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February 28

The Power of Alcohol

Sailor Martin sings about what he knows. Ukulele, toy accordion, tambourine, wooden fish that makes "clopping" noises, and, at one point, a duet between a tin whistle and a plastic ocarina. The 15th and final entry in the RPM challenge. [more inside]

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Song I recorded for my solo/obnoxiousness project Birdlaw. I wanted to make a song that sounded like Chrome . [more inside]

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good friends (the bailout song) - vampire deer

4th song of my rpm album - well, what's a trillion between good friends?

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Kane Deuce

First finished track for a non-existent blaxploitation film I call Ready Demolition. I plan to write and film a trailer for this fake film with some friends sometime soon and either this or another song will be the background music.

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February 27

Cover - Book of Love - Peter Gabriel

This is an instrumental cover of The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel - I think this originally appeared at the end of a movie starring J Lo and Richard Gere called Shall We Dance Recorded for a friends wedding for the bride to walk down the aisle to. Hope its enjoyed by all

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Cell Block Number 4

Sailor Martin find true romance. A song featuring ukulele, harmonica, wooden sand-filled egg, tambourine, and a duet between Sailor Martin and himself. Song 14 in the RPM challenge. [more inside]

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"Better than nothing" by Flyover Country

History loses its grip...and smiles dissolve in to the unknown [more inside]

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Cumbia-step made on Ableton, based on a classic Peruvian cumbia by Hijos del Sol. [more inside]

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kerosene alley by vampire deer

this is the 3rd and title song for my new rpm album - it would seem to be about someone else but sometimes i think it might be about me [more inside]

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The Ballad of Marie Curie: American Hero

In 1921, Nobel laureate chemist and physicist Marie Curie was touring the United States when she finally succumbed to the inevitable effects of a lifetime of exposure to exotic forms of radiation, growing suddenly to almost forty feet in total height in less than a week... [more inside]

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February 26

Open All Night (711 Mix)

The Number of the Beats give you a taste of what life is like after the show. [more inside]

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Laid Back

Came up with this on a Sunday afternoon, after a long sleep in and a greasy breakfast. Short, instrumental guitar piece like the rest I've posted :)

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Why Are Women So Afraid of Seamen?

A tropical shanty featuring ukulele, some horrible whistling, a cheese greater, and a glass struck by a spoon. Entry 13 in the RPM Challenge. [more inside]

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Werewolf Night

Ooo! Spooky! Well, it should be pretty obvious that this song has almost nothing to do with literal werewolves, and everything to do with a predatory mindset, but that doesn’t keep it from weirding my mother out every time I play it!

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winter - vampire deer

2nd song on my rpm album - this is a kind of mellow song

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Recording, Mixing, Mastering Reference Books

Reccommend some good advanced/Intermediate level Reference Books on Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering or Audio Recording. What are the best 'guides' for the intermediate. [more inside] posted by mary8nne at 1:50 AM PST - 6 comments

February 25


Another laid back instrumental guitar piece performed on my classical guitar. One of my favourites, though I possible went a little overboard with the compression. Hope its enjoyed by all.

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The Twitch

A dance song from Sailor Martin, or, rather, a song about uncontrollable movement. Ukulele, harmonica, finger snaps, and a kazoo pushed through some sort of crazy filter. Song 12 for the RPM challenge. [more inside]

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Coming Back

A really simple, happy song [more inside]

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Better Soon

At least I hope it will be. [more inside]

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Another track from my last-minute RPM Challenge entry, "The Very Best of Spaz Rock - Volume I: Monsters of Spaz." Kind of a laid back, funky/clunky little number with soothing moments. [more inside]

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ain't going slow - vampire deer

this is the first song of my rpm album, kerosene alley - jj cale got the green light, but i had to make do with the yellow

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February 24

Hoshi ni Negai wo (Wish Upon a Star)

Perhaps a cover but more a self-made karaoke of Cocco's "Hoshi ni Negai wo".

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Wrong Way

My keyboard comes with the typical drum patch. And layering. The two are not intended to be used together. This mercifully short (under 2 min) sketch shows what happens when you go down that one way street the Wrong Way... [more inside]

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Music Recording

Where do I start when it comes to buying recording gear? [more inside] posted by BrnP84 at 4:03 PM PST - 16 comments

Tea For Two

Lately I've been in a mood to sing vintage romantic standards in a very straight up way. Some day I want to do a version of this song inspired by Anita O'Day. This ain't it. You can still feel free to dance, though! [more inside]

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Instrumental piece on a classical guitar, recorded with two parts. Kind of slow, relaxing, and was an attempt to make slight harmonic clashes easier on the ear. Don't worry, its not twelve tone serialism or anything!

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You Homo-Loving Commie Sons of Guns

Inspired words of actor Sean Penn, Sailor Martin sings a very short song of social change, accompanies by ukulele, harmonica, jew's harp, and tambourine. Entry 11 in the RPM challenge. [more inside]

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February 23

if the beating of our hearts outpace the ticking of the clock we'll be okay

this is the second song i've written in 10 years, and the first good one.

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event horizon

A dark, drone/noise piece that develops slowly

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gravity glider

in which we discuss sente, and determine that all of the engines are on fire, the body of the aircraft is on fire, the fucking air around us is on fire.

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The Magazines of the Modern World (Demo)

This is a demo of a song I wrote for my band. [more inside]

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I came up with this little ditty when on a road trip to Bega, a country area of New South Wales, Australia. Its a quick, bright instrumental piece, played on my classical guitar.

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Guitar heavy electronic number [more inside]

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You're So Boring Here

A Sailor Martin song about discovering your lover is not who you expect her to be. Tambourine and ukulele. Entry 10 in the RPM challenge. [more inside]

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February 22

the understanding

polyrhythmic minimal techno, with restrained use of vocoders. [more inside]

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El Magia

Slow instrumental guitar piece performed on classical guitar. Similar in style to my previous pieces Together and Touching

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I'm Hard On Her But She's Down On Me

A raucous garage-band blues number, featuring ukulele, tambourine, and harmonica. Entry number 9 into the RPM challenge is a song about a mean woman. [more inside]

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February 21


A song in honor of the young artists in Portland, Oregon. [more inside]

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LD-50 -- Sixty Minutes, Six Megabytes

WARNING (OR PROMISE): Highly abstract and very, very long. [more inside]

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I'm Not As Drunk As You Am I Think

A drinking song from the British Isles, written for an performed by Sailor Martin as song eight in the RPM challenge. Ukulele, egg, handclaps, and a tin whistle. [more inside]

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We'll Walk Far

A love song to my girlfriend and hiking. Banjolele, percussion, and whistling. [more inside]

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February 20

Experimental Long Form, sixty minutes six megabytes

Two questions: [more inside] posted by chimaera at 10:08 PM PST - 7 comments

Winter in Canada

An instrumental samples/drums/synthemulators beat inspired by (and made over a number of) really damned cold Canadian winter nights*. [more inside]

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February 19

Drew Carey Ruined The Price Is Right

I've pinpointed the reason our economy is in shambles. It wasn't the subprime mortgage crisis. It wasn't Bernie Madoff. It wasn't even the president. The moment our global economy collapsed was when Bob Barker retired as game show host. [more inside]

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Can I Play Blues?

Essentially, I wanted to see if I could do a convincing blues instrumental. Recorded on my strat quite some time ago, don't remember all the settings. Hope its enjoyed by all!

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Pour Me Another Box of Wine

An instrumental from Sailor Martin representing his state of mind most of the time: noisy, jug bandish, sloppy, yet unexpectedly chipper and mellow. Listen closely and you can hear Sailor Martin singing along in the background. Entry number 7 for the RPM challenge.

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death is the road to awe

A relaxing drone; noise waveforms are dominant again

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Yokoso [Big in] Japan Intro

The proposed and rejected intro for the overdue and never-to-be-finished "Big In Japan" album. [more inside]

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Unclean: Flesh

A short menu intro for flesh, a horror/ puzzle game being developed as a mod for the HL2 engine [more inside]

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February 18

St Pat's Party

A brief musical invitation to a St Patrick's Day Party (after the parade). [more inside]

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sidewalk dance

Just imagine strolling down a brick sidewalk, sun streaming down, day full of possibilities.

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68 percent

A happy-sounding very sad song. [more inside]

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I Married Her for Her Money (She Married Me for My Lies)

My 6th RPM song for Sailor Martin. A close harmony country song about love and deception. [more inside]

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The Concrete

One of my boys destroyed his left arm while skateboarding this past weekend. This ones for you SKATER X! (And yea, we have more jello, don't worry about it.)

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Sap Song

I recorded this on my iPhone while walking home from school, using the awesome 4-track app GigBaby!. [more inside]

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Immortal Jellyfish

The second effort for this year's RPM Challenge from my experimental, noisy super-happy-fun project, "The Very Best of Spaz." Like its ocean dwelling namesake, this Immortal Jellyfish always manages to revert to its juvenile form. [more inside]

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February 17

No Budget

A song about having no money and or recording space/equipment, but doing it anyway [more inside]

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In 3/4 Time

A song I wrote, I kind of need to give myself a kick into doing more. For anyone that listened to the ABBA cover, thanks, and here's something a bit more upbeat. It's kind of weather related pop.

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How Long Has This Been Going On

Rehearsing some totally new Gershwin torch songs. Well, not new for the Gershwins. They're pretty dead. New for me, though. :) [more inside]

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February 16

If This Bed Could Talk

The fifth song for the RPM challenge. Sailor Martin does a song in the style of Andrew Bird. [more inside]

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Welcome to Spaz

My first ever RPM challenge song, a sludgy, fuzzy guitar riff-driven groove in the grand tradition of Oneida, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Sabbath. [more inside]

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February 15

One Million Frogtown Whores

The fourth Sailor Martin song for the RPM Challenge. An out-of-tune concertina, a ukulele, a tambourine, and a sailor's fantasy. [more inside]

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February 14

come over

last minute valentine's day song for all those lovers and fighters out there.

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My Heart Will Give You Up

The third and final installment of my 2009 Valentine's day project. Celine Dion + Rick Astley, as if the internet needed another rickroll. [more inside]

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steel lotus in stockkeeping

Something blossoms out of something else, it would be ugly on its own, but coming from something so putrid it is sublime. [more inside]

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The Moon is Dead, Jim

A song I wrote last night. Inspired by a bit of last week's Science Friday on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

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Bare bones demo of a song I'm working on about the circus. Thoughts would be appreciated.

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How Am I Gonna Enjoy It When You Just Sit On It

Third RPM song for my puppet Sailor Martin. Ukulele, harmonica, and a whole lot of inappropriate. [more inside]

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February 13

Last Minute Love Songs

Just what it says on the tin. [more inside]

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industrial society and its future

Extra dark and ominous; uses mostly noise waveforms instead of sine waves

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What's the best sound compactor?

What is the best way to speed up the tempo of an audio file without raising the pitch or losing sound quality? [more inside] posted by umbú at 9:46 AM PST - 12 comments

February 12

Saint V. Massacree

Guitar Rag, with banjo. [more inside]

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If You Don't Want a Razor Fight

My second song for the RPM challenge, written for my horrible puppet, Sailor Martin. [more inside]

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Randomly Riding the Bearded Python

I'm learning Python. While working on my first cool lil program (a spiffy random number generator that does ExtraCoolStuff(tm)), I took a break and this came out. I'm also growing a beard. [more inside]

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Cumbia de los Borrachos

Some more crazy cumbia I´ve made on the gameboy while traveling in Peru. [more inside]

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February 11

O Superman (cover)

Here's an attempt to cover O Superman without copying it; no synths, no vocoders, no sampling or looping. [more inside]

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A Problem

(to your solution)

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the siren of titan

an instrumental space jam, an ode to a scintillating satellite girl, and because we miss kurt so.

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I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock'n'Roll (cover)

This was requested by micayetoca, and so here it is. Features Marxophone and autoharp. [more inside]

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February 10

Horrible Things What Live in the Sea

The first RPM challenge song written for my creepy puppet, Sailor Martin. The title is self-explanatory. The electric guitar he is singing along to is actually a ukulele. [more inside]

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El Rey de las Ranas

Cumbia'step made on the gameboy while travelling here in Peru. [more inside]

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another romantic electronic song

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Metafilter Music Collaboration #2 progress report

Some of you may remember this thread (from last April!) in which I suggested an Exquisite Corpse-style Massive Mefi Collaboration. This project has been inching along, in the background while most people were asleep, ever since. I am now done with the "collection" phase; this post is to remind any stragglers that were still thinking about wrapping anything up that the time to do that is now. [more inside] posted by Karlos the Jackal at 12:46 AM PST - 9 comments

February 9

For the Horde

A theme song for an iPhone game. [more inside]

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come here (aberdeen)

This started as a weird tune with pseudo-Indian wailing/cat meowing vocals, guitar feedback, and a one-note sitar solo. It still has those elements, but the track ended up being an almost radio-friendly, catchy (?) pop-rock thing. [more inside]

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Marriage song

The news of old flame's pending nuptials had me, unexpectedly, floored. [more inside]

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1988 (Phoenix Mars Remix)

I decided that God Particle's 1988 needed lyrics, so I added some text-to-speech from Phoenix's Last Transmission From Mars. Everything is better with sad robots! [more inside]

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the RPM Challenge 2009 progress thread

the RPM Challenge 2009 progress thread: How are you going? [more inside] posted by mary8nne at 6:21 AM PST - 24 comments

February 8

General Synth guides?

I recently got a copy of Korg DS-10, a synth emulator, how can I get it to make more than a handful weird sounds? [more inside] posted by hellojed at 10:42 PM PST - 11 comments

February 7

Hail Poetry

A short arrangement for solo banjo of the stunning Gilbert & Sullivan tune from The Pirates of Penzance. [more inside]

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The Crane

This is a song I've loved for a long time by the Minneapolis band Trip Shakespeare. For some reason, now felt like a good time to cover it.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

I was inspired to do this quick a capella interpretation of The Clash after reading Ironmouth's opinions on how singers aren't creative since all they're capable of is mimicking things that geniuses wrote. [more inside]

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Moody 120bpm synth techno soundtrack, inspired by a car chases at night. Created on the Korg EMX-1 / Kaossilator.

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Help a singer/guitarist be a one man band

I'm a singer & guitarist who loves playing live, I usually play at open mic nights, but now and again I like to try and push myself to get out there and put together gigs of my own. One thing I find is once I get past playing about 6 songs, I am looking for a little more variation than just my voice and guitar. I'm thinking either of playing backing tracks, or playing more instruments as I play the guitar. Does anyone already do this? What are the simplest things I could add to give myself more options? Are there tricks for keeping it my gig and not sounding like I'm tied to a backing track? [more inside] posted by equality7-2521 at 6:38 AM PST - 14 comments

Take a Chance on Me

I love different cover songs, so tried to make a tragic love song out of an old Scandinavian disco song. I think maybe all ABBA songs are tragic beneath their shiny sequinned disco pants. It starts quiet, builds up and ends up quiet again.

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February 6

Candy House

This is a rerecording of an old song, done for the February RPM Challenge. Features geetar plucking, good ol' reliable double tracked lo-fi vocals, and singing saw imitation whistling. [more inside]

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February 5


We all have our obsessions.

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The Madness Encroaches

So, for this year's RPM Challenge I have decided to go all out and write a rock opera. This is one of the few songs I have worked on so far, and the first one that has been completed. Granted, this should be somewhere in the middle or the rock opera, but, still, it's the first one finished, so I'm posting it anyway. [more inside]

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Actually, Karlos the Jackal has a thought, that he sent me in some MeMail. I think it's a GREAT idea, and I thought I'd reprint it here for everyone to read and kick around. Here's his letter: What do you think about starting a thread in Music Talk about the current challenges at the beginnning of every month? People can share reactions to the new challenges, discuss what did and didn't work for them with the old ones, share ideas about possibilities for future challenges, etc. More good ideas might come up when people are kicking them around rather than trying to come up with stuff in a vacuum. Added benefits: MeFiMu Talk would be more "active," and the thread would call more attention to the challenges. Just thinkin'. posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:56 AM PST - 16 comments

Devil's X-Ray

A song about a Devil's X-Ray.

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Mefi Rock On

MefiMuChallenge submission and my first real attempt at multi tracking vocals. [more inside]

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February 4

Never Gonna Bring You Down

A mashup of ELO and another well-known artist. [more inside]

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I Was Thinking About You (No Technology)

Do you socialize with dozens? Do you feed-read hundreds, friend thousands, and follow tens of thousands? Do you still get shy one-on-one? [more inside]

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February 3

Youth Movement


posted by god particle at 2:27 PM PST - 12 comments

A Thousand Rhymes

From my new CD, Roomful of Ghosts. Official video version here. Unplugged Pig video version here.

posted by flapjax at midnite at 2:16 PM PST - 17 comments

February 2

Inside the Moon

A moodier, down-tempo track from Tangemeenie's 2001 debut album, "Faust," produced using cheap digital recording gear, loop-based techniques and trick lighting. (I apologize in advance for my "jolty singing style".) [more inside]

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February 1


Sketch for a song from a guitar oriented ambient project I'm working on [more inside]

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Journey Into the Center of the Atom

So, when I got a copy of the excellent Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop a while back, I got a wild hair to sequence tracks of that nature. This is one of them. I wanted it to sound like music from an educational science film.

posted by ford and the prefects at 2:50 PM PST - 3 comments

Reason #3

More noodling in Reason.

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This ear-piercing ambient piece was made in 2003, part of a release called Ultraviolet. I was listening to a lot of Terre Thaemlitz at the time, particularly Soil.

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