 1

This is one of a series of short pieces (about 10 or 12) I recorded using only a JUNO 60 analog synth (found at a Tokyo junk shop for only 10,000 yen!). The Oscillendulums all share a similar structure (gradual addition and/or subtraction of layered repeating parts), with an eye toward the creation of a sort of liquid polyrhythm. I also had in mind the musical approximation of animal sounds such as frog and insect choruses from a pond, which are part of the inspiration for this series.

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Burn Bright (Burn Out)

I think this is still probably the best thing I've written. It's arranged sparely. It's really not anything more than a more nicely-recorded version of the two-track sketch that I record immediately after finishing writing a song just to have a rough sketch of the structure and main vocal melody. I haven't got a more full recording, because... Well, every time I try to flesh out the song, I end up feeling like I've bludgeoned something delicate. I'll get it some day, but for now, I think it works best when played simply.

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Quantum Mechanics

In the early 1990s I had a spare bedroom full of MIDI equipment (including a 16-channel mixer and various effect units) and I liked to noodle around with it. This is the only complete piece I ever produced. It's an instrumental strongly influenced by the likes of Tangerine Dream, the Alan Parsons Project, and Synergy.

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Breaking The Mecanique

A short song I made last night for the rpmchallenge using a music box I had and a beat slicer.

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Lazlo, Buddy

A new(ish) song by The Harvey Girls

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February 23

Oh mon cher

A short song in French complete with banjo and an electric chord organ, which thankfully only has a few keys so can be played by a chump like me.

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Shape Shifter

1990. An Artifact. Or, maybe a corpse. Rescued from a well-worn cassette, this and two more songs are the last remaining remnants of the last original band, at the end of the long, dark tunnel that was the 1980's. I gave up writing & performing my own material for about 8 years right after this, and am just now beginning to appreciate the few things of beauty that I manage to wrench out of a squalid, painful part of my life. I wrote the music, though it was really molded in collaboration with the band at rehearsals, and the singer, my then-girlfriend, wrote the lyrics, with a little help from me on the melody & harmonies. The song is essentially an abstract take on our failing relationship & was the last thing of note we did before breaking up, then (separately) finding sobriety. We recorded the music live, (3-piece) and overdubbed the vocals. The 2-inch tape is out there somewhere, but the cost of baking the tape (Stupid Ampex 456) and transferring to digital is prohibitive right now. But someday...

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Not For the Season

A cover of a song by Wilco or Loose Fur, depending on how you look at it. [more inside]

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Either Origami

Guitar-driven title track from Detroit foursome LISBOA's self-produced 2004 EP. Horns and strings courtesy of the Eastern Market Baroque Philharmonic. Sometimes the choice, it chooses you. Kierkegaard references and overbearingly emotive vocals courtesy of yours truly. Here's to your weekend, friends.

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Miss Me in the Morning

A second pretty much complete song for the RPM Challenge. Fancy ears will be able to pick out my attempt at learning to play the Cuatro that was hand-delivered to my front door from the awesome and amazing Micayetoca in Venezuela.

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The Bright Room

This is essentially a remix of The Dark Room. It's robotic, entrancing, and a little creepy if you play it really loud. The only real quality of this track that holds it to the original is our surprise guest named Flute. And maybe a pad or something. I can't really remember.

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Tanks and Planes

Another song from my old band, this one mixes balladry with a hardcore influence. Noteworthy because it's one of the few songs I named (after a misremembered Radio Shack game from the 80s that I never actually played).

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Flyball's Lament (the short version)

I made this little song last night. The lyrics, albeit very simple, have been stuck in my head for some time. And they reminded me of Captain Fred Stone and Flyball drifting silently through the cosmos. I guess this would have to be before Flyball hooked up with Moofa, the cat from mars, and had kittens. And a warning: the first time through the chorus is a bit rough.

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A fact among others

Music for an opening

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Blues Wrapped Round My Head

In a slow count of 5, here's some kind of convergence of Burma and the blues, or thereabouts. "scissors cut paper / paper blows away / stone smashes scissors / and so it goes / another day / but it's all downhill from here / at least that's what sisyphus said /ah you're fucked six ways from sunday / with the blues wrapped round your head"

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Black Lodge

A track created for a conspiracy-themed podcast for the now-defunct experimental music collective, Infinite Sector. Created with a ukelin played with a ratting comb, an air conditioner and mic+speaker play.

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thief's theme (just another day mix)

feat. nas

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February 22


I'm thinking this will be the outro to my first album, or possibly come right before the final song.

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This arrangement still needs some embellishment, though I think it works okay as is. Probably one of my better vocal turns.

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Don't Go To Strangers (piano/vocal rehearsal)

Another 2006 rehearsal recording... cleaned up but obviously very rough still. Don't Go To Strangers was written in 1954 by Arthur Kent and David Mann, with gorgeous lyrics by Redd "Frim Fram Sauce" Evans. Many people have covered it, but Etta James' version is the one that infatuated me to give it a go myself. Gorgeous piano work provided by the perpetually kickass Tamir Hendelman

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Bueyes y palmares

A quick snippet, to keep you entertained while a proper song is ready. This one was recorded for a TV program here, some time ago.

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February 21

when your lover has gone

Ok I didn't write this. It is my cover of a jazz standard written by einar a. swan... the version I was sorta aping was a version recorded by Billie Holiday. I tried to give it an En Vogue "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" vibe, but er, that didn't exactly happen. I recorded this 12? years ago, as a joke since I had no experience singing any jazz tune whatsoever, and this is what came out. Note the thoroughly consistent out-of-tune Zeta-bass part (my bass guy could not play that thing properly since he never had any real fretless training), and conversely, his killer bass solo, in which he duplicates the original guitar? Horn? solo from the Holiday track. I think that was a PRS, I forget. recorded to the original ADAT, I think, synced to a 25mhz At&t P1 laptop w/4mb of ram and the original non-audio Logic midi sequencer... I also played the clarinet and sax parts, brushed snare & cymbals, my buddy Errol tossed out the acoustic guitar licks. used by austin's Realm Dance Project in 2003 for one of their goofy nyc Fringe Festival pieces. More of what I do currently here at: ! the edison carter project !

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i am a bear and i am asleep

rambling RPM Challenge song.

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End of the Good Songs

Another jangly guitar thing in the style of say Built to Spill from my old band New Blind Nationals, this one would jokingly close sets on occasion (it also has one of my favorite bass parts)

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Twist the Knife

Slow-building kiss-off material, recorded in 2006.

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February 20

Long Night and Nothing to Do

I wrote this song in one night for a school assignment that was due the next day. The music was really just flowing out of me. I don't even remember writing most of this because I was so tired. It was created to be a score for a 9-minute short film that I made, but it's grown on me so much that I've decided to include it on my first album. It does need some work, though: the mixing is way off in some areas (and even distorted) and it's way too long to include on an album.

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Haunted Houses

The poltergeists that you can't see will come for you while you sleep.

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I Know The Truth

A mopey country ballad that someone once told me sounds like Townes Van Zandt. More info here, here, and here.

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La toune de Blade.

In 2000, my friends were into the techno track that is featured in the first rave scene in the movie Blade. I was into Bogdan Raczynski. Armed with Goldwave, a Blade OST and 21 lt of Kik Cola, I came up with this for my friends' party. ST-EUSTACHE, REPRESENT.

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Sturtevant By Night

Three guitars and a teensy bit of aggression in this song by my old band New Blind Nationals.

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Take Me There

If I was to describe this song with sarcastic overtones, I would say this is a regular run-of-the-mill ageispolis techno song. Well, it's not. This song is anything but typical of what I usually produce. Vocals, emotion, melody, structure... christ, what's gotten into me!?

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February 19

Circling Wolves

The oldest song I've written that I'm still willing to play, think about, work on, etc., etc. It's also changed rather radically from its even shorter original form, and it's gone through a couple lyrical rewrites. It grew a beat about six months ago. I think this is probably the final form structurally and lyrically, but I'd probably work on it more if I thought I could improve the sound quality significantly.

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SAW II-ish experiment.

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Written in 1992 (at age 14), for an after-school music theory class, using an iterative algorithm (on paper). Came out far too long - I should have exercised artistic license over the math a bit more. I really like the last twenty seconds, though.

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I made this song last summer (2006). It has the usual synth and drum machine, as well as the addition of a little guitar. Very fast-paced, yet relaxed. Oh, and, of course, it'll someday (maybe) have lyrics.

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February 18

Get Out of My Songs

No, really, do.

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Cancer Patient

Mmm, 6/8 time... The vocal's less questionable than the other songs I've posted, but it is quite raspy in places because I ended up doing it in a couple takes after already having spent an hour two whipping the screamy bits of M.A.D. into shape, so my voice was a bit shot.

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Beware of Darkness

First of all, hello.. long time mefi reader/listener and I just registered a few days ago. I heard this song for the first time about a month ago (don't laugh) and fell in love with it. I've listened mainly to the acoustic version and only a few times to the other version. I couldn't sleep tonight so I recorded this version, which is kind of a mix between the two. Let me know what you think about it, (ie: do I suck at guitar / singing / recording / making posts, etc...).

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Very atmospheric. This song will always remind me Christmas, as I wrote most of it during the month of December. Just like my previous track, this will also have vocals someday.

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February 17

Saturday night at the Ranch

This is what happens when the neighborhood kids crash my party. I dropped the beats, they uh, did something. There's not much musical talent here per se, but it is an interesting social snapshot. There were four kids, it's difficult to make them out because they all sound the same. It's really funny to me that they all think that they are future rap stars. Fo Shizzle!

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Big Ideas

So Afroblanco and I have a band together with some other guys. (I am on guitar, he on doumbek and other percussion.) Here is the first of a few songs to come over the coming weeks. Cheers.

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BASSFIGHT: Commemorative Remix Edition

In which I show blatant disregard for the copyrights of snsranch and nonmyopicdave.

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Talkers vs. Writers

"Oh, yeah! You're a sucker!" "Works everytime!" "Let the other ones talk!" Though it's not the subject of the lyrics, this song always seemed somewhat appropriate to MetaTalk to me. I've been meaning to upload it since Mefi Music came together, but little things here and there seemed to always get in the way. The incarnation of the band that recorded this swiftly broke up later that same year. We've all gone on to other bands. Anyhow, here it is now. The year: 2002. The band: Knife Skills. The method: Tascam 4-track. The location: A & D's concrete wall, shed/apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The safetyfork: Bass.

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This song showed up in the middle of a very stoned 45 minute jam session with my band The Next, for which I play the drums. None of us remember making this song. It's kinda fun and catchy.

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Out of several tunes in various states of completion for the RPM project, this is the most presentable. In use for this track are: voice, talking drum, bells (metal and wooden), guiro, synth bass and organ. Every so often I write a song which is overtly political (a protest song, for want of a better term), and this is one of them.

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February 16


One of the better songs I have lined up for my first album (which is still in its early stages). Heavy drums, synth, happiness. Also, this is my first post to MeFi Music.

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Used Up

A slow bouncy pop song from my old band, New Blind Nationals

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February 15

The Redemption of Transvaal

A portrait of my old neighbourhood in The Hague, where I lived until it was up for demolition and subsequent gentrification.

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prince wrote "nothing compares 2 u", and I wrote this. Sorry I missed V-day. Stylistically, let's call it something like: male fiona apple vs. ben folds in bed with my grainy-ass drum loop. Did I mention there's more here? { the edison carter project } 'become a fan' there, won't you? e!

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Trucker's Lullabye

The title pretty much sums this one up. Recorded at 2am or so with my lovely tele.

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Teddie Spaghetti

After 3 bags of green tea in one cup, 20 minutes later this came out. Some notes are behind but enough aren't. Best when volume is cranked (seriously, all the way).

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A long time ago, this song used to have words. They were super lame. Now it makes for a good guitar freak out. The drums were the first thing I ever made in Ableton Live. Doing the tempo changes at the end in Live was a pain (but I still love you, Live!). I think the drums sound a bit stiff and robotic (in a bad way), but it's still about the best I can do with real drum sounds. The vocal's a bit dodgy, but is Good Enough For Now.

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February 14

88 Lines About 44 Mefites

An ode to some of the more vibrant personas and memorable events in Metafilter history -- and an homage to the classic tune by The Nails. Lyrics with tremendous amounts of annotation inside.

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i lose YOU WIN!!!1!!!

This is my concession speech (jam) to nonmyopicdave. He rules, but that doesn't mean that I suck. (I still got skilz yo!) Seriously, this started as a joke, but having heard nonmyopicdave's thumping skills have made it worth my scant effort. BASSFIGHT!!!!!1!!!!!!!!

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Chocolate Time

Another bass line.

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More like the foos this time, mixed with some proggy Muse-like stuff, but with stronger vox than Mr. Grohl, I think (except perhaps for that bridge in Monkey Wrench). I decided to write a blistering rock tune.... - from my grandfather's perspective, about my grandmother having an Alzheimer's-like disease, which she developed, possibly, as a result of post-polio syndrome. I know, weepy description, but trust me it sounds not so. more here, true believers: > the edison carter project <

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It's on.

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Valentine's Day

A miserable if timely dirge I wrote ages ago.

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Sorrowful Things

A pretty depressing (er... "introspective") hip-hop track from about two years ago. I'm not usually this emo about things. Really.

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Power of Love

Thanks to two class cancellations due to ice storms in the Capital, I was able to arrange and record this Valentine's day treat. Imagine Huey Lewis, baritone, with a banjo.

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Do you understand how I need you?

I wrote this song for my ladyfriend a few months back, and recorded it just now. Happy Valentine's Day.

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February 13

Inarmed Decision

This is another song my old band. It's mixes ballad with a slight hardcore influence

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He's Dining Alone

A song I did for that RPM thing, the first kinda finished one. 9 more to go.

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February 12


A little bit of "Sympathy for the Devil", guitars inspired by Jonny Greenwood and The Edge, a China cymbal, Reason, some backwards editing, some speeded-up and smashed together vox, some slowed down vox - let's just see where all this gets me. Site, cd, myspace.

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Sing of Grace

Given that there are many Jeff Buckley tributes already out there, and that I wasn't really that familiar with his work until not too long ago, I thought I would write an homage to someone I didn't really know - and plagiarize some of the existing tributes in the very first line.

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Postcard From A Volcano

A bouncy pop song from my old band New Blind Nationals. This song always reminded me of The Promise Ring

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As per request, this is the track that immediately follows Au Courant. The speaking is samples from a beat poem by Burroughs and the rhymes are mine. This is one of those songs that you toy with for months before you're happy with it. I am also struggling with the levels so any assistance would be much appreciated! (work-in-progress)

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if you dig something like: the cars/nin/soulwax/weezer/ben folds, this might be something you'd like - the edison carter project -

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February 11

Dental Plan (Fuck the Man)

It's a song I wrote a while ago after reading my dental plan and getting confused. Lyrics here.

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an egregiously lo-fi and unpolished acoustic recording. the song was once designed to 'woo' a girl of my fancy. it worked, for a while anyway.

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Writers Block Party

On the trappings of being a songwriter, and the fleeting nature of things. Ripping pages from the poets you admire.

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The Reverse Peephole

I made this one a couple of years ago. Quite catchy and cheerful, gets a bit stupid near the end (to put it mildly).

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Troglodyte Mode

A goofy little 8-bit song I wrote today for the RPM Challenge.

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in where I try and fail to make something along the lines of boards-of-canada or aphex twin's SAW2... but it's still the only tune I've ever completed that I actually like.

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February 10


I have rerecorded this one two or three times since I wrote it in fall of '05. I've never really been able to sing it the way I really want to, which would sound a little like a mix of Brandi Carlile, KT Tunstall, and Janis Joplin (my voice just wasn't made that way). This is the closest I've ever gotten. Hohner-Gruhn guitar, Audio-Technica mic, and GarageBand.

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February 9

Hot Potato

Your eyes say yes, but your mouth says wait.

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A Sincere Ballroom Song

It's not an awful life / with not an awful lot to do / but I think an awful lot / of you.

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i will be your shadow

Another song by my band the christian science monitors. We are currently on hiatus as we live on different sides of the continent. I hope you like it.

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The heart is a lonely trucker

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February 8

Au Courant

Experimental electroclassical hip-hop track. First one to name the classical piece I lifted for my main brass sample gets a lollipop. (Hint, I play it in entirety in incredibly high-pitched, fast motion near the end of the track).

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Evan (5)

A simulation of stereotypy.

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At the Open Mic

A rough structural demo of one of the songs I've written this month. Catchy, upbeat reflection on the simpler, softer times of my highschool musical upbringing. Imagine this with a dozen people clapping and singing along. And maybe an awesome guitar solo. I've still got three weeks, after all.

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February 7

Scrap Heap Songs

We're just blowing our own horns. We're just growing our own horns.

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Stop Payment

This was the perfect one-take song; it came together like magic and I didn't even have clipping problems when I mixed it. If only they could all be so cooperative. Hohner-Gruhn guitar, Audio-Technica microphone, and GarageBand.

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Here is another piece I'm working on.

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February 6


an overwhelmingly ambient texture, pierced with many elements of various density - scraped percussion, Latin and bluegrass gestures, strings, somber guitar notes and swirling electronics. Very soundtrack, very visual, particuarly for fans of Gustavo Santaolalla.

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Unusual music, make with a ukulele, acoustic guitar, and bass, in one shot. Using a MagicStomp as a (very rudimentary) phrase sampler, and Audacity to record. Enjoy

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Constant Contact

one man's case against cuddling

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You Are My Sunshine

Let's call it EMOldtimey. Or, really, let's not. It's not a damned clean rendition, but with this old heartbreaker you don't have to be. My pre-verbal niece was purported to love it, and that's good enough for me.

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I must have had a sad, sad look when she turned to say goodbye, because she tilted her head, raised her hand, touched my face and said: don't worry, we'll be fine. And it was right then when she said it that I realized we were going to be perfectly fine indeed, we were just not going to be together anymore. I went back into my house and wrote this song.

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I made this one today with a tiny low-quality string sample. This particular mix dances between halftime and doubletime throughout. I hope you can dig it.

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February 5

I See You

I've been posting a song a week from my new record, "Beauty, Grazing at the Trough", and here's the latest installment! Loud, raucous rock and roll, lifted from Wilco lifting a groovy 70s vibe. "I see you in my dreams at night/sometimes in color, sometimes black and white." Site, cd, myspace.

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That Letter

To celebrate my 7th MetaFilter Birthday (yay!) here is another track from the band I was in in 1991. This is a cover of a Young Fresh Fellows song. It's a little rough. There's another thing we cover during the intro part before I start singing -- see if you recognize it.

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February 4


Emotional Synth Piece

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February 2


This month, I'm recording the "first draft" of an album that will later be redone in a studio, all professional-like. Tonight I was in an intensely, painfully lonely state, so I decided to record the most intensely, painfully lonely song I've ever written. Hohner-Gruhn guitar, Audio-Technica microphone, and GarageBand.

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Wandering Aloof

Another of my bass lines.

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February 1

Regicide Solution

Here's an unfortunately prescient political power-pop tune I penned in '02, as recorded by Detroit's own rock foursome LISBOA at our (then) modest home studio in our first collective foray into DIY recording. RIFYL: The New Pornographers and dudes/lady-dudes in that vein. Honky tonk piano (emphasis on the "honky"), a Hammond, some e-Bow, a little vibraphone, and a few too many "nah-nah-nah-nahs," but whaddya gonna do, right? Hope you dig it, friends.

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Ode to a dead deer

Out of sheer curiousity I set a sound activated recorder on the flank of a road-killed deer on the Monida pass - directly in between Idaho and Montana on I-15. I was fully engaged in my summer work of road construction, the year was 1999. I saw a murder of crows assembled, making plans to have this poor deceased deer for dinner. I was curious to hear if crows spoke differently between themselves from the regular crowspeak between us and them. Though this may not be 'music', I found it to be one of the most surreal and interesting things I'd put to tape. The sounds of slow-motion bullets you hear are heavy trucks passing. The crows speak for themselves.

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Four and a Half Days in King's Langley

A sad tune about a sad time, with a bit of hope thrown in.

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21st century Brazilian Forró.

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