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March 30


Solo Spanish guitar

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March 28

Pressures Accumulating

This is a piece for (synth) strings, trumpet, and drums. [more inside]

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March 25


Kind of an LCD Soundsystem vibe

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March 16


Trying out a new piece of gear, the Roland AD-10 which I used on the acoustic guitar and double bass [more inside]

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March 15

Python's Peak

Arps: Roland SC-88 Chords: Roland JX-8P Drums: Korg S3 Bass: Korg Monologue

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March 8

pro deuce.mp3

been listening to lots of Sun-El Musician and wanted to do some marimba loops

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March 5

The Spine

Downtempo electronic patterns [more inside]

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March 2

130 stories high (remix)

another from the breakbeat archives [more inside]

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