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April 27

Regime Change

Junior High Drama [more inside]

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April 26

Does this belong in a movie?

There's a song with words and stuff that this was originally based on, but I like the instrumental version better. Mellow, textured, haunting, builds slowly. What do you think?

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The Real Pissman

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April 25

An Echo Of You Remained In The Transporter Buffer

An elegy for my stepmother, who passed away from ALS, based on a recurring dream I'd have of seeing her brought back to life in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation via a transporter glitch. [more inside]

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April 17

Kraid's Green Hill

A couple of covers by my band The Phone Calls [more inside]

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April 14

OP-1 Clicks and womms

Recently got a Teenage Engineering OP-1 and this is a first attempt to put the 4-track through it's paces. It's a noisy little thing, extremely digital. In addition decided to put this together without any sequencers so the rhythms are... inconsistent. This is straight out of the device, no additional processing.

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April 8

Fuxxed Rx

About 10 years ago I had a pretty terrible year. A lot of people thought they knew what was wrong with me & also thought they knew how to "fix" me, but they all turned out to be wrong.

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April 5

Many Chords

My wife had a pessimistic guitar instructor when she was younger, one of those "there's nothing new in music, there's only 12 notes" kind of musicians. So, as a rebuttal to that mindset, here's an in-progress 50+ chord progression that I think is turning out swimmingly so far.

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