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May 31

a complicated render

I'm trying to come up with vocals for this one and really struggling tonight. I had an idea, which was to just use pitch correction. I actually kind of liked it. At the risk of sounding like kanye west, i think it helped me get the melodies from my head onto the track without me immediately deleting it. I think maybe I'll use it as a guide track to get a usable take.

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May 30


The previews end. The feature starts, quietly. Ambient instrumental cowboy music.

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Here's my entry for the MetaMeta challenge. It's a cover of dobie's track hypotech from a while ago, done with many acoustic layers. Thanks to dobie for actually sending me the lyrics too! [more inside]

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May 29

Kitten (in my robot purse) cover

Coming late to this great mefimusic challenge. So many I still want to cover, but here's my noir version of umbĂș's excellent Kitten (in my robot purse), a song that packs way more adorable and awesome into less than three minutes than should feasibly fit. Hope I'm doing it justice. [more inside]

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Uptempo, hard-driving instrumental for synth+piano, with elements of trance and classical. First track on my Anthem of the Heart EP. [more inside]

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Night at the beach in the dark with more vocals

I let a few people hear this before (both here and elsewhere) and they all wanted a mix with higher vocals (despite the fact that I've assured everyone the vocals were total rubbish). So I've re-mixed it and re-mastered and now you might be able to hear my voice. If you still can't understand me, I've included the very depressing lyrics below. [more inside]

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May 28


Some morning hammond noodles

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My Childhood At the Open Mic

If memory serves, in my pre-teen years, bands At the Open Mic tended to sound a little like this. I wish more of them had covered Cortex's songs. [more inside]

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where's the exit?

Just another instrumental rock song. A few more electronic elements added in this time but overall, still very much guitar based.

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May 27

Yeah Yeah

What happens when you let your seven year old son take over your home project studio for a few minutes? Turns out, you get experimental electronic fun (with help from dad). [more inside]

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It's Not So Bad

An quickish acoustic one, with lyrics about my dad, his melanoma, and a couple of other things. Has probably the most acrobatic bridge bit I've ever done. [more inside]

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May 26

When John Drinks

Cover of When John Drinksby AstroZombie For all the Johns I know. [more inside]

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is it the beach at night

Another attempt at songwriting. Unfortunately the vocals were so bad I almost deleted them. Instead I just backgrounded them.

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May 25

Whimsy Will Be the End of Me

A remix of an old acoustic cover of a Slipknot song. Glitched-out and re-sampled beyond recognition.

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May 24


I went to a lot of Punk shows and listened to a lot of that type of music in my youth. I think I paid like $7 or $8 to see Greenday before they exploded on MTV. My friend's band opened for them. Likewise, NoFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, and many others were among the bands I saw live as a teenager. I haven't really listened to a lot of those bands for a number of years but sometimes I run across a random track in my music library and it brings back all those memories. [more inside]

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May 23

Pick me up too

This is my cover of for the April/May Music Challenge. I could make a lot of excuses for how bad this. I didn't quite figure it all out and I re-arranged it a bit. The vocal melody is somewhat different because I had a hard time singing the original and I had to improv on lyrics as I just couldn't interpret the originals totally. But overall, this was interesting and fun. Hope you don't cringe too much Sredni Vashtar

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May 21

River Town (Mind Movies Remix)

The vocals from the original version of River Town are scaled back and quite a few new dynamics added, but this remix embodies the same dreaminess as the source version nevertheless. This is virtually a rework more than a remix in any case.

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May 20


Something of a duck-billed platypus of a Brazilian tune. [more inside]

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I Don't Feel At Home

Inspired by the dissolution of my good friend's marriage. Heavy on atmosphere and breathy bg vocals. [more inside]

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May 19

Lost at Sea

I was going for "underwater exploring" [more inside]

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Listen, a song by Sredni Vashtar. Recorded, as usual, at rehearsal. The loop drones throughout and the guitar and bass are sparse and simple.

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I have been making too many one part songs lately so I had wanted to do something with a few different parts, you know, like a verse, a chorus, and a bridge and maybe if I'm lucky, a super-chorus... [more inside]

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May 17

In A Soylent Way

Carbon 7 doing our mellowest, jazziest thing yet. Joined again by flautist Fred Mitchim. Kept to a pretty sleek 9 minutes. [more inside]

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May 16

Merry Xmas

Did my best Yo La Tengo impression for this misanthropic (and so timely!) track about the holidays. [more inside]

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sound out collaboration

My brother who lives in northwest Florida took the time, energy and money to come out and visit me in New Zealand. He's the only member of my family who's ever taken the effort to come out an visit me in the 8 years since I moved here but unfortunately due to just bad timing and unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't give him the welcome he deserved. [more inside]

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Baking Powder Blues

Acoustic fingerstyle blues instrumental. My first effort at writing a riff blues, and also my first effort at recording. Completed as a final assignment for a Berklee Music MOOC. [more inside]

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May 15

Lama (Jane Woodman Remix)

When a musician, who has self-recorded and mixed everything (brilliant) he (she) has ever put out, eventually takes to creating a remix, the output can be somewhat spectacular. That is what happened when San Francisco shoegaze darkwave wonderkind Jane Woodman jumped into her very first remix for Ummagma 'Lama'. Hope you enjoy the output.

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May 14

The long queue

I used to have to commute through rush-hour traffic. You spend a lot of time thinking or zoning out when your car is not moving very fast.

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May 13

track 5

Song for the week. [more inside]

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mid-autumn festival

The last song of the project formally known as Old Ship Arcadia.... [more inside]

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River Town

The themes of timelessness vs. something purely of the moment and also of mobility vs. immobility are somehow factored into the folds of this dreamy folkrock-inspired track by Ummagma. Whispy and somewhat ethereal. [more inside]

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May 11

Old ship church

Another one from the afore mentioned project from a few years ago. Not quite up to my current standards but I like the energy in this one anyway.

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May 10

Guardian Angel

Here's an old song from Sredni Vashtar, revamped, restructured and recorded at rehearsal a few weeks ago [more inside]

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May 8

Love That Makes Me Laugh

Cover of a Bill Withers song by my new band Third Time Lucky. Rough take from rehearsal, not properly mixed or anything. Hope you like it.

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Another track from the same project as the previous one I posted.

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May 6

daylightsaving's eve

This is from a project I did about 2 years ago I think. I don't think it's ever seen the light of day till now. It's a bit low quality in it's mastering probably. I wanted to do an 8" with this and 3 other songs but never got around to it. [more inside]

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May 5


I think many people are innately inventive and many are even thrifty. When you combine the two elements with a worthy musical piece, it's amazing how many different kinds of incarnations that you can dream up for it, taking on a life of its own, so to speak. But when you start comparing one remix against another, sometimes lines tend to blur and it becomes more challenging to distinguish what has been taken from the original version and what has been newly added. It's at that point that I always end up returning to the original. This 'Lama' is that original track - a point of reference now and especially at the time it was written.

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May 4

Lama (Dunaewsky69 Remix)

This is one spacey tangent-filled whirlwind of an electronic mix, slicing elements of Ummagma's original version of 'Lama' into a whacked factory of digital sound - not for the light hearted when it comes to electronica, but certainly worth the trip :)

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May 3

where it starts

This is one I did back in 2012. I wanted to do something more electronic but as that's not my forte, it ended up being pretty minimalist. I ended up overlaying a subtle guitar track in the end anyway...

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Get up in the Morning (Say the Geese)

I was tending a fire and playing my banjo outside when the geese decided to help. [more inside]

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May 2

Acapella Animals

I spoof EDM track "Animals" by using sounds from only my mouth and body. I posted a video of me making it here: Acapella Animals [more inside]

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May 1

track 4

I'm doing a song-a-week thing with someone I knew in school, and this is what I came up with. [more inside]

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Medford Girls

This is the studio version of a song I posted a while back. With video! Shot in an abandoned school house. Fun times. [more inside]

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