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May 31


There was set before me a mighty hill,
And long days I climbed
Through regions of snow.
When I had before me the summit-view,
It seemed that my labour
Had been to see gardens
Lying at impossible distances.

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Jetlag Beats // Brr Stick Em

Remixing the remix below using only a toothpick. [more inside]

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Blah blah blah

This is another children's song, and it's even better than the last one. Induces uncontrollable giggling in test audiences - for the young, and the young at heart. [more inside]

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a tim burtony/weezeresque lovefest about... brains here for my pals on mefi first by the edison carter project [more inside]

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May 29

You Haven't Done Nothin' (Plump Mix)

Stevie Wonder's You Haven't Done Nothin' backed by Plump DJ's Contact 00. Fortunately for me, they were in the same key. Unfortunately, they were roughly 30bpm apart. It's good to finally be remixing again though. [more inside]

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St. Anne's Reel

A classic. On mandolin. What more could you want? Nice and short to boot. [more inside]

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My Song

Actually, I'm only a arranger, music is composed by computer (software "Virtual Music Composer"). [more inside]

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Thorns on the Heartstrings

Glitchy dark beats, with distorted synth and a little hardcore mixed in. [more inside]

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May 28

Your Little One Way Street

... you strive to be elsewhere, but you already are, you know ... [more inside]

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May 26

The Book of Love

is a cover song. [more inside]

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'Til We're Dead

I think I managed to write a somewhat upbeat song! Well, upbeat if you ignore the title and lyrics. It's got: hammond organ, celesta, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and some epic "Woo-oo-oooh" back up vocals.

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Samurai Girl

A really short piece (intro) I was asked to do for a Flash project with some really incredible CGI images of a samurai girl. [more inside]

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May 25

Difficult elevator entrance

Glitchy piano with strings

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Lo-fi bossa with apologies to Jobim [more inside]

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May 24

Jam back in the house

Layered solo instrumental using just a guitar and a loop pedal. [more inside]

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Tonight Hit the Bong With Me

A very dumb cover of Tonight You Belong To Me, written by Lee David, 1926.

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Ebay tastes like boogers

I sold this song on ebay last week for 1.50$.....actually cost me more to post the listing. The guy wanted it to be about smoking herb and flicking boogers, pretty cheesy but he paid for it.

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Trego Mountain

My first attempt at country/bluegrass. Timing is a little off here and there. Based on many trips out to the Nevada desert. No banks were robbed. Send me a note if you like. Peace.

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May 23

Teach The Children

Post-apocalyptic metal written by two 17-year-olds in 1987. Band name: HAMMERSCHLAG [more inside]

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May 22

Money, Money, Money

An Abba cover that I made while experimenting with Audacity. Any suggestions (music, equipment, software, anything) welcome. [more inside]

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May 21

enigmatics II

Well, I'm taking the plunge and releasing a CD. Short-run, nothing too fancy. I already posted the fourth track of this EP, enigmatics, a long time ago, so here's the second track. A Metafilter Music exclusive!

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Melancholy piece for abbreviated piano

Looping noisy piano.

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May 20


hubris in E major [more inside]

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Red Army, a song for poet Peter Dimitri Golub

This is a first try at a song I'm working on for my friend, poet Peter Golub. There's a reference to this article, a sad cliché...

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It's Me!

This post made me feel a bit less self-conscious about doodling away at music with bugger-all technical skill. So I thought I'd chance your ears with a short shouty number. [more inside]

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May 19

Live or Let Die

Aaaaand it's another nugget from Derailleur's alternate-Bond-theme project. We found that flipping from "and" to "or" gives you a completely different take on life. [more inside]

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May 18

Take On Me (a cappella cover)

My entry for the as-yet-unannounced Do An A Cappella Cover Of A-Ha's 'Take On Me' On A Dare From Your Wife challenge. [more inside]

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Generic synth arpeggios

I uploaded this to share with friends. It's really not much right now - just some straightforward arpeggios that anyone with a Korg and 5 minutes can do. The chord progressions are definitely usable, though they've both been done to death.

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May 17

You'll Never Know, Dear

This may be the most covered song on MuFi. [more inside]

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May 16

Things I Used to Know (demo)

"Our minds are permeable to forgetfulness; I myself am distorting and losing, through the tragic erosion of the years, the features of Beatriz." -- Jorge Luis Borges [more inside]

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Don't Touch My Meal

A song for children. [more inside]

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May 15

Fault Lines

Verse 1: I heard a whisper on the waves From across the galaxy A tyrant dashed children on the rocks, I heard a rumor Of genocide so far away [more inside]

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Rock n' roll song (about rock n' roll)

I was inspired by Cortex's argument here that "songs that explicitly talk about how great rock and roll are rarely rock." [more inside]

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Steel Trap Attacks

The third and final song off the O Captain! My Captain! EP. It's about the dark alleyways of a crazy, lustful mind- and the fruitless help proffered. [more inside]

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May 14


The English folk tune Kingsfold rendered very simply in synths. Incidentally, it is also the tune to the hymn I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, and almost identical to the Irish folk song, Star of County Down. The melody occurs elsewhere in European folk music, I believe.

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Royal milkshake (demo)

A sugar rush ditty.

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May 13

Go Home Metronome

An exhausting afternoon called for extensive multitracking and math-rocking minus the thinking part. [more inside]

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Scrooge McDuck reminisces about former love affairs, smokes a cigar on his gazebo.

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May 12

Movin' On Up

The lazy cracker, banjo-infused version of the Jeffersons theme song. [more inside]

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May 10


Recorded live to 24-track digital at our most recent show. My band The Dukes of Simpleton is an XTC tribute project, so no we didn't write it, but I'm pretty sure we're the only people playing any XTC songs live in a 1000 mile radius. [more inside]

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Speedy noodles

A simple track for a simple day.

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No one was really sure how I could've crashed in space, which is by nature, mostly empty. And when they found me, I had gnawed of most of my leg in order to survive, and not in much of a state to explain the events. [more inside]

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May 9


This is my little ode to that most absurdly beautiful and unlikely of Italian cities. This tune, once again, features the mouth bow (otherwise known as the poor man's wah-wah) plus lots of percussion and whatnot. The mix could probably use a bit of tweaking here and there, but I think it's basically presentable... [more inside]

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May 7

The Song of Sailor Martin

The theme song for Sailor Martin, my pierced and tattooed ventriloquist dummy, a melancholy Hawaiian number about a hut on the beach occupied by a certain drunken sailor with a large number of naughty tales to tell. [more inside]

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Chester v3

First mix of fer-realz recording of one of my songs: Chester. Per my last AskMefi post, please critique it! [more inside]

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All The Things... (...I've Stuck up my Arse, Ode to an A&E Nurse)

N.b. A&E is British for Emergency Room.

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May 6

Tell Yourself

I suppose this is the equivalent of my last yay new instrument song. Banjo, 'lectric guitar, 'lectric drums, singin. [more inside]

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May 3

Shady Grove

For Jessamyn, who's been listening to many versions of this song. Here's another. [more inside]

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