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May 31

The Crow on the Cradle

A quick recording of a way I've been messing around with approaching an old song. I think the time-signature change makes it seem a bit more bitter and a little less sinister, which is interesting, if not necessarily better.

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May 29

I, I, I

Trying some further electronic stuff.

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def dev puts @development end

Finished my online web dev course. It was time to relax and take a break from writing code...

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May 27

Men's Retreat

New recording of an old song with the following Garageband synths: "hip hop kit", "pop flute" and "shimmering harpsichord" (IIRC). Song about good friends who have, by now, all moved away. I'd love any thoughts on this. [more inside]

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Sundre Says

Home demo for a future studio recording. An atmospheric tune about driving at night through small-town Canada. Lyrics below the fold. [more inside]

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May 25

A Smuggler's Song

Somewhere between Show of Hands and the Mountain Goats, we find this story of a man in a boat off the coast of Cornwall, drunk, armed and fearful. [more inside]

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May 21


Piano, drums, bass. [more inside]

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Aleutian Letter

Home demo for a future studio recording. A contemplative tune about a man working on the DEW Line in 1950s Canada, writing a letter home to his estranged wife. Lyrics below the fold. (Pardon the tentative lead vox, as this one's a tiny bit above my normal range and it's brand-new.) [more inside]

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May 17


As in comet. Carbon 7, doing the free-form space jazz thing, again. [more inside]

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May 15

Fiddle tunes for a Friday

Fiddle tunes on mandolin, that is. Just a little medley of some fiddle tunes I know in the key of D. Whiskey Before Breakfast/Soldier's Joy/St. Anne's Reel/Liberty/Whiskey Before Breakfast

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May 14

I Am On Your Side

The sad robot loves you and will never leave you. [more inside]

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Winter in July

A cover of the a song by the 6ths, from the awesome album Wasps Nests.

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May 13

Why Worry (Dire Straits cover)

30 years ago today, on 13 May 1985, Dire Straits released their number-1, 9-times platinum, Grammy-winning fifth album: Brothers in Arms. ‘Why Worry’ is track 5 of the nine great songs on the album. [more inside]

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May 12

track 9

It's late and I can't sleep, so I made a quick, self-indulgent, sloppy little thing. [more inside]

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The best part of breaking up

Hi Mefites! The company I now work for hosts music competitions and gig listings on the world wide web. We've got one contest lined up right now that actually could pay well and be a pretty cool career boost too so I thought it'd be appropriate to broadcast to this community, even though it does cost money to sign up for our site (10-12$/month) So far we haven't actually had too many appropriate entries so anyone who sends one in has a decent shot at the contest picking them! [more inside] posted by Potomac Avenue at 2:24 PM PST - 3 comments

May 10


Remix of Wall, by Nils Frahm. With samples from Fefa Naa Efe, by Fela Kuti.

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May 9

Paranoid Shepard

This is an endlessly rising Radiohead cover vignette; a section from Paranoid Android rises a whole step and repeats itself, and does so again, six times total, before returning to where it started, as a kind of large-scale take on the Shepard tone. [more inside]

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The Lift

Not quite a song about a city, but about a specific room in this old mining village in the Cascades of Washington. Features baritone guitar, slide guitar, bowed guitar, pump organ. Also a rerecording of this song. (By the way, any advice on how to record electric guitar on the cheap would be appreciated. At the moment I am just putting my ZoomH2 microphone in front of an amp.) [more inside]

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May 5

The Golden Age (Beck cover)

A synthed out, vocoded take on Beck's extremely non-synthy song off of Sea Change, as an excuse to fiddle around with Reason 8. [more inside]

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Aircraft Recognition

Short and sweet. A song about aeroplanes overhead with minimal vocals. Live rehearsal recording by Sredni Vashtar

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May 4


This one has maybe the most tracks of any song I've ever made. [more inside]

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Carl Sandburg (Sufjan Stevens cover)

threeants' lovely cover of Chicago reminded me of this version of another song off that same album that I recorded ten years ago, and made me realize I never posted it to Music. So here it is! [more inside]

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May 2

Chicago (Sufjan Stevens cover)

Felt inspired to throw together a cover of an old favorite for the May/June challenge. [more inside]

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May 1

Breathe/Pigs Medley

A proof of concept. This was our first complete take at this at rehearsal a couple weeks ago. My prog tribute project, The Yes Men. All live, recorded in the garage by John. [more inside]

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43.459885, -93.570367

Not sure how to describe this one, but I sampled a lot of disparate stuff and used some found sound I have.

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May-June Music Challenge: We Built This City on Rock and Roll (/Folk/Jazz/Hip-hop/etc)

...with apologies for getting that song in your head. Or NOT because it is FREAKING AWESOME. [more inside] posted by greenish at 2:21 AM PST - 28 comments