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April 30

device or vice

This is obviously kind of an experiment...or in other words, it's a bit of a mess. [more inside]

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April 29

Robot Sunrise

Another song from my newish free EP of quirky electronic cheese, "Part Time Drum Machine." I sort of picture a mechanical sunrise operated by heavy robots intent on bringing light joy. You know. [more inside]

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April 28

The Crapshoot Review Songs II

A medley of contractual obligation songs based on iTunes reviews of a podcast. [more inside]

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April 27


'8 billion pounds is rising from the ground'. A song about the city. [more inside]

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April 26

LBS 16-Bit

Real-instrument version of previous post

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there are other things also

I was feeling another bunch of unsettled feelings so I thought I better do another discordant, frustration-venting song. [more inside]

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April 25


An old Ralph Stanley spiritual. [more inside]

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April 24

garage lately

Very hesitant to let anyone hear this one. [more inside]

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What Was That Sound I Heard

A song concerning the September 15, 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. I made a video of historic photo images to accompany the song, which may be viewed here.

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If you are anything like me, you sit in awe during all the 'musical moments' laced throughout any Fellini film (music composed by Nino Rota). Combine that with the unexplainable excitement during those lively Balkan snippets of any memorable scene of most Emir Kusturica films… that is what this song feels like… to me anyways.

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Aphasiatic Fields

I've always found the sound of a big tuning fork wobbling freely on the strings of a guitar (laid flat) really mysterious and interesting. This track is a whole bunch of that, with a reverb patch that reverberates not the direct signal, but the signal passed through a bank of very short delays that act like a resonant comb filter. The track ends up with buzzing the rung tuning fork against various open strings. There's more of my stuff at https://soundcloud.com/seclude and it's all CC licenced. Hope you like.

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April 22

Earphone Amp

Does anyone have a newish earphone amp that they like? [more inside] posted by Danf at 12:53 PM PST - 6 comments

Remix Snippet

What might be the outcome of taking a rather dreamy pulse-based trance inducing track, stripping it back, adding an addictive disco electronic undertone and phasing ghost-like vocals here and there (and rather rare)…? Have a listen and then you will know :)

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April 21

carefully optimistic

I thought I'd try to write something more upbeat. I couldn't think of a vocal melody so I just filled it with different guitar parts.

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April 20

Ambiguous Sense of the Future

Powerful swirling and driving full sonic force, enveloped in a mishmash of postrock, shoegaze, and noise rock. [more inside]

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track 3

Generic pop song about nothing, with too much delay.

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April 19

Lynchburg Town

Not the old-time tune you may be thinking of. Fretless banjo with a percussion loop. (As it happens, Garageband's Jazz drum kit instrument has a rattle that sounds a lot like a jawbone.) [more inside]

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just a rock song (instrumental). I played around a lot with some organs and synths but still guitar based overall...

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Imagine a dream that entails a strange melange of light and dark and translate that into sonic form, albeit with angelic vocals. That is what this song represents. [more inside]

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April 18

Carry On

Felt the need to make some beats while pulling an all nighter for work on Wednesday.

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April 17


I was in a very heavy mood the night before last so I decided to write a heavy song. I don't think I've tried to write something quite like this before. [more inside]

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Space Thing

I felt like making something tonight, so I made a space thing. [more inside]

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April 16

Old Joe

A popular 19th century minstrel tune with fretless banjo, tambourine and vocals. (Different from the old-time tune by the same name, and not related to Old Joe Clark either.) Lyrics as recorded are not offensive.* [more inside]

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Eastern European countries are home to remarkably sounding native folk music, and it is particularly welcome when any element, or even remnant, of that is mixed in with any form modern music. What a grande fusion it can be. That is what we feel happened with this song.

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April 15

The Road

Dreamweaving is a game that is often best played in the musical realm and this song is a perfect case in point. Skipping, wishing, gazing, tripping, and flight. It's all here. [more inside]

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April 14

LBS 8-bit


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simple plastics

Another day, another song. Rock, indie, alternative, etc... A bit of hit and miss.. A bit of an experimental, weird intro. I was inspired by someone I once heard trying to play the guitar with a mallet. Some keyboards and organ are thrown in underneath (probably to try to make up for the lack of verse vocals!). I Also tried to throw in a vocal idea on the chorus here (written below) [more inside]

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Homeless Jesus Creeps Me Out

I'm often inspired to write little songs and poems in Metafilter threads, as some of you here might have noticed over the years. I've decided that from now on, whenever time allows, I will not only post those kinds of things as text in a thread, but will record and post them here at Metafilter Music as audio, and in as timely a fashion as possible. This song was inspired by a comment posted by homunculus in a post I made about a statue of Jesus.

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April 13

The Road to Lees

The Road to Nowhere? No, the road to somewhere magical and fantastic, enjoying every moment encountered on the way. That is the idea guiding this song and the windy change-ups and ambient indietronic delights emerging as the song progresses.

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little boxes (cover)

I've been reading a lot of AskMe.

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April 12

xhu alt.

Instrumental rock I recorded a while ago. [more inside]

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Lama (SOS Remix)

When you dig the original of a song so much that you can't imagine how anybody could possibly ever dissect it and re-embody it in an alternate format, sometimes you are pleasantly surprised when indeed someone comes along who capably does just that - with flair, good taste and a handful of cards up their sleeve, dealt ever so cleverly within the remix they have created. That's what we're talking about with this Sounds of Sputnik take on Ummagma's 'Lama'.

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Come As You Are

Another Nirvana cover I recorded a while back and just remembered about today. MIDI keyboard + vocals. It was fun to see if I could cover this song without the signature riff.

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Pitch Burgundy Plaster

Fretless minstrel banjo with guitar and percussion, from 1855. [more inside]

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April 11

River Town

Tides and lilts, ebbs and flows. Something romantic, yet superfluous permeates 'River Town', with a spacious element opening up for sweepingly dreamy female vocals. At least that's how we see this Ummagma track. [more inside]

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April 10

Ringfinger (by Nine Inch Nails)

This was my submission to a project in which various artists covered songs from Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine using at least one circuit bent or modified instrument (Soundcloud link). This one uses a reklus-modified Korg DDD1 and Monotribe (along with a sweet ring modulator he built).

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April/May Music Challenge: MetaMeta

With extremely humble apologies for the lateness, please accept this offering of the challenge for April/May, as suggested by dagosto. [more inside] posted by greenish at 6:37 AM PST - 5 comments

The Calm Kiev

We once used to wonder what it would sound like to whip up a healthy feisty mix of dream pop and hip hop - rap and now, thanks to this tasty earbite, we have an idea. Definitely taking a walk on the dark side, underlined by both the music and vocals, this is still definitely worth the listen.

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April 9

Pick me Up

Surprisingly jaunty for us, with a descent into ultra-fast strumming at the end. [more inside]

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April 8

Metric Groove

From my new (free!) EP 'Part Time Drum Machine', this is an instrumental keyboard-based track driven forward by a cheap synth bass and Casio-ish beats. A different kind of style than you may have heard from me before. [more inside]

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it takes a long time to become whole again....

Instrumental. This was actually a song I wrote as early as 1993. I kind of stumbled on a really terrible recording of it from back then (you would not want to hear it, believe me), and I thought why not revisit it, so I jammed out some parts on the chord progression and eventually recorded this. [more inside]

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Old Man Plan

A very old song about love.

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April 7


About as close as I'll ever get to writing an epic stadium rock anthem. A bit like an angry indie version of the Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen in Love" — but less danceable. [more inside]

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April 5

Power of Music

More fretless minstrel banjo, with tambourine and marginally played bones. This one is from Phil Rice's 1858 Method for Banjo With or Without A Master.

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Stomatopod Cephalopod Triumph

This is a song about a mantis shrimp, a blue-ringed octopus, and triumph. (Recorded eight years ago! Just realized that is a long time to procrastinate on making a video.) [more inside]

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Back To You

In the spirit of "Superstar" by legendary art-punk band Sonic Youth (who were covering The Carpenters chart-breaking track), here is 'Back to You'. Sonically similar, but content-wise very different. No superstar imagery from the perspective of a groupie here. Just some self-searching and hopefully grounding elements. [more inside]

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April 4


A decent proportion of the lyrics were sourced more or less directly from the sensationalist headlines on the covers of beauty / gossip / lifestyle magazines. Most of the other bits I nicked off Eastenders. [more inside]

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christmas trees

This is an experiment. I'm not a vocalist. Yet, I had a melody in my head for this song I wrote and I can't find anyone else willing to sing so...this.

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Democracy Stolen

Wrote this about the execrable Supreme Court ruling of April 2nd, 2014. Video here.

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April 3

Lantern Selection

instrumental, guitar rock. I had fun writing this one a few months back.

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April 2

two lovers

Gentle, warm, almost mantra-like song featuring guitars, piano, bass, lap steel, drums, bass, melodica, and vocals -- kinda sorta about seeing love as an art project. [more inside]

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Everyone else in the band always jokes that this song should be called Penis, but they're just juvenile idiots. On the other hand, it does contain the lyrics "American tits" so maybe they're right. [more inside]

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April 1

Kentucky Juba

A short but stately exercise from Frank Converse's 1872 The Banjo and How to Play It.

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World Trade Centre

A punky little indie number about opting out of consumer culture and the acceptance / celebration of violence and warfare. Also, Wargames (the film). Hope you like it! [more inside]

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crashing is not safe

I got in a car crash about a month back. No one got hurt but it was still kind of scary (I had my 13 month old in the car and she was screaming and crying) and afterwards, it was really depressing/distressing. It was really hard to get to work and I couldn't go anywhere and then there's the money I had to borrow to fix the car. [more inside]

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