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March 31

z day

Zombie gangsta rap? (NSFW lyrics) [more inside]

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NaSoPiAlMo No. 6/Flugufrelsarinn

Here's the MIDI playback of a piano piece I wrote for NaSoAlMo back in 2006. I felt cheeky and riffed on Sigur Rós' "Flugufrelsarinn" for the chorus. An actual quote appears toward the end. [more inside]

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The Rescue at Arisaig

Another true story from my family... [more inside]

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Song I wrote and recorded recently when thinking about how thankful I am for my friends. [more inside]

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Not Dead Yet

"The music starts, the singer screams, there's feedback all to hell. I think I've played this gig before..."

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Sunday Front Porch

Early morning front porch music... [more inside]

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Cave Creek Jail

A new song I'm working on for an EP I plan on recording this year. Roughly (super roughly!) recorded - I need some opinions! [more inside]

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March 30

Cyanotic - Deface (Ad·ver·sary + Dirtybunny = Industrial Strength Mix)

Aggro-industrial stomping, with just a hint of WaxTrax! [more inside]

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March 29


Break experiment 109b. This one goes out to all the phreaks.

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Hard Times Come Again No More

Just installed new strings and set up my new 3-mic stand; I figured I'd test drive 'em both. [more inside]

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String Quartet No. 1: I. Allegro (remix)

The first time I presented this piece, I had not yet explored the Orkester library in Reason. After I found some very convincing solo strings, I re-recorded the first movement of this string quartet. [more inside]

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Hey (or how the band did its thing)

A woozy, detached song that builds. My first ever attempt at recording vocals. [more inside]

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L5 crash and burn [more inside]

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March 28

Secular Humanist Love Song

The title is pretty self-explanatory really. Instruments: piano and reedy voice. [more inside]

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March 27


This is a song written and played by a friend of mine, Jesse Owens.

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Devils Soiree

An attempt at a 70's style outlaw country song. [more inside]

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March 26


Because The Sound of Music was on TV this weekend. [more inside]

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Clab (Vote For Chope 2008)

Greets MeFiMu. I made this song for's Wires5 net release. It's CC'd so feel free share and remix. More technical details inside. [more inside]

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March 25

Stranged Universe

An overly long, low quality, self indulgent metal riff-fest demo with no vocals. [more inside]

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Try to act surprised

A song about accepting that bad stuff sometimes does, and will, happen. Written after the untimely death of a relative a year ago. It's not about him per se, but it does make me think of him every time I play it or hear it, just because the song came together at around the time of his passing.

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After switching from Propellerheads's Reason to Apple's Logic Studio, I went looking for interesting loops and found these. [more inside]

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March 24

Landing Song

The Olivers are on some rough seas right now, but here's something to guide us all to better shores. [more inside]

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Octopussy (rough mix)

Another very rough mix from Derailleur's Bond Theme Songs project. I can't remember what the official theme song to Octopussy even was, but I'm sure it didn't rock as hard as ours. [more inside]

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March 23

On the Count of Three

I wrote this song last week and started playing with it this weekend. I'm excited about its potential, but I would looove love love some feedback. [more inside]

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buried in dirt

A white-boy sci-fi themed (but trying to avoid nerd-core) hip hop track completed recently with a friend. Part of an ongoing project.

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March 22


The first track from my forthcoming concept EP. This is a very, very rough demo. [more inside]

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March 21

my life of steak and misery

im glad i don't live in Africa

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March 20

Kissinger's Diaries

A folky ditty about a perceived lack of love in the city.

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An old Magnetic Fields song, replayed and distorted to sound like a new Magnetic Fields song. [more inside]

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March 19

a perfect preservative

I pretty li'l ditty about jelly, pirates, and (of course) true love. still getting my bearings as far as recording in my new apartment. two guits and a glockenspiel for the win? [more inside]

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Hey Jude

Hey Jude in three part (x2) harmony [more inside]

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It's a Fine Day Remix

Song made using the vocals from It's a Fine Day. [more inside]

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A song about the places that are the most emblematic of your teenage years and the people who you enjoyed spending your time with there. [more inside]

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March 18


definitely born under a water sign.

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Trucks n' Stuff: Beck Cover

For no good reason, here is a random cover that came out of an evening spent trying to get to grips with multitracking in Cool Edit pro...

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March 17

Not The One

You know how sometimes you find yourself in a relationship because everyone thinks you just look so damn good together? Me neither. [more inside]

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Saturday Morning

Because I thought you might need a theme song for your Saturday morning cartoon starring Steven Seagal. [more inside]

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March 16

You Said

A little folk ballad from Kristy London & The Other Halves, a band from Brisbane, Australia. [more inside]

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The Shepherd

This is a song based on my favorite poem. [more inside]

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March 15

Boom Chicky Boom

Here's a peppy little number that goes out to all you fine folks out there in MetaFilterland. Instruments in use (in order of appearance!) are mouthbow, talking drum, bamboo rattle, scraper, bass drum, pitchpipe, little bell, and ukulele. [more inside]

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The Hand That Feeds (X-Man Mix)

Trent Reznor, Malcolm X, and George W. Bush meet at last. [more inside]

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March 14

Fantastische Farben

This is a tune I wrote in 05. All the instrument sounds come from an emulated SID chip (Commodore 64) and the drums are a sliced up sample. This song was featured on the "I am 8bit" portion of the King of Kong DVD and now I upload it here to share with my fellow MeFites! I hope you like it.

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Gold Plane

A Nina Simone Remix [more inside]

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March 13


A slow drift through a procedural forrest.

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Through the Night and to the Day

My second adventure in electronic music [more inside]

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No Questions

Track 10 of 10 from my RPM entry. The vocal melody during the verse-ish bits is maybe a little too simple, but the whole song for me is kinda justified by the breakdown, which is the best I think I've ever gotten my voice to sound when recorded.

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Live Like You Were Dyin'

A slightly uptempo cover of Tim McGraw's hit, recorded sometime in late 2004. [more inside]

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A brief petrological survey.

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March 12

The Happiness of Not Having to Lift Things

This is a new piece our band, Falex9, is developing. We didn't know what to do with it lyric-wise until after we finally got a permanent rehearsal room in Seattle and realized how happy we were that we didn't have to lug our gear around anymore. The song may have a slightly deeper meaning in the future as we refine the lyrics / music. Either way, it's been a fun playing it. [more inside]

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A prisoner of the Caucasus

Russian DJ a prisoner of the Caucasus

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A spazzy, ambient Gameboy tribute to Asia [the band?] and Leon Thomas. [more inside]

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March 11

The Simple Truth

One of my two favorites from my RPM entry. I didn't have time to get a good vocal take, so it's a first take. It's not that weak though (the effects I would've put on it regardless). [more inside]

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Island of no luck

Island of bad luck

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Curious Little Smile

About twice a year I'm charged with the task of making music for a Japanese design house's fashion shows. One of this season's pieces, for Tokyo Fashion Week, needed to be "airy and pretty and happy", which is not exactly a vein of musical expression that I normally fall into naturally, but, hey, gotta give the bossman what he wants, right? Anyway, this instrumental piece (5:42) is what I came up with.

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March 10

I'm Afriad That There Has Been an Accident

But it was quick and it was painless.

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As with "Untold Demons", this song dates back to the late '80s and was extensively reworked (read: rewritten) in 2006. Duran Duran was a big influence on me back then, so for the update, I tried to imagine a Duran Duran song without Nick Rhodes. [more inside]

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You Will Soon Be Dead

A real song! I kind of like the way it floats on before that ... off, bottom-of-the-well creepy harmony thing at the end. I dunno. 8 of 10 from my RPM entry.

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come next saturday - vampire deer

song 10 of 10 for my rpm album, wolf moon

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Riff tide

Some simple arpeggios and other guitar improvs [more inside]

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We Almost Lost Detroit

A living room rendition. [more inside]

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Snow Girl

Russian DJ

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A New Year

Today's forecast calls for a wintry mix of snow and melancholy. [more inside]

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March 9

We're The Ones

In which I do a bad Liars impression. 7 of 10 from my RPM entry.

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sunflower - vampire deer

track 9 of 10 from the rpm album wolf moon

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Make it True

Influenced by Afro-pop. Voice, percussion, and a little guitar. [more inside]

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That's All

Here's a somewhat sappy song about a former lady friend in DADF#A (I broke my high E string the other night, so no tuning for that one). I wrote and put it together this morning. [more inside]

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Hay guys, look, I made a real song for once! It's pretty good too. [more inside]

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I Will

Uninspired cover of a Radiohead tune. [more inside]

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March 8


This is the reaction to my constant enthusiasm about music theory: I strung up my first guitar, a 3/4 size steel-string classical, with a mismatch of electric guitar strings, and tuned it BF#BBBD#. Then just played whatever. It made for an entertaining spring break and a kind of 'endearing' song.

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wolf moon - vampire deer

song 8 of 10 for the rpm album wolf moon - tuning dgddad

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Track 6 of 10 from my RPM08 entry. I think of all the underdeveloped tracks, this one's my favorite. A bit more time/work and it could be quite the heavy hitter.

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March 7


More 12-string fingerstyle. This time the tuning is DADDAD. [more inside]

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In which I squeak, squawk, and warble through a really, really loud cover of a Dan Bern song. [more inside]

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Wank wank wank wank wank. [more inside]

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wednesday afternoon - vampire deer

song 7 of 10 from my rpm 08 album, wolf moon

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Wasting Time

Yet another track from my RPM challenge entry (5 of 10, as a matter of fact). Named rather literally, as this song isn't terribly developed and was kept around simply because it filled up some space.

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March 6

Fidelity (Cover)

I've had this Regina Spektor song stuck in my goddam head for weeks now + I haven't recorded any songs for months = this sloppy, lots-of-stuff-going-on cover recorded in a rut-exorcising session this afternoon and evening. [more inside]

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Imprint, v. 1.1

This first time I presented this song, I made a drastic edit to the melody that turned out to be unsuccessful. Also, my singing sucked. [more inside]

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Life Through Veils

Old recording from 1990. Music Recorded live, with the middle section and ending being written extemporaneously in the studio, vocals are the only overdubs. Originally 24 track, but this was rescued from cassette, hence the crap quality. I wrote the music and the singer wrote the words and melody. I sang backup. [more inside]

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mission has failed reprise (with Video)

I've posted this song here previously, but I wanted to share the video I made for it with the help of my lovely and talented assistant Jacob Guza. Hope you enjoy. NSFW lyrics/youtube [more inside]

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Kisses (demo)

Sappy name I know, but just give it a listen and chill the hell out. [more inside]

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the collection - vampire deer

song 6 of 10 of the 2008 rpm album, wolf moon

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Cheese Whiz

I have no idea why I decided to choose that name half a life ago. It is a 12-string fingerstyle barnburner played with pinky slide. [more inside]

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You Were Not Built To Last

As much of an experiment in Wacky Vocal Effects as it is a proper song, from my point of view. I like the end bit with the keyboard part and the strange cycling. I'm surprised at how many people I've shown my RPM challenge entry to really like this one (It's one of the underdeveloped ones, as far as I'm concerned).

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March 5

Three Miles Away...

Not a leak! No pepsi blue. Just want to say "it was here first" :D [more inside]

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collaborationfilter: featuring the unbelievable Harvey Girls. [more inside]

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sonic youth vs. john fahey

To rock or to pick? That seemed to be struggle that played out on this old cassette that I recently dug up and digitized. This is another 12-string fingerstyle tune in an alternate tuning (Cc Gg Cc gg gc ce). I played around with tuning the double-coursed strings to different notes.

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A Gameboy tribute to Charlottesville. [more inside]

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March 4


Third track from RPM08 thing.

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An instrumental composed in an electronic music suite. And I barely knew what the fuck I was doing. [more inside]

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The Last Time I Saw Moscow

A very lo-fi one-take recording by The Grandma Sylvias. Acoustic guitar and vocals only; all apparent distortion is coming from knobs turned very high. [more inside]

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Take It Apart

Back in the late '80s, I challeneged myself to write a song in a style I usually dislike. Soul II Soul's "Back to Life" and "Keep On Movin'" were all over the radio back then, so I used them as a model. [more inside]

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Investment Realtor

Credit to Jimmy Garrison on bass. An old collage of my own samples plus his bass from the live recording of A love Supreme.

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Sparkle and Shine

Yes, this is an Econoline Crush cover. Yes, it is SUPER CHEESY. [more inside]

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after the recent posts from umbu and corduroy, I couldn't resist upping this. I tried... but... Wasn't designed to and isn't specifically related to, but I'd like to dedicate it to the memory of jeff healey.

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surrey day by vampire deer

song 5 of 10 of the rpm 08 album wolf moon

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Another fingerstyle tune from the cassette time capsule. This one was recorded on a six-string with my friends backing me up on cello and percussion.

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March 3

Left Hand/Right Hand

A new wave song vaguely in the style of Blondie, with a masturbatory guitar solo at the end to drive the point home. [more inside]

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Second track from my RPM08 entry, and the first proper song. I find it kind of humorous and rather like the beat (and some, but not all of the heavy vocal processing). I couldn't quite get the chorus right but the creepy-processed-whisper-thing is a not-so-bad substitute. [more inside]

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Untold Demons

I unearthed the very first song I wrote in 1986 and flinched at all the clueless chord progressions my 14-year-old self used. But I could sense some potential behind a few of the ideas. So I reworked it extensively and brought out more of the subliminal inspiration that went into: mid-'80s Heart. [more inside]

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I took a second crack at this not-a-love-song from my 2002 collection "Same As It Never Was." [more inside]

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Carry On

Another of my RPM Challenge 2008 songs.

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dance in the ruins - vampire deer

song 4 of 10 of the rpm 08 album wolf moon

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March 2


Here is a song without words, yet. I've got some questions on the inside. [more inside]

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I miss my old 12-string

A fingerpicking tune I four-tracked way back when (1990). [more inside]

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One of the Perks of Being a Well-Known, Albeit Ineffective Superhero

This is the fourth (and maybe final) People Will Blink song posted on this page. This one is definitely a prog-rock tune. It's about a day in the life of a superhero who doesn't really.... do anything. But there's an epic battle at the end. [more inside]

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March 1

Secret Book (Vocal Mix - Redux)

Due to popular demand, here's yet another mix of "Secret Book" with vocals, as originally posted here and here. [more inside]

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A Race To The Ground

The first track from my entry for RPM08. Not much to say about it. Just a little 90-second mood-setter type thing.

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Forever Mr. Never Wrong

A happy little song about a very annoying man. [more inside]

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dread captain - vampire deer

song 3 of 10 - for the rpm 08 album wolf moon

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Dot Mattress

A twin-size 2-dimensional array of sound. For you.

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piltdown part 7

jazz tune. also, "jazz" tune. [more inside]

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Just a song about a girl. [more inside]

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