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May 31

It's Summer

it's summer!

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The Fauna and The Flora Are Too Closely Allied

I've been meaning to upload this for ages - it's an old one from my band, Institut Polaire

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May 30

Chase Scene ala Wes Anderson

Bicycle chase scene in Central Park. Tried to do this like an old time radio gag... [more inside]

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reverse vampires under negative rainbows

Recorded in 2003 by my band, struction. Noisy, loud, fast. [more inside]

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May 29


The final album version of a song that my band usually calls "the loop song" [more inside]

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O'er Cresting Phrygian Waves

A return to roots, an experiment with new textures. [more inside]

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River Rise

A song that was sort of spontaneously written just over ten years ago. One of my sad songs about water. [more inside]

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Arvo Pärt: Fratres für streichquartett

As a personal homework assignment to prepare for writing a string quartet, I've been programming scores of various 20th Century string quartets into Cakewalk SONAR. Here's a recording of Fratres by Arvo Pärt. [more inside]

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May 28

You Still Look Like You Did Before

I don't know what this is; kind of a pseudo-jugband, neo-bluegrass-ish, Hee-Haw with a whiney singer. [more inside]

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by Hugo Ball [more inside]

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May 27

Landlocked Memorial Day Blues

A song for Memorial Day, posted a few days late. [more inside]

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Metal up your ass! [more inside]

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Last Orders (aka Tom Waits For No Man)

Another one from an acoustic-based set recorded some time ago now. A giant cliche in a way, I suppose - but it has a kind of addled charm... [more inside]

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May 26

Groove for Tomatoes (A Prayer)

A sequel, of sorts. [more inside]

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Roto-Tom Synth Improv

My first and only improv drum recording...layered with my boyfriend's (the real musician) synth improv. [more inside]

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A track from my defunct band, Struction. Fast and loud. [more inside]

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fender speakers

Anyone know what these speakers are? [more inside] posted by BrnP84 at 9:19 AM PST - 3 comments

Too Blue

"This was an improvisation, actually the second take (Blue 2, or "Too Blue"), during which I had the memory of the Monterey Jazz festival firmly planted in my head, remembering the incredible musicians and music I heard all over the fairgrounds, playing jazz, soul, and lots 'n lots of blues…" ~ Laurie Z.

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May 25

Distance of the Moon (Albedo Mix)

A "cover" of my "first" song. [more inside]

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This collage, like this one, this one and this older one, has been mostly done through the use of a looping device and a guitar. And some ambient sounds too. Last part designed to propitiate meditation.

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May 24

Cambie & Hastings

A more mellowed-out trinket of instrumental dance music for the wistful and introspective; born out of an epic evening of adventure in Vancouver at an intersection of the same name.

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May 23

Mamy Poco Pants!

Those of you who think doing TV commercial jingle music might not drive you insane... THINK AGAIN! [more inside]

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May 22

Count Freaky (Humpin on M.A.R.R.S. Remix)

My friends The Shamblers recorded a song called "Count Freaky." I did an electro remix. The goofy "This is a DJ Knox Overstreet Remix" thing in the beginning is self consciously goofy.

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Covered to death?

I had an idea for a Challenge, but I wanted to ask for some help, and also to see if anyone else thinks it's a decent idea... I was thinking, how about a MeFiMu Challenge where we cover a song that's been covered a LOT? I mean, let's take one of the handful of songs that's just been covered in and out and up and down, around and about, by everybody and his sister. One that there just can't possibly be anything new any of us could do with it. Then, of course, we HAVE to do something new with it! [more inside] posted by flapjax at midnite at 11:26 PM PST - 62 comments

The Closer I Get to You

I wanted to hear a post-rock band cover Roberta Flack. [more inside]

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Indie rock gone improv and conehead [more inside]

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The Company You Keep

A mellow acoustic oldie - worth re-recording? Comments/advice welcome [more inside]

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MeFi Examinations 2009. Applied Bollocks - Stage 1.

"To what extent is recording a science or an art? - discuss".* *Assume, for the purposes of discussion, that "recording" includes writing, arranging, performing and producing a piece of work [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 10:55 AM PST - 19 comments

May 21

Silver Equine Heart

Dark psychedelia from deep within the Karst topography of the Missouri Ozarks . . . [more inside]

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Watch The Flowers Being Bombed Quietly

Revisiting a form we haven't attempted in a few months: ambient.

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Sensitive Artist

The sad thing is the sheer quantity of people I know who really are this way. [more inside]

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Happy Day

A song about the pleasures and disappointments of meeting somebody new. [more inside]

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May 20

Untold Demons (new mix)

I posted this track before, but that mix is a bit outdated. So I'm offering it up again for the first song challenge. [more inside]

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The Men the Booze the Cocaine and the Grind

A song about strippers who blog. [more inside]

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Dr. Oppenheimer

The strange but true story of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. It's a bit rough, needs a switch up or two and a new ending, but you get the idea.

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May 19


oh, you know

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My Chemical Brain

I don’t know crap about this topic but it hasn’t stopped me from having my interest piqued. Specifically, I’m talking about brain chemistry. Both the mechanics of it and the way we manipulate what those mechanics do these days are super interesting. Even more amazing to me is how people’s emotions (usually negative emotions) can be a simple result of a chemical imbalance in their brain. Wow. I realize the drugs we have today are both amazing relative to nothing and very blunt instruments relative to what we’ll have down the road. And while I haven’t tried any of them, I sometimes wonder what people did before they existed. Mostly suffered I suppose. :| [more inside]

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Take Five Take Two

I posted a playalong for Take Five which I recorded a little while back. This is me playing along. I'm kind of new to the sax. [more inside]

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All Undone

For this month's MeFiMu Challenge, here's a song first written in 1986 and first recorded and released in 1991. This version was recorded earlier today. Rewrote the last verse. The old is new again...

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Lyrics somewhat NSFW. [more inside]

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Big Sound (Rubber Band Box)

A dub remix of experimental music sensation Maru. [more inside]

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May 18


A submission to the unofficial "Seven Nation Army" challenge. [more inside]

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Big Fat Love, or: Fast Food Is Bad For Your Heart

This is a song about a guy who works at a fast food place and the girl that loves him. [more inside]

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May 17

Oklahoma, Boston

The first song I can remember "writing." Circa 1986. Re-recorded here for anterity. [more inside]

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Silver Dollar

Bluegrass song about what sometimes happens with sons and dads. (In a bluegrass/country world.) [more inside]

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Syllogismobile (demo)

Transuniversal love story. [more inside]

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One of my first efforts with the Korg DS-10. Comments/critiques welcome. [more inside]

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Mr Slug goes back to hell 2009

One of the earliest songs I've ever made (one of the only I could find) remade with slightly better skills and slightly cheaper equipment. File under easy listening holographic lounge soundtrack. [more inside]

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May 16

Little Mattie Groves

My friend Nate sometimes sends me him singing folk songs, just his voice. I really enjoy getting these. I added some guitar to this one. [more inside]

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Spirit Of '69

The hippies' lament.... [more inside]

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LSD is Hard to Find

Rough demo of an original country tune. Vocals only, and looking for instrumental collaborators for possibly getting this realized in a more polished state. [more inside]

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Chase Scene

One track of face-slapping, three tracks of voice. That's it!

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May 15

Techno Space Chase

I think I actually covered both challenges with this. It's chase music made out of one of the earliest string quartets I'd ever taken a crack at. [more inside]

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Blues for Bozo

October 1996. My wife was gone to visit her folks in France. I was sitting at home with a Boss DR-5, a Fostex four track cassette machine and a twelve pack of Red Dog. [more inside]

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May 14

Days Are Long

For May's "remake your first song" challenge. [more inside]

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Miss You Much

I tried to picture Alice in Chains covering Janet Jackson, but it sounds more like T-Rex by way of Power Station. [more inside]

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The ConstruKction of Light

King Crimson cover

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Aaahhh, the ravages of time............. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. [more inside]

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Imaginary Country

Writing music is a healthy way of coping with exam stress. Although it doesn't really help me study... [more inside]

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May 13

Elemental Fire, 2009 version

When I was 12 or 13 or so, I loved to play around with a MOD tracker I'd downloaded. This is a remake of the first real song I wrote using it. [more inside]

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Emotion Experiment 2

This piece is supposed to represent a story associated with a particular emotion. Please let me know what emotion you think it is. [more inside]

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May 11


we wrote this song at our space a week or so ago. [more inside]

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Propellerhead's Record in Beta

So Props new product Record is in beta, I've signed up. I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't include any kind of plugin architecture natively. I can handle not having plugins, b/c of ReWire, but it would have been nice to have esp. for tools like Melodyne. On the plus side, the arrangement and mixing additions look very, very nice. posted by bigmusic at 1:51 PM PST - 11 comments

May 10

3753 cruithne

Continuing with my beat-oriented theme of late. Autechre-like, but they're still 1,000 times better than I am. This one's noisy and glitchy, just the way I like it.

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May 9

Summer Jam

How shaved ice saved my life (or not) [more inside]

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May 8

Hommage a Quelqu'un (2009)

This is a "cover" of the first track I wrote on Reason, after getting my first midi controller. If you're a fan of Debussy, you might recognize the chords. [more inside]

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May 7


This is the first demo from my new collaborative project, tentatively caed 'Bring A Guillotine'. Some NSFW lyrics. All comments appreciated!

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The Lift

Another Sauna Song. Recorded at 4 this morning, and actually sounds more like it was recorded outside than my last song, even though this one wasn't at all. In drop D, but tuned down a whole step. [more inside]

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One Star in a Million

song I wrote about a friend of mine and his girlfriend

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May 6

When You're Out of My Mind

A nice little love song, for iterations of "little" that involve a six minute runtime. [more inside]

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Electro-arpeggiated goodness. Be sure to listen all the way through, the end is worth it. Hasn't been properly mastered or anything, so if anyone has any advice on stuff like EQing or anything else to improve the overall sound I'd much appreciate it.

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A lazy song about drifting down the Mississippi, written by Rob P, performed by Bone Table. (That's me on the slide.) [more inside]

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Creatura (and the sea)

Inspired by a friend's photos of the ocean.

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Empires Fall

project for senior seminar. Acoustic + vocal. Poorly recorded, poorly written, poor performed :P [more inside]

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May 5


I started with a cavaquinho (uke), but then it spiraled out of control. [more inside]

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Dive Bar

Beers and girls and country music.

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Hey maaan

over the violence, maaan

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Lost at Sea

I decided to take a trip back to when I first started writing music on my computer. (No, this isn't a submission to the montly music challenge.) This is a super noisy track, from my Buzz days. Very different from anything I've written lately, but one of my favorite tracks I've ever written. [more inside]

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All right - second track from my in-the-works EP. Constructive criticism appreciated! [more inside]

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How to make an album listenable at one volume.

How do I get all my songs to have a uniform volume? [more inside] posted by Corduroy at 6:53 AM PST - 18 comments

May 4

Breathing On Another Planet

One of the first songs I ever wrote, remade in a multi-million-dollar studio by a band that broke up shortly after it was recorded. The original version is here. [more inside]

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May 3

Dispatch from Sector Ten

Just discovered on an old unlabeled audio CD-R. [more inside]

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White Feather

Slightly absurd to try to describe music in words - have a listen and let me know what you think.

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May 2

Teenage Wasteland

Not a cover of that Who song. [more inside]

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When I was in high school, I loved industrial music. I still do, but secretly. This was an attempt to sate my inner angst-ridden teen. Some NSFW lyrics at the very beginning. [more inside]

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Burning December

A song I recorded outside today, except for the vocals which I will explain inside. This is another one I would especially appreciate thoughts on. [more inside]

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Hallelujah, on a ukulele.

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Faithfully (polka version)

Because I have no shame, I have used an accordion to cover Journey. [more inside]

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Restoration of Water

From my duo SKIST's (previously ) 2nd release, Taking Something Somewhere. I've posted this here for you "logged in members" to download if you so desire, but I highly recommend listening to it the first time with the accompanying video, cause the video looks like the song sounds, and I'm proud of the video, and most of all cause I think the visual reference will help to decipher and delineate the somewhat obscure structure of the song.

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A soft soak in a warm bath of electroluminescent air gel.

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May 1

Road Organ

Found an old organ. [more inside]

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Seven Nation Army [White Stripes cover]

Thanks to the inspiration from a terrific link about this song today, I decided I'd give this bad boy a try for myself. Let me know if you like it. And rock on!

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Should speak for itself I guess. Perennial tale of wronged love, worm turning, vengeance etc. [more inside]

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Monthly MeFiMu Challenge thread - May edition

Thanks to everyone who submitted a tune for the April Challenge! If you have any thoughts on it, points you'd like to make, whatever, feel free. Also welcome here: ideas for future Challenges. Also, I'll go ahead and post the May Challenges (two this month) here, and they'll also be in the usual spot very soon. Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with for this next round. Fire up the recorders! [more inside] posted by flapjax at midnite at 6:15 AM PST - 19 comments

Nathaniel Hortense Bardsley versus Her Majesty's Loyal Brigade of Cosmic Oscillators

I guess this basically sort of sounds like Riverdance if it was played on a bunch of crazy synths. [more inside]

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