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February 29


This was my favorite song during my time with Suneral. [more inside]

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Easy come, easy go

This is about one of those times when you know you really shouldn't, but you just can't help yourself...;) [more inside]

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A Gameboy tribute to London [more inside]

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charlemagne and jane - vampire deer

02 of 10 of the rpm album, wolf moon

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My Bones

Recorded at O'Duffy's pub on that infamous night. [more inside]

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February 28

The View From Space

enjoy! [more inside]

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Amazing Grace

Three part improv harmony recorded on a laptop mic. [more inside]

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i know a place downtown - vampire deer

1 of 10 for the new rpm album, wolf moon

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slime and air conditioning

update on an ongoing project of sonic aggregation [more inside]

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February 27

Wasted Hearts

A love song to the state of Michigan. [more inside]

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This is the last in the RPM 08 songs that I have done. I came down with the flu this last week, and work the next few days. Therefore, I have fallen short of the goal. Enjoy my failure! [more inside]

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This is a song a friend of mine named Audrey Johnston wrote that I think is pretty. [more inside]

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It's Nedroid!!!

Nedroid's unofficial theme-song (with official, Nedroid-penned lyrics!) About five years ago (in the early stage of my mefi lurking) my good buddy, TheMadJuggler asked me to throw together a little tune for his net-buddy, Nedroid. Here's a pretty faithful version of the song I came up with. I post this as the last song recorded in my shitty little Haverhill apartment, as a fan/love letter to a fine cartoonist. [more inside]

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A Gameboy tribute to Baltimore. [more inside]

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February 25

Tyme Flyes When You're Havin' Rum

Pirates For Sail is proud to present the hit single from their brand new full-length album, A Shot Across The Bow! [more inside]

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Gas Giant

Some light-stepping chilled out beats, inspired by the Portishead mix linked by isopraxis, and sampling a bar or two of Holst's "Jupiter".

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La Tarea

A musical version of an old Spanish assigment from high school that I found in a box. [more inside]

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Subject of the Kill

The final version. [more inside]

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Monkeys Vs. Plumbers

I got a copy of FL Studio and decided to try my hand at electronic music. Come out sounding more like an SNES soundtrack. [more inside]

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My homage to Rez.

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An Edwardian Approach

For the RPM Challenge. [more inside]

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February 24


Oldschool break experiment 104a

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Lo-fi jangly short atonal pop. [more inside]

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Subject of the Kill (demo)

This is Joel J. Dahl's original home demonstration recording of Subject of the Kill. [more inside]

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A song I recorded for the 2008 RPM Challenge.

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February 23


Old school break experiment 104.

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Zet Haus Hansbilt

A sequel.

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I Will Make You Understand

Just a little Garageband thing. I've had that spoken loop forever, anyone know where it comes from?

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February 22


A hip-hoppy electronica track intended to give you that Chronotriggery feeling. (It only works if you turn it up.) [more inside]

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The Day The Aliens Invade

Context: For those who haven't heard it, the previous album (Will the Moon Explode in ... the 23rd Century?) is about mysterious problems with the moon that seem to indicate impending disaster. At the end of the album we have treated the symptoms but are uncertain as to whether or not we have cured the moon. [more inside]

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A bit of lurking darkness to brighten your horrible day. [more inside]

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Old school break experiment 103.

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February 21

So, Why Not?

More 4-track clearance. This time, it's a happy, bouncy ditty from 1993: two guitars, some whistling and happily mumbled lyrics. Recorded probably with Fleetwood Mac's Tusk on the brain, with all knobs turned up to eleven. [more inside]

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Beauty of Love

This song is from the band I have been with for the longest, LOX-P, and was recorded at the same studio and under the same conditions as the last song I posted, War Waltz. On this recording I am the bass player, however I wrote the guitar line as well. Hope y'all like it. [more inside]

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Zes Haus Hansbilt

An older song, back from when I thought I could make house music. Warning: starts out quiet, then gets thumpin' loud. Turn up/down as preference dictates.

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February 20

Problem: Circular Thinking

From the new 23rd Century album, a song about being stuck in a loop. [more inside]

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Bicycle Factory in the Sky

Earnest synth music to soothe your soul. [more inside]

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Secret Book (Vocal Mix)

This is a new version of Secret Book, of which I originally posted an instrumental version here. On the new mix, my wife Lori sings beautifully, and I wail a bit at the end. [more inside]

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When I Was A Babay

My wife and I did this cover of a song by the Donner Party. Best lyrics ever. [more inside]

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I fell in Love with the Bearded Girl

More from my 4-track dump onto the PC. Lyrics written very loosely and improvised on the spot; it is about a 6-year old falling in love with the bearded lady midget at the fair, and running away. The song has an anxious, circus-gone-wrong aura to it. It was recorded on 1/26/94 in my bedroom, in the middle of the night so that my roommates wouldn't hear it.

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all rhodes lead to roam

an eclectic downtempo glitchy track of mine from 2006. some interesting live drumming incorporated then destroyed accordingly. comments welcome! [more inside]

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One Hundred Nineteen

in which I rhyme about my name and some area codes I like. simple bass and piano to accompany the kick-snare. also I try my hand at some scratching. 119 is the tempo.

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Old school break experiment 101a [more inside]

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February 19

She's a Scientist, Too

Sung by The Infamous Benny Hill, this one is an ode to a female scientist he knows.

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Your Own Sound

Just a day behind*, I give you song six for the RPM08 Challenge. [more inside]

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Naming Everything

This song is about half my lyrics, and half other mefites. [more inside]

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guitar + guitar. Another mobile

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My music production skills really decline when I throw shrooms into the mix... but oh god, the IDEAS

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February 18


Traditional Yiddish song from Poland or Russian, performed by voice and ukulele. [more inside]

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Ambient Evil

My husband and I are writing and playing music together. We're just starting to do some recording. Here's one of our first attempts. [more inside]

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February 17


This is the first song off our new album, The Continuing Adventures of the 23rd Century in ... The 23rd Century. [more inside]

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Ask For Me By Name

A little alterna-power-pop from the 90s. [more inside]

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This is a followup to my first post last week, the second song of the album Fight Not the Power of the Cottonkitty, Please, by my band Cottonkitty.

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Nashotah Falls

A song I recorded for the 2008 RPM Challenge.

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February 16

Dumb Dynamo

A short, wild song featuring my good friend John Bonham on the skins. [more inside]

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One Dubb

puff it, pass it, instant classic 505 where the beat was crafted [more inside]

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War Waltz

"The tribes of war are rising again, they're brutal and raw and lying the same" That's my favorite line of this song. Warning: turn your volume down it's quite loud ;) The song was recorded in one day and mixed on the next along with 2 others for the band's first demo Cold Day Waltz. [more inside]

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February 15


Another quick song for RPM08. Not so happy with the mix, but I like the way the song turned out.

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Underwater Silent Movie

An imaginary soundtrack theme from a silent movie filmed entirely underwater. A short but sweet instrumental track from Tangemeenie's forthcoming "The Gilded Age."

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Fly me to the moon

I wanted to write a 3/4 lullaby kinda song. [more inside]

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Otra ciudad

Cumbia. [more inside]

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Summer Helper

Another Saladabar song. This one is an instrumental and is new. The recording is a live recording from a recent rehearsal made with an Edirol R-09.

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February 14

Louis Collins

Quick 'n' dirty cover of Mississippi John Hurt's old song played on my resonator guitar. Levels are a bit off, volume jumps up and down a little... but here it is anyway. [more inside]

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A quick song I did for the RPM08 challenge. Written, sequenced, and mixed in a day. [more inside]

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February 13

The Punisher

A little acoustic guitar ditty that sounds like something that would be perfectly suited for a front porch. [more inside]

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This is a cover of Engine by Neutral Milk Hotel. The original was the B-side of Holland, 1945. I made this recording in honor of the tenth anniversary of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. [more inside]

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Bird Stealing Bread

Since it's all the rage, here's a cover. [more inside]

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Feline Fossil

Yet another song from the new People Will Blink record. This song really kicks in at about 1:15, so be patient. [more inside]

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Insect Song

Another little bass-and-vocal 4-track oddity; just a common story that everyone's probably seen unfolding at some point.

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The Gloaming (Radiohead cover)

My friend Mel and I have started a musical project together, and since Radiohead is our biggest mutual influence, we decided to start by covering one of their songs. [more inside]

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Yellow Test 1

Sketch of a more up-tempo house remix for a down-tempo vocal track. Chance to play with a few new plug-ins. [more inside]

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This is a southern rock song about starting over, shedding your skin. It's my favorite song that I have ever recorded, and one of the first ones I ever recorded as well. [more inside]

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February 12

Pull Up The People (Sparkletone Remix)

I needed to actually finish something, and finish it quickly, or risk my sanity. This is how I spent last night (and an hour or so tonight doing a final mixing pass). [more inside]

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Black Horse and the Tambourine

Beck's "Black Tambourine" vs KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." A MeFi exclusive! [more inside]

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Concrete Creeper

Loopy, mostly off-the-cuff, more-or-less-zero-production bass-and-vocal thing? Primusoidal TomWaitsishness with the slop cranked way up? Lyrics and vocals courtesy of this guy over here.

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February 11


I recently unearthed my 4-track tapes from 1993. (I'm still searching for the ones from 1988.) This was one of my favorites on this particular tape. Guitar by me, AM Radio via the electromagnetic spectrum. It was recorded and mixed in less than an hour. I'll throw in the tape hiss for free.

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Or The Tide

This is the first song I've recorded on my laptop for my band, Low-Tech Riff Raff. Suggestions on the mix are eagerly accepted. [more inside]

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A song for lovely miss V. [more inside]

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Till I Can't Run No More

Another song from yet another band I'm in, The Eric Weiler Band. Generally the quick-and-dirty go-to description many people find for us is along the lines of "Tom Waits singing for the E Street Band." Make your own call. I play the Hammond.

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February 10

Truth Is (billy won't you smile)

This one I did for the musical version of NaNoWriMo (aka RPM). It's part of a planned concept album/musical (in the vein of Tommy or The Wall) called Comeuppance by my band Ready Demolition. This is the third demo I did tonight. Lemme know whatcha think. [more inside]

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Carve My Initials (in your forehead)

Greetings, Hive Mind. Long time lurker, first time poster here. This is the first song of my band Cottonkitty's first album, Fight Not the Power of the Cottonkitty, Please. Paulie Walnuts provided the libretto. Hope you enjoy.

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February 9

Bucketful of Money

A characterization of a rich womanizing pimpy kind of guy. [more inside]

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Sissy Mean Jeans

Android is the new Gay... [more inside]

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Merrily we roll along [more inside]

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All the Same

Another time-warp alt-rock bruiser... [more inside]

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February 7

i don't care

Dirty, crusty demo recorded at the turn of the century.

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The Coat Hanger Song

Another song off of the new People Will Blink record. We wrote this in 2003 and it has been a fan-favorite ever since. Every time we ask Azeem what the lyrics are about, we get a different response. From what I can gather, a pirate is appearing to someone in a dream. I am the voice of said pirate. [more inside]

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Here's another song, aptly named for its one beat per syllable nature. [more inside]

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Joshua's Lament

This was one of those late jam sessions that turned into an early morning song writing session. This melody originated to the sun coming up over the field in my back yard. Its reasons like this that make me thankful we always left a mic on record while we hung out. I'm on mandolin, my friend is playing guitar.

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A track from my new project called Mustache, as seen in the phrase "In Space, There Is No Mustache". [more inside]

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Wishing Well

It's a song about playing make believe games, and pretending that everything's going to be alright, when really it's all gone to shit. It's also somewhat of a sea shanty.

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February 6


This is an experiment to see if I can create a drum machine beat that swings. [more inside]

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February 5

Wash it Out of Sight

One of the first songs my band Bone Table put together. We recorded it in July last year in the lounge room of a 16th floor apartment in Hong Kong. None of the neighbours seemed to mind the noise. It's a mid-paced song - lots of guitars, and if you listen carefully you'll hear the drummer smacking a piece of pipe. [more inside]

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(8-Bar Wake) Before an Irish Funeral

First song off of the new People Will Blink record. This song was written about 3 years ago and went through many transformations before it began to sound... well... listenable. When we played this song live, Azeem used a vocoder during the bridge. He forgot it in California when we recorded, so we used a clarinet, melodica, and recorder in it's place. [more inside]

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Oh, Johanna

Bluesy folksy track, an ode to Johanna [more inside]

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February 4

Sub Rosa

For those in a good mood, I offer a song of loss and betrayal. Enjoy! [more inside]

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Deeper Towards My Maker

A belated MeFi Music Challenge entry, a waltz in D major. [more inside]

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Erase It

I song I mixed about regaining lost time. By the Wild Bores [more inside]

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badge of hope

oscillating fan man wears a badge of hope. he keeps you cool.

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Episode v1.0

A lullaby for a dying satellite. [more inside]

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February 3


This one's a dance number.

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A song about a night out on the town [more inside]

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February 2


Adrift in the ocean slowly sinking

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Nothing New

A cover. [more inside]

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Screwing around with some theories on how 5 and boompsh might fit together. After all, with the recession and inflation, Bernanke hopes to make 5 the new 4. [more inside]

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My friend and I play a lot of acoustic music around local coffee shops in town. Here's one of the many mandolin tunes we wrote in my living room last summer. I'm on mandolin and my friend is playing backup guitar.

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The Girl From Donkey Kong (Demo)

A song about breaking up with the love of your life, only to watch them to find the love of their life straight afterwards. [more inside]

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Minimalist sort of lyrical composition about playing with a band. An attempt at a sort of pseudo-wall of sound composition of Apple Loops behind it. [more inside]

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Hopin' for the...

A beat I made in Garageband featuring trombone. All the music parts are loops of me, on keyboard, trombone, and bass. The scratching is Mic Santi, my roommate.

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February 1

More Songs About Oven Mitts

This is a song about a decommissioned Killbot, forced to work in a kitchen baking and whatnot. He is pretty angry about it. [more inside]

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Di Mama iz Gegangen

Yiddish standard, performed for voice and ukulele. [more inside]

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cover of the song by Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs. Fingerstyle guitar, vocals, banjo. Created for the 2008 Songfight! Gift of Music sidefight.

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