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April 28

my idea 21

Quick song recorded this morning on Music Memo with (automatically added) bass and drums, and some synthesizers and (fair warning) voice-cracking singing. [more inside]

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April 26

The Leaving of Liverpool

I had a great time collaborating with billiebee on a cover of this traditional folk song/sea shanty. The goal was to record a simple arrangement that was different from the more lively covers out there -- to borrow billiebee's phrase, a gentler version. I'm hoping our rendition highlights the lovely melody of the song. [more inside]

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April 22

One More About Face 2

A basically complete track from a planned upcoming album (which will also include Where No One Has Gone Before), partly to get feedback and partly just to light a fire under my ass to keep working on the damn thing and maybe finish it this year. As indicated by the title, it's the second (of 3) songs planned for the album titled "One More About Face." [more inside]

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April 19


Kind of a dirtier, dronier, shoutier version of this demo I did a while back. [more inside]

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April 17

Sleepwalker (Cover)

"Maybe I could be the one they adore—that could be my reputation." I had The Wallflowers' "Sleepwalker" in my head earlier and decided to learn the chords and record it. [more inside]

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April 16

Starving (Cover)

"Something inside me's changed—I was so much younger yesterday." I learned and recorded this cover of Hailee Steinfeld's "Starving" in a half hour one afternoon last month. [more inside]

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Another night and I can pick up where I left off today Another drink and I will sleep right, and the dreams will stay away I thought about what I should do now but I'd rather stay in and keep out from the cold ...you know I'd rather be alone murmurs...

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Man Of Fantasy

My high school band, Avatar. We wrote this in 1979 when we were 17, recorded at a one-off reunion in 1986. [more inside]

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April 12

Challenge Idea: Username-inspired songs?

Admittedly potentially fraught! Similar to how a previous challenge invited non-MefiMusic regulars to opt-in by suggesting ideas for songs (e.g. set "When The Toad Came Home" to music), what about writing songs inspired by MeFite's usernames? They'd (we'd) have to volunteer themselves and willing Challenge-takers could call dibs on whichever they liked. Slight potential for drama, but considering some of the more creative, odd or merely unfamiliar usernames I reckon there's plenty of potential to whip up a song/piece/ditty based exclusively on the name given not the person. Good/iffy/bad idea? I lean towards iffy, but I'm a natural pessimist. posted by comealongpole at 4:35 PM PST - 6 comments

April 9

1994, 4 Track, Crappy Sound, Surah Song

Old recording on a four track with shitty mics. Attempt at being experimental many years ago. Surah was from a very old recording. Created after many early mornings in Ahmedabad.

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8 - vampire deer - ring blues

last song in my rpm album, 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag [more inside]

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April 8

puzzle box

Games with arpeggiators. Would probably make a good background bit for a podcast about mysterious goings on in an abandoned synthesizer factory.

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7 - vampire deer - firefly blues

this is no 7 of my rpm album - what happened to no 6? - i don't know how to count beyond 4 [more inside]

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April 7


written in january while staring at the banks of the mighty lake ontario

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April 6

summer follows

instrumental guitar rock. A bit of messy improv guitar on the quiet parts...

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April 5

Your Radiance

An old recording from the cassette 4 track days, newly rediscovered. Pretty poor recording which I have tried to clean up as much as possible here. [more inside]

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5 - vampire deer - grand haven blues

6th song of my rpm album - kind of creepy ... [more inside]

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This is meant to evoke being chased at night in a 1970s city. [more inside]

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April 3

distinct queries

All rock instrumental...no vocals... [more inside]

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April 2

fields of athenry

another SSTO bus shelter cover. [more inside]

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