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March 30

Wicker Man (Elton John parody)

So griphus and I were watching 1973 cult classic The Wicker Man and my brain got thinking about Rocket Man and, well, here we are.

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March 27

Hoopoles mk II

slightly improved. Or slightly different. Not sure [more inside]

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Ambush in Toyland

I have, in my possession, a VHS tape which holds all the Christmas specials that aired on that particular year which my folks thought to record all the Christmas specials they could manage with their state-of-the-art VCR. Bless their souls. There's a lot of Rudolph, some California Raisins, and even some Garfield. These are the ghosts of my Christmas past. The specter that looms largest, however, is some Disney business called "Babes in Toyand." There is no way to porn-parody that title; like all good dog-food, it makes its own gravy. That's not why the film haunts me, tho. What haunts me is this exchange: [more inside]

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March 26

SFXjam (live improv)

This is a wacky one. Skip to about the 3min mark for the really silly part. [more inside]

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March 24

Low (Irradiated Happy House Remix)

[Radioactive] remix of Low, by Juicy J (feat. Young Thug + Nicki Minaj), sequenced with that earwormy single by Envisage Komodos: If you can't get a radio single out of your head, turn it into a happy house track and put Juicy J on it. I used a clean version to make it enjoyable for all. Complete with filter sweeps and a half-time dubstep outro.

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vampire deer - squideggs 10

entropy wins [more inside]

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March 23

vampire deer - squideggs 9

return of the digitech rds 1900 through additional delay

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March 21

vampire deer - squideggs 8

i for one, can't wait to see how this story ends ...

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Carbon 7. Recorded March 9th 2013, the night comet Pan-Starrs first became visible to the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. [more inside]

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March 20


The vastness of making electronic music is really overwhelming to me, so I'm trying to just get over that and create some things.

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March 18

vampire deer - squideggs 7

a slight respite

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March 17

A Phone Emergency

This song started as a joke, and then I ended up liking it and working it up a little more. I used it as the closing to an essay on social media and phones I wrote (that originally started as a comic about Facebook). That sounds complicated, but the song is simple.

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vampire deer - squideggs 6

more monotron abuse with a beat

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@Ummagma 'Kiev' (Haioka Remix)

I think the term remix is a big put off for many people and, if measuring according to the number of remixes out there that are just so standard dance-floor filler, it's understandable why there is such a stigma attached to this word. But there are moments of light shooting through when a producer or gifted musician manage to 'reconstruct' a song rather than just 'remix' it. Likely that's where the term 'rework' has started to become used more and more often.... to set them apart. Whatever you want to call it - here is one such track that differs significantly from the original in all it's stunning rework/remix glory. Kudos to Japanese producer Shintaro Haioka for this gift to Ummagma.

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March 15

BFD @Ummagma

When you live in a country where something called a 'melting pot' falls into play, you sometimes don't detect marked differences in sounds and influenced within the larger meld of rock music (maybe it's a little clearer for pop music - I'm not sure)... In any case, here is one track created at the foothills of Ukraine's Carpathian mountains... You may hear a distinct Carpathian whistle and even gamma in this song. I think it gives the song a distinct and tasteful 'ethnic' flavour. This is 'BFD' by Ummagma and I hope you will enjoy it.

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March 14

vampire deer - squideggs 5

in which i attempt to play a monotron duo as a real instrument

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March 13

vampire deer - squideggs 4

in which i abuse the mod feature of an ancient digitech rds 1900 just because i can and there's no one to stop me

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March 12


Posted an early version of this before. Think I'm calling it done. First minute is pretty spacey and then a song appears, so if you listen have a little patience i guess.

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This is sketch I did in MIDI of another instrumental song

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March 10

H. Factor

Some of the most inspiring music out there focuses on the positive elements of humankind and society, blah blah blah. But there comes a time when even musicians' gearing towards that tendency get fed up and write something outside of their 'regular' thematic 'boundaries'. This seems to be the case with this Ummagma song. Enjoy and visit the band on Facebook...

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March 9

Autumn µ-cid Dub

"Just watch me": noisy & dubby

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vampire deer - squideggs 3

very noisy and very short

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March 8

Balkanofellini + bonus @Ummagma

There is one thing that I really admire in certain artists and that is flexibility. I love it when a band can perform across a spectrum of genres and especially when they manage to pull it off well. Starting out with Ummagma's Balkanofellini, which seems appropriately named when you envision those awesome soundtracks to all of Federico Fellini's films (by Nino Rota), combined with all the Balkan eclecticism of Emir Kusturica's films (soundtrack by Goran Bregović). Well there you have it. A hybrid. Thought you might also like a few quick offerings of other Ummagma tracks, so here is Human Factora">, Risky, NIMBY, and Upsurd, Orion, BFD and Outside

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vampire deer - squideggs 2

more screwing around

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Happy New Year #2

I posted a rough version of this song a while ago, finally got around to doing it right. Acoustic guitars and untimely holiday blah. Contains "fuck". [more inside]

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March 7

vampire deer - squideggs 1

once again, i've done my RPM challenge album this year - this time, i decided to do all instrumentals and just screw around - the title - squideggs (1-10)

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March 5

Beautiful Moment / Talk to Her @Ummagma

So I've uploaded the track for 'Beautiful Moment' here, but I also want you to have the track ''Talk to Her'', so grab it here. The first is laced with male vocals, while the second is an instrumental with guitar trickery reminiscent of Robert Fripp or Brian Eno or even Bill Evans a bit.

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March Music Challenge: MeFiAnthems

At this time of change, let us band together in solidarity, gratitude, and general weirdness, and express ourselves in the best way we know how in this little corner of MetaFilter - via music. [more inside] posted by greenish at 2:56 AM PST - 27 comments

March 4

Back to You #dreampop #shoegaze

When Sonic Youth surprised the whole world by pulling off the most amazing cover of a song by The Carpenters ever (I couldn't really fathom listening to any of the originals, to tell the truth), who would've thought what a big impact their version of 'Superstar' would have had. Still to this day, this songs is constantly referenced whenever people speak about Sonic Youth. Here's presenting one track with a similar vibe. 'Back to You' by Ummagma [more inside]

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March 2


There's a saying that aging is like sailing into an asteroid field, where the asteroids get thicker and thicker until one hits you. This is a song about that. One take everything. Video.

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I AM NOT A BOT - a message to Twitter

Some very special guests appear here, helping me to explain the little problem I am having at the moment with social networking site Twitter. This is the audio portion of a video, which may be viewed here at YouTube.

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