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February 28


Keep getting old. [more inside]

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February 26

The City of Austin, Texas

It's been two weeks since I last laid my eyes upon you, darling, but when I close them I can still hear you move. [more inside]

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February 23

Sad Enough

My friends and I have been playing together for a few years, we get a couple shows each year here in minneapolis. We recorded a few of the new songs, this one is a straight ahead pop song

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February 18

Whiskey Before Breakfast

An arrangement of the traditional fiddle tune with its not-often-heard lyrics. Full album now streaming on Bandcamp. [more inside]

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En roulant ma boule roulant / En roulant ma boule

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February 16

Cherry Blossom Special

They're bloomin' in Vic right now! Here's a quick AcGtr piece written/played while gazing out my kitchen window. Island chills, blossom thrills

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February 13

What It Did to You

Smooooth, sloooow reggae featuring a dreamy brass/ebow instrumental break, "sensitive" percussion, a falsetto bridge, and a sweet guitar solo at the end. [more inside]

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February 7

B'doo Deh Du

Dance-Rock Late-70's-type Instrumental. Maybe if Thin Lizzy and the Talking Heads were commissioned to write the theme song to CHiPs? The only lyrics are "B'doo deh du" and "Bah-Bah-Bah-Bomp!" [more inside]

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February 6

Reckless (Bobby Green Remix)

This is a remix of a track by Julia Lauren. Julia is an amazing singer I met in NYC that has a killer vibe and a killer voice to match. "Reckless" is a track from her EP "Pillow Talk," and as soon as I heard it I knew I wanted to retell its story with my own sound. The track has so much energy and excitement that I really wanted to elevate it and share it with a different kind of audience. Hope you dig it! [more inside]

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Dance with Me

Reggae made with the infectious Caribbean enthusiasm of Leonard Cohen [more inside]

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February 5

Changing the Guard

A fast tempo is ceremonially relieved by a slow tempo

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February 4

Black Rabbit

A friend of mine lost her pet black rabbit recently. A conversation about it led to me digging out this old (c. 2007?) recording. [more inside]

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February 3

Dick Biondi

A long and very silly edm jam just under the upload limit.

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