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March 31

Well Well

For song #8 of Unu Kanto Po Semajno, we answer the question, "What happens when not_on_display figures out he can just drag .mp3's into Garageband and manipulate them?" Some funky goddamn psychedelic shit, you'd better believe. [more inside]

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3 - ozzy mandy - vampire deer

song 3 of the rpm project drones [more inside]

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Kicking up the Dust (original)

Acoustic folk heartbreak. [more inside]

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March 30


This track is part of a project that heavily features Swamp XT, a virtual synthesizer by one H. G. Fortune. Working playlist title is "Succubus/Incubus", but I'm looking for other ideas. [more inside]

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March 29


Curves 'n stolen wurds

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For Lahore, Brussels, and my friend Meghan

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2 - eagle flailing - vampire deer

2nd song of rpm album drones [more inside]

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March 28

You Can't See It

My son asked me to record his heartbeat for some school thing a few months ago. I had this heartbeat lying around so I added some Moog to it and Bob's your uncle it became a synthpop song.

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Emerald City

Some Easter Monday techno [more inside]

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Lesser Gods

Something like a pop song but not really.

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March 27

1 - glaze - vampire deer

1st song of my 2016 rpm project, drones [more inside]

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March 26


A fist-pumper for the Friday drive home!

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March 24

Mississippi River (feat. greenish) [cover of orig. by Izintombi Zodumo]

For GregNog's Mefi Cover Challenge and Song #7 in the Unu Kanto Po Semajno collection, I roped greenish and her awesome set of pipes all the way in from across the ocean! [more inside]

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March 23


Remixing a Peruvian chicha tune, discovered in this thread. [more inside]

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A Legacy Denied

Finally finished my latest project, VOIDBREAKER. Ominous space synths, gritty breakbeats and a consciously gritty production. This is the fourth track from the EP just released on Spotify. [more inside]

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March 22


Just a little song.

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March 14

Warmup Jam

This was recorded by the band I'm in (Ghost Flowers) on August 1, 2013, at our practice space before the actual practicing-of-songs started. It's a thirteen-minute variation on one chord, has nice ebbs and flows, and has a steady mid-tempo beat. [Not part of my "Unu..." series, just filler while I juggle four songs of that at once.] [more inside]

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March 11


Borrowed the melody riff (and title, I guess) from this Raccoons classic.

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March 10


Tender, ghostly, demented electronica. [more inside]

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March 9

I Need A Good Day

I play bass in this power-pop-rock band called Buzzie. Song written by John McElhenney with minimal arrangement contributions by the rest of us. [more inside]

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Mind on Mnemonic

a song about using mnemonic memory techniques, with Carlos from Los Primos playing lead guitar.

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March 8


An homage to Kraftwerk, Underworld, et al, with a twist! [more inside]

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March 7

Going Nowhere

This mp3 was converted from a video I made, recording stereo audio straight into my phone. It's a rough draft with minimal instrumentation and arrangement I'm hoping to develop further with a group that recently started coming together called The Wishing Well Divers. [more inside]

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March 5

Sweetness in Greece

So I took my Jazzmaster to Lefkas, and this was the result. [more inside]

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March 4

Blank Maps (Cold Specks cover)

Got a MIDI controller, which I'm superdy duper excited about, and figured I'd put it to work by fulfilling Greg Nog's Mefi Cover Challenge, covering Cold Specks' Blank Maps. Quick 'n dirty.

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Rubio Out and Show Them

This is a cover of both Lil Friendy's Marco Rubio (discovered via MetaFilter) and of Steve Reich's minimalist classic Come Out.

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March 3

Beach Pajama Party!

Song #6 in my less-and-less-aptly-named Unu Kanto Po Semajno series. Kinda poppy and abstract... you know those old Beach & Surf movies of the late 1950's, early 1960's -- the kind starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon? Or like, Sally Field in Gidget? This is the kinda music I'd wanna dub over the original score.

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Musical Mesostic as generated by the Platonic Music Engine

In case you haven't had your shot of modernist/postmodernist classical music today here is a musical analogue to John Cage's mesostic method of generating texts. Warning, the music starts off very softly and then has loud bits. If you listen carefully you just might hear something familiar embedded within the stream of notes. [more inside]

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March 2

Pool Rules

A loud, frenetic jam in F#, dancing between half-time/double-time, with synth slap bass!

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Make Donald Drumpf Again

Make Donald Drumpf Again My friend and I were inspired by the Jon Oliver show and decided to write and record, as quickly as possible, a tribute to Donald J Drumpf. posted by urrduhdur at 6:54 AM PST - 4 comments