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April 30

Light a Candle

Dan and Leland are an acoustic duo blending great guitar playing and vocals with melodic songwriting and thoughtful lyrics.

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charlatantrum. - Triomphe de L'Obélisque

Lots of sampling, but I'm so seriously stoked by this piece. You will be, too.

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hi, here's the sequel to my previous post, lo-fi vamp. During a jam with a friend, I unearthed the two chords vamp from my memory and we noodled a little bit around it. He recorded my rhythm guitar part and a solo, and said he could be working on it in order to add something more orchestral to these basic tracks. Well, he's got craft but my vamp now sounds like a soft porn movie soundtrack to my ears.

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April 29


Inspired by this post about playing pi to 1,000 places on the piano, I thought I'd print out the notes and see if I could improvise something a bit more musical (if cheesy).

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lo fi vamp

hi. This is actually my first attempt at improvising over a vamp. It was recorded with a 500 mhz computer and a webcam. First track recorded first, then played through the speakers so as to allow me to improvise over it, and then the whole recaptured by the webcam again. Hence the muddy sonics. The computer had trouble to play and record at the same time : results in clicks. On the whole.. I like it. Listen to my next post to compare with a cleaner version. Sometimes the rawer the better.

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April 28

Dark Lord Kromdor

The result of a night of drinking and foolish songwriting. The words (i hesitate to call them lyrics) were written indepently by 5 different people. The music is two guys on guitars and one guy banging on a stop sign.

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rabo de nube

Actually this song is not my own. I was just wondering... may I point to a beautiful song by providing my own rendition here ? It was written by Silvio Rodriguez.

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This one is a few years old; I'm playing and singing everything. The drums are loop-based but everything else is 'live'.

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April 27

Banana Countdown

The Japanese are exceptional people, who else could endure an atom bomb and still find the time to make great tempura and pancakes. El mundo es tan grave todo el tiempo, donde esta el bano?

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My version of the train, only at night and inside of it. Got the idea from watching Animatrix, the scene where Trinity shoots the dick and then jumps out the window.

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April 26


Listen and download quick, before the Paramount lawyers send the Cease and Desist letters. By the way, I cite "Fair Use" for my "sampling". You may also notice that I don't have a musical bone in my body and don't risk my own voice for the lyrics, either. What a wienie!

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April 24

February Third (album version)

A Metafilter exclusive! This is the studio version of my contribution to the meficomp. It's the second track from my new album, which is available now.

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This is an old one, but a lot of folks say it's their favorite. So here it is on MeMu for the first time.

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April 23

two can go low

Most of my songs are sparse. This one is not! It's got "a lot of sound," and some bite. Does it kick buttocks? You decide.

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warm day

There was a man with tongue of wood
Who essayed to sing,
And in truth it was lamentable.
But there was one who heard
The clip-clapper of this tongue of wood
And knew what the man
Wished to sing,
And with that the singer was content.

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New Jersey Girls

This is a nearly-completed song I wrote for a couple of friends who are about to move to northern New Jersey (I'm originally from there) but my wife and I will miss them once they leave. As a going-away present, I wrote and recorded this. They don't know about it yet. It's meant to be a driving-down-the-highway-top-down-car-full-of-girls-all-singing-the-catchy-rock-chorus sort of power pop song. Throw me some feedback.

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Close Your Eyes

This is a demo that my friend James Burnham and I co-wrote and co-produced last month in Cubase. The harmonies fall apart a little in the end, but I thought it was worth posting. We'll probably re-mix it soon. I'm singing; James programmed. - Tyler Massey

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April 22

Signpost to the Saturn Delta

This is an old-ish one from when I was first learning Cubase and Reason. Ambient-ish electronic type stuff!

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Thousand Yard Stare

Recorded at Sound Mind Recordings in San Diego. I'm not sure about the full band thing; I think when I redo it for my album it'll be all acoustic.

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Someone Else Tonight (demo)

We're approaching three weeks of sickness here, and the lousy demos keep coming. This song was written by my good friend Dan Huff, who penned Seattle Suxxx and sang the backup vocals on Cromwell.

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April 21

White Lines (a cappella)

These are the sort of things that occur to me as I go for my daily walk. Four-and-five-part harmony plus solo, bass and vocal percussion. Recorded in GarageBand using my MacBook's built-in mic.

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April 20

Ride on the Train

Everybody who plays guitar has probably done this at one time or another. Here's my version.

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Amie and Mr. Wells

The drum track is a 4 or 5 second sample from a Steinberg library named "Rabbit Dance". A couple of samples from old-time radio, me an my Casio and there you have it. I tried to do something in the first section with lead guitar ala Santana, but I came up with nothing. Anyone want to add a track to that?

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The Wacky Death of Klaxon the Robot

an old track I did as DJ Dial-tone, where I tried to make a decent song using only sound effects.

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April 19

Caravan (rehearsal)

The Smoke Alarm Sessions, cont'd. I've been learning Caravan. I love the way Ellington did it a lot. Nowadays so many people play it very straight ahead, & I think that gets boring. So we experimented. At first Barry tried to put a funk beat behind it, but I'm not sure about it. On the second chorus I was thinking that since I've been to Egypt I should use that as inspiration to experiment with different melodies. I think in the future I'll probably take that a lot further, I kind of liked the feel. So, we'll see.

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April 18

There is a Light

The final song from The Olivers' slap-happy EP. Complete with bald-faced Beatles and U2 references. Listen, Comment, Favorite, and Add To Playlist. Enjoy!

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April 17


A cover of the first verse and chorus of the Gnarls Barkley song, primitively recorded live a while back when I had a cold. My wife was really into the song and I recorded this for her as a goof, but it came out kinda good.

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A very short tribute to my loverly wife.

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The Second Longest Night

Previously on MeFi: Novelist Jonathan Lethem wrote several songs for musicians to do with as they wished. One song made me want to try to channel my inner Daryl Hall or "Goodbye Cruel World"-era Elvis Costello.

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April 16

Un murmullo

V never used to believe me I was truly in love with her. She always said one day I'd get my things and disappear into that world I seemed so enamored with. Words couldn't convince her. The song did.

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The Second Longest Night

Previously on MeFi: Novelist Jonathan Lethem wrote several songs for musicians to do with as they wished. One song made me want to try to channel my inner Daryl Hall or "Goodbye Cruel World"-era Elvis Costello.

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April 15

Before I Met You

Guitars, guitars, and a phase shifter from The Forget.

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Sock Patterns

An unapologetically cheesy Michael/Janet Jackson style 90s epic pop song. I just got a new main synthesizer (Yamaha Motif XS) and per tradition, when I get a new piece of gear, I write a new "demo song" with it. Everything you hear is coming out of this insane keyboard in one pass, no external processing! DON'T hit play if you're opposed to sugary Teddy Riley style swing, you'll be nauseated. I'm an equal opportunity nostalgist! :(

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My band, The Dukes of Simpleton had our gig cancelled at the last minute yesterday, due to high winds and cold weather, so I came home in a funk, and wrote this little ditty as a means of taking advantage of the moment, and getting out of my mood. Waziah is the Lakota spirit of the north, that brings the purifying winds of winter. The bass drum is a heart in suspended animation. My electric bass is the wind blowing over it.

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Stuck out on

My lyric-writing "system" has often been dozens of little stickies on the desktop, thoughts, ideas, scribbles... and then sometimes when I'm frustrated I'll make a song made up of various combinations that seem to make sense. Like this one!

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April 13

Threshold (demo 5) by the Geese

I've been working on this song for 18 months -- sort of. I have had the whole thing essentially finished that whole time... except for the verse tune. Tonight, I finally got it. Power pop complete with organ solo!

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The Choir Song (two thousand seven mix)

Here's a track I made a while ago that I recently took a new stab at. It sounds retrodancey because well, that's all I could sound like back in the day.

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Quonsar Done Been Here And Gone

As per this.

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April 12


Tasha's full name was Natasha Von Baddenof. A rottwieler that I raised from puppyhood til death. I was going to sing on this but it's better without it. Enjoy.

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return of the panda

Imagined Hungarians waltzing instrumental style.

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love song for kilgore trout

Sorry it's a little quick and dirty. I wrote this poem a few weeks back, and it seemed like today was a good day to record it in some fashion. Dedicated to Kurt, who's up in heaven now. About the song: It's just spoken word which i put over a little song i wrote in high school called "so it goes." It get's kinda noisy in parts, especially the outro. Hope you enjoy.

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If I Had You

4/10/07 rehearsal recording in LA. Trying out some new repertoire... well, new for me. This adorably sweet little song was written in 1928. I decided not to put any kind of modern spin on it, but to just sing it slow and straight. (Guitar by the always adorable Barry Zweig.)

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April 11

Tiny House

Half inspired by a Chuck Palahniuk book I read in high school, half inspired by an overabundance of free time. My last song was 50 seconds long, this one clocks in at over 6 minutes (you know, to balance things out). And for those of you playing along at home, you'll be happy to know I'm kicking mono's ass.

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Flying Moby Attack

A little noisy, a little groovy. It's got breakbeats, wailing guitars and nasty feedback. It reminds me of a cross between Moby and Flying Saucer Attack, hence the name. There are a lot of interesting automation things going on here.

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Nothing Left to Apologize For (demo) by the Geese

This is a little something I did (obviously unfinished) that I'd liek to get some reaction for. Any thoughts? It's a pretty straightforward power pop/rock song, complete with ahhs, claps, shakers, and tambourines. Rawk.

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Burn The Bridges to the Shores

Another Square Waves song for your enjoyment. The plan is to put this song (and the other one I posted last week) out on a 7" (double A side).

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This is the first song I have ever written, on a dare for my husband's alt-country band. They liked it enough to record it. The handclaps make me laugh.

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April 10

Tanto Como Debería

Another not-in-English one.

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The Road (album version)

The opening track from my upcoming LP. Handclaps, ooh bop bops, fiddles, and flutes.

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you've been awake

Lyrically naughty, musically atmospheric. Features guitars, vocals, brushed drums, African thumb harp, clothes hangers, and a shy half of a fake symphony orchestra.

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Hunting for Foxes

Folk metal rock boogie instrumental, driving down the highway throwin' the horns.

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Lung Capacity

Au lait? Olé! (This is) a stream of conciousness rhyme about politics, metaphysics, milk, and ...

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April 9


See here and here and here. I'm posting this to music because Cortex insisted.

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Somebody Else

This is me basically trying to sound like Queens of the Stone Age. New song fresh off the press...

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April 8

Summer's Ending (album version)

This is the closing track of my debut LP, Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies, to be released 4/20/07.

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April 7


Here's a song by my band Blood on the Stereo. We are from LA. We're playing a free show this Monday April 9th at the Gig in Hollywood on Melrose. Let us know if you likes. Thanks! _teddy

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Tecumseh Valley

Townes Van Zandt was a talented man who wrote beautiful songs. I own some guitars and recording equipment and have a lot of spare time. Here I embarrass myself and denigrate Van Zandt's legacy by attempting to cover him. But I did add a string arrangement!

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picaresque and proud

Song about a Detroit waitress.

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Me and my Casio ( and my brother's guitar). I'm a liitle embarrassed posting this after listening to the other recent stuff, but hey, I'm learning a lot from you guys. I suck at guitar, so please excuse that part, and the snare is me doing it with my mouth. Still learning panning, fades, etc...the basics.

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April 6

Sgt. Pepper 2.0

A parody of A Day in the Life, penned earlier today by the highly overrated gentleman known as It's Raining Florence Henderson in response to disturbing revelations. Apologies to John. Paul can stuff it.

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Not A Love Song (redux)

This is my first attempt w/ an all new rig; sound card and software. Lemme know what you think. Critique away! Enjoy!

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April 5

Seams (vocoder bringdown edition)

A recording from 2004 of a song from 1998. I really like vocoders: I think that they are very awesome. More inside!

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Park Lane (Dads)

Sort of a flipside to Sleepover. Same childhood.

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April 4

Full Promise

Just another "I'm nothing without you" song

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Not A Love Song

My first actual song-length song with some fun stuff including a nice Greg Ginn style solo. Sadly my conversion to mp3 might have sucked-let's find out! On Preview--WTF? (It's funny enough to let ride though! Enjoy!)

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the vase

My wife accidentally broke a vase. This song resulted. It was recorded in a couple of days inbetween other projects. I used no clicktrack, metronome or drum beat, so the timing is nice and loose (in a good way, I hope). It's short, so listen twice!

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April 3

Some Radical New Therapy

So many drums, so little time.

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The Least You Could Do (demo)

Sorry for this one. Sometimes things just come out of my mouth...

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I haven't posted here in a while, but I have created a new song. It's bright, optimistic and atmospheric.

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April 2

Description Not Related Except In Spirit

22:30 < @[3]> so anyway, the real question if if i should fpp the nuns from sister act the musical doing panda sneeze
22:38 < @[3]> "First, the Big Bang. In the most unlikely of circumstances, galaxies coalesced, worlds formed, millions of years passed, complex systems developed from mud, cultures formed, wars were fought, religion begat josiah, monkeys drew paintings in caves, technological civilization arose, we learned to record the universe around us , we networked our planet - all these wildly improbable things were necessary and sufficient to allow nuns from sister act the musical to reenact a panda sneeze

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Tidal Girl

The Fourth installment by The Olivers, my band with Afroblanco and a few other guys. (Previously 1, 2, 3.) This is another fairly earnest pop-rock song that we think is pretty hot, but without your opinions, we have no real way of knowing, now do we? We thank you all for any thoughts or suggestions you might have.

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April 1

Shake your head if yes

A rambling instrumental with banjo, whistling, and a few other ingredients. Mix well and serve chilled.

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Money fer beer.

Ridiculous song that I wrote and sang while I was in my cups. You can (unfortunately) see a video of me singing it with the band here. Oberon is a reference to a local microbrew that is rather popular with a "certain crowd."

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Me and the Pedestal

By drowsy, my one-person band. Pop music with autoharp and drum machine!

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