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February 28

Get Real Girl

Chin up. Keep acting like you've got it made. We both know you ain't. You're laughing but it's true. [more inside]

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Common Smartphone Problems And How To Handle Them

Inspired by a clickbait headline, an ode to deleting my social media accounts. [more inside]

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February 27

Scarlet Johansson's Human Suit

All this time, dipping your fingers in my bowl... [more inside]

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February 25

GAIA jam

Featuring Carlos Najar on guitar and your homeboy carrotadventure on synths and drum machine. In this upbeat improv jam I am playing the Roland GAIA synth for chords and the Korg Monologue for bass. Also operating the Roland TR-8 for beats.

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Nowhere to be Found

How I felt so lonely tonight How did you find me tonight? When I was nowhere to be found

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February 18

Come To Me

björk cover [more inside]

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How Long, America?

Wish I didn't have to keep writing songs like this. [more inside]

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February 17

Slow Orbit

From the new Yabra EP!

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Making Local Stops

Decided to take a break from pop/vocal stuff to do something instrumental and chill. This be that.

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February 16

A Natural Carpet

A psuedo-guitar-like ambient song performed on modular synthesizer. This is the third track on my new release Nereus, available on Bandcamp. [more inside]

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February 14

Meet Here If We Get Separated

Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to make a romantic song built from decidedly un-romantic sounds and images. I mined a lot of half-finished darker, sadder songs that hadn't gone anywhere and assembled a mini-library of static, buzzes, and odd percussion. I did the same with old sad, political or angry poems for the lyrics. [more inside]

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February 13

Arctic Circle

For your pleasure (or pain), here's some retro-dancy/electronic melancholia we put together for the CBC song-off.

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February 12

Ahg the Caveman (Tim Long's Unidentified Flying Stringband)

Cavemen, rockets, creation myths. [more inside]

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February 10

Black and White Rag

I've always known "Black and White" as a fiddle rag, but it turns out it was composed for piano in 1908. When I was a kid, it was one of about a dozen tunes my dad and I played together (over, and over, and over) with him on guitar and me on fiddle. In a total coincidence (no, really) my band decided to record it for our upcoming album “High on the Hog”. I never played it quite like that with my dad, but looking back it's fun to imagine I was practicing for this. [more inside]

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February 6

16 Step

A short improvisation for polyphonic synthesizer and 16-step sequencer

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February 5

Oak Bay 2

Guitar solo. Been listening to some Red House Painters.

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