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May 31

Black Panther's Vibranium and Klaaw

A metaphor. Emotions run high as "Klaaw" is contained herein by the use of "vibranium." The results are emotionally startling.

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May 30


Taking a stroll somewhere in France. Sonic snapshots : Purchasing food. Driving. Walking in the street. Listening quietly. Playing the guitar.

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May 29

American Dreams

Mix Master Mike frequently samples the intro to Killing In The Name for his sets. I decided to sample the outro, where Zach de la Rocha is yelling "ALL OF WHICH ARE AMERICAN DREAMS". The bass line is spliced out of Evil by Interpol since Carlos Dengler has got some crazy tone. This is a pretty slow jam, so it borders on the line between hip-hop and dance. Enjoy.

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Here's another song by drowsy, my one-person band, and once again daja sings guest vocals. Voice and autoharp and nothing else, recorded live to four track cassette (but we only used two of the tracks).

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May 28

rico's cabana hut

kind of a throwaway instrumental i tacked on to my rpm album ... best described as hawaiian slack-key fuzzrock ... 07 of 07 ... coming soon - "herby and the polar bear club"

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That Bomb

Another "can it be a rap song?" From the point of view of an elf that worships the a-bomb ("the hallowed ground is los alamos..."). It's only 2 minutes but it's packed, pay attention. There is nothing like this, I would say modestly, so I don't know what will happen when people hear it. The elf is a theme on the album... a nuclear terrorist in this case.

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May 27


Named after the Marvel series. (Duh.) Telepathic sound.

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Moving Pictures

buriednexttoyou filter: last September, he posted a demo of his song, Moving Pictures. I immediately fell in love with it, and recently decided to make a cover of it. I asked him if he wouldn't mind, and he didn't, so here it is. He is got serious talent, and If you are one of those who loves finding great new music, good surprises await you at his site.

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little bossa

I knew I had to play the flute. I found a bundy on ebay, and when I received it, began to play right away. This recording features guitar, flute and harmonica. Improvisation as usual, raw bossa vamp as background, no composed melody as such. Could have been longer without the telephone.

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May 26

Think About Your Troubles

Ever since this post, I've had this song in my head. Been goofily singing it to myself pretty constantly. So I decided to just record it a capella for no reason whatsoever. It's not jazz (slightly bluesy in spots though) & of course it's not as good as Nillson's but I figure maybe I've gotten it out of my system now. I mean, how often does a girl get to record herself singing about decomposing whales? ;)

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Hopeful Hopeful

It's my usual setup - bedroom recording, loop pedal + Telecaster. This is my more recent sort of loop song, and it has more of a jazzy feel. I run the Tele through a compressor before the loop, too. Yeah, this one's a little long, but I just really, really like it. I recorded it a few minutes ago and was just so happy with how it turned out (I had no idea what it would be) that I'm done for tonight.

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Tower Song

Another Townes Van Zandt cover, though I think this is the best thing I've produced [at home] yet. Amazing what a little compression will do. A beautiful, simple, moving song that I can't do justice to.

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The Hoarse Whisperer (Parts 1-4)

Got together with a friend a while back to jam, and we ended up deciding to try and record something for the first time. Our goal of creating music failed. Thus the project Tverrbjelker was born.

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which stands for : guitar flute harp flute guitar. Last year my sister gave me her old dell inspiron 3800. I installed audacity on it and was in for multitrack recording. Actually, I didn't know that I could listen to the previous tracks and recording at the same time. So I recorded the first four tracks trying not to lose the tempo and then moving the track so it fitted with the rest, adding layer by layer. By the time I recorded the solo I had managed to listen to the background. Composition is not too ambitious, it was just a matter of testing.

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May 25


A jokey, sloppy kind of thing recorded in 2005 for a web project that never got off the ground. As in many of my songs, I seem to be suffering from some type of sinus issue here. Perhaps the flipside of buriednexttoyou's awesome Arboretum from last year, this song tries to be positive about the milestones, the things you can do once nineteen, in Ontario, Canada. Yes, I know the Paul Hardcastle tune. why am I posting this?

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the constitution, drug policy, iroquois league, patriotism, terrorism, puddles, winter rye, urban decay, moses, the hudson river: it’s a rap song, can you believe it?

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She Does That To Me

My first offering, home recording, zero budget. Hope you like it. Acoustic guitar singer / songwriter style, hopefully sounds light and clean.

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Zoo Killer

There is a movie called Zoo I read about this morning. It is about men who have sex with horses. I located and downloaded a piece of horse-man pron, sampled the horse's insane whinnying, and the passed it through a compressed filter of a sample of the guitar downstroke from A Flock Of Seagull's I Ran [mashed up] with the keyboard riff from The Killers Somebody Told Me. The result makes for aggressive stadium fodder. It's kind of how I am feeling today. Enjoy on monitor speakers.

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May 24


This is the first track we've recorded for our next album. I'd love to hear what you all think...

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Requiem for the Living

The new album is more or less finished, so I thought I'd offer you guys another sneak peek. A shoot-from-the-hip rock song - Let's drink to the things that died too soon.

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May 23

Thou Shalt Always Filter

"My deepest sympathies for posting this. I lack all attempts at rhythm and meter, and don't even have a nice English accent to back things up!"

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Three minutes ten seconds

Some guitar-based ambient music with little digital plinks and plonks

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Another ditty from marshmallow spike. Lyrics inspired by seeing the greying faces of commuting salarymen on the train in Tokyo. And not wanting to become like that.

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Burn 3rd Degree on the M.I.C. (k.e.y.)

A Toni Basil/Inspectah Deck mashup from 2003 (live mix).

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breaking up

Hi, this is the sequel to my previous post : old french song. Actually, this song was the following one we sang during the concert in the church "des frères prècheurs", Arles, in 2006.

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Can of Corn

This is one of the tracks on my soon to be released CD This Pound of Flesh emcee Will E P that people seems to get right away, although there is no way to explain it.

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May 22


Remember what I said about electronic sound reacting strangely around me? This is what I meant. Believe it or not, this is the recording of a record skipping. And that's all. Guitar accompaniment by Tom Anderson.

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May 21

Ten Thousand Waves

An electronic track I did in my room at Ten Thousand Waves, outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. Influences include Boards of Canada, Nathan Fake, and a little Aphex Twin. There's a longer description here.

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GODZILLA Tooth House Hand

Recorded live at the opening night of Godzilla 2000 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA, then mixed down in Vancouver in 2005. HEADS UP: Sudden LOUD!

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A Song for Dolphins

Another track by Selected Letters (my sadly defunct band). Music by J. Sher and I. Ochs, lyrics by R. Witte. Enjoy!

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Blackout (John Scofield cover)

Just me and my friends making music in the basement. This is a live studio cover of John Scofield's Blackout.

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Requiem for blink

On a sad day last spring, our benevolent dictator banned the blink tag from Metafilter. After a night of heavy drinking I woke up in a canoe in the Andes and composed this eulogy.

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May 20

Chivalry II

This is the current 'live' (as in, I've played it once in a bizzarro jam-show) version of this song. It's a single take, straight through, using my favorite pedal (a Headrush E2). I'm really, really going to beg for criticism (constructive, or other kinds), since I don't know really what to do with it or what to improve. So, crits? Thanks guys

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Time Passing (032807 version)

"This next song uses one of my favorite techniques...that's to take a beautiful, simple melody and drive it into the ground." -Leo Kottke

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Whatever (Folk Song in C)

A lovely, understated tune recently released on Elliott Smith's posthumous collection of outtakes, "New Moon" on Kill Rock Stars. Being an obsessive fan of Smith's, I figured I'd upload my cover in tribute. It doesn't come close to matching his briliance but then, who does? Also I flubbed the solo a bit, just so you know.

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Friday Six Fifteen PM

Potent LIVE segway track. Performed on a digital recording answering machine, recorded using a micro-cassette player.

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May 19

glass spiders

In a cave, several hundred feet underground, a mysterious glow can be seen in the distance. Beyond the dark corridors, a strange music fade in as you're getting close. The spiders are here, tall as houses, moving gracefully, feeding their babies, chanting soft lullabies under the crystal dome of a large chamber. One of them approaches and weaves shining threads of sound. You're not really frightened. Actually you feel rather comfortable as you're listening to the friendly speech. Going back ?

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May 18

Elfrita The Landlord

Elfrita used to be my landlord. She would place giant spiders outside my door so they could crawl into my apartment. It was horrifying.

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hi, Sometimes you're just looking for something as peaceful as possible. Sorry for the unavoidable flaws.

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May 17

Baby Jesus Cries

If I keep this up, I'll go on tour with a Minutemen tribute band. (I need to improvise a wind screen for the mic.) Enjoy! Note: I never did get a new guitar. I had a friend rewire my Mustang. It sounds alright.

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hi, it's raining outside, I just wanted something warm. Short and improvised.

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May 16

Love Your Tractor (week 20)

I've been recording a new song every week, and and uploading to the web every Wednesday this year, for something I call "Hump Wednesday" (as it's the hump day, right?) Anyway, this week marks week 20 of this (questionable) endeavor. Here's an archive of all the tracks to date - I have more info as to how/why I'm doing this on my MySpace page, which I'll link to if anyone asks. ps: my tunes are short, abstract but catchy electronic pieces, done with just my iBook and some homemade software. If you like Solex, Cornelius, or Mouse On Mars, you might like this...

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May 15

When We Sleep

A cover of one of my favorite songs about tornadoes, originally by Butterglory.

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bee bum bum diddle biddle bumm

bee bum bum bee bee bum bum bee bum bum bee bum bum bum

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satin doll

Another excerpt of a previous too long post. Tired of playing over improvised and random changes, I brought the Ellington tune to Olivier. I played the rhythm track, he played the melody, then I managed to play a solo. Hope you like it.

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Stolen Umbrella

2007 mix of Stolen Umbrella by marshmallow spike! Lyrics by me, music by Yoshi. (*Note: singer is not a native speaker of English - but he's doing his best).

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Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek" Arrangement for the Guitar

Rough arrangement of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" for the steel-string guitar. I put this together about a month ago, after the SNL "Dear Sister" sketch introduced me to the song.

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May 14

The Words That Escape

An instrumental about words.

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Dreaming of the Sitar

My internet debut ... what do you think?

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Mad Romance

A bittersweet song of love. I produced a video for this last week that came out really well. Have a look at Google. There's a lower quality version up at You Tube as well. Thanks!

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Tracatacata tun tun

A little something my girl and I put together.

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How many autoharps is too many? 'Cause this song has four. (more info in the first comment.)

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May 13

We'll Drive This Car

We'll Drive This Car ('Til Hell Is Shooting Out the Stars) - Selected Letters We just played our last show ever this Friday night (a house party at Kenyon College in Ohio - we're all former or current students there) and I wanted to post one of our best songs to commemorate a great year. I miss them already. Selected Letters is: Ira Ochs on the bass guitar Joe Donohue on the guitar Alex Murphy on the drums Evan Axelbaum on the saxophone Riley Witte on the oboe Jeremy Sher (that's me!) on the violin

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May 12


Recorded quick, titled in a hurry. Kind of sappy with an out-of-tune piano.

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Recorded on New years eve, 2002. 2 incredibly talented musical friends of mine accompanied by 5 marginally talented bafoons attemping to make music out of anything and everything. Included in this track is a 1980's casio keyboard, accordian, kazoo, banjo, beer bottles, bass, clapping, and lots of booze. Lots of booze. I think its kind of catchy.

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No Two People (Rehearsal)

The Smoke Alarm Sessions, cont'd. At a very young age, I developed a ginormous crush on Danny Kaye. Soooo on a whim, Barry and I decided to take an uber-sweet little quick-talk Frank Loesser duet from one of my favorite DK movies and rework it into a ballad. We're both in love with it, but it hasn't ever been performed in public yet. Here it is.

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Sythoholics Anonymous

A night long bender on sythohol. Starts out peaceful enough, but once the party gets started control is hard to maintain. An Episode production

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Sanitarium Sound System v2.0

It's like the label DHR collaborating with the label ECM. Echoing, morphing, gated chords. Sexy, distorted beats. Subwoofer-rubbing bass.

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May 11


This piece is a cover of a Duran Duran album track. [more inside]

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It was 1999, I'd just graduated from trackers to fruityloops, and I was listening to a LOT of Warp and Boards Of Canada, and I made this. It's still my favourite, despite being the first tune I ever completed. Tsk.

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May 10

Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Guthrie cover)

Old Woody Guthrie tune that's probably been covered a couple hundred times. This is me breaking in our new upright bass.

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Seven Sisters

This is an old skeleton from the closet. It's got its flaws, but when I dug it up, I found I still like the story it tells. Lyrics inside.

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May 9

Sea Of Love

Here is an oldie but goodie. Originally recorded in 1959 by Phil Phillips, Sea of Love has been covered by many over the years. This is my take on it that I recorded for my girlfriend as a birthday present a few weeks ago. Short and sweet.

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old french song

hi, what about a trip to southern France, with an occitan traditional sung by a choir ?

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May 8

You Can't Kill That Rooster

A song about staying up later than you should.

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Happy Day

Just some bass, korg sample drums, some vocs and a really bad English accent. Enjoy!

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like the ones which hang from the ceiling and slowly revolve.

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May 7

Atomic Trane

The first submission from my group Episode. Hypermodern technohop, a trip through the retro-future.

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Níl na Lá

A wonderfully sloppy version of an old Irish folk tune, recorded for the laugh, wherin an old man goes into a pub and is told to hit the road until he produces a shilling and is told to stay til morning!

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Let Me Wear Your Ring

drowsy, my autoharp-driven one-person-band, briefly expands to two with daja's guest vocals on this song. Pure pop bliss in two minutes or less. Served up winsome and bitter, just the way you like it.

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May 6

"All The Things You Are," solo acoustic guitar

My favorite jazz standard, done as a solo acoustic guitar piece. Apologies for the audio clipping at 2:02. (For some reason, the MeFi audio preview is playing it in a lower key and slightly slower; I'm not sure how to fix this, so I'll leave it as is.)

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Cuando Veine el Tiempo

This is the first song I've actually written in a very long time. And it's in Spanish.

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I recently dislocated my shoulder, and assumed music was out of the picture for a month or two. But I was getting pissed off at not playing, and discovered if I capoed everything up really high and didn't play anything too fancy, my arm could handle short bursts of pickin'. So I made a simple song, part French and part English.

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real book

Hi, This is not what you can call a song : rather a collection of recordings pasted together. As in the Real Book, some standards are included. But this track also includes sounds taken from the real world, like a street scene, or rehearsals. It is a deliberate effort to try to match apparently unrelated recordings, from different sources. The Real Book, paradoxically, features charts for some idealistic land. Here, I wanted to use sounds both from the inside (music) and from the outside (raw field recordings) to see how ironically they are related and to provide some contrast. What you're about to hear : a saxophone playing Don Quichotte, a late night Dulcinea, two versions of a standard, and guitar comments.

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May 5

C & D'd

My neighbor got mad at me while I was making this. Contains low frequencies.

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May 4

The Biggie Blues

What do you get when cross Notorious B.I.G, Geeshie Wiley, and a subsonic dnb bass? You get The Biggie Blues my friends.

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May 3


Dazzling Caracas. Forever in present tense.

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May 1


I've recently begun a solo-project in the world of IDM and electronic music. I won't advertise/spam my Virb or Myspace accounts unless someone specifically asks for them. Hope you like it!

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Save the Fattest Girl for Me

A pop-rock song about bypassing the supermodels and going straight for the solid girls. Tried to write it catchy, melodic and rockin. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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