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May 31

I Met John Fahey in a Safeway

#9 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series (42 to go!) was going to have lyrics about meeting John Fahey at an autograph signing meet & greet-type event at a Safeway supermarket, where he was signing copies of his new cereal called Homegas. A conversation ensues, and then the chorus was the advertising jingle for Homegas cereal. It never got that far though, 'cause I decided I liked the music better this way and in my mind's ear, rather than to try and jam that much story into such a short timeframe. Also, time to move on!

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May 30

Far Behind

Just echo-y acoustic guitar and futzy vocal preamp in a short song about moving on. [more inside]

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May 28

deeply listening

Spent the last year learning to program and had no time for music. Finally got a job and a new-ish life so I thought it's time to get back to some things I enjoy. This one is different from my normal thing though I suppose I'v'e always had an attraction to analog merging with electronic. Maybe thanks to new order/joy division??? Though this doesn't sound anything like those.

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May 27

Whoa Nelly

Another older one... hoping to get some new stuff finished soon but here is a fun track in the meantime!

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May 22

The Guardian of Phobos

Piano vs. Electronics. Kinda epic even though it's not all that long! [more inside]

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May 21

Sapphic Melody

This is a poem fragment from Sappho set to music using Ancient Greek music theory as best as I understand it and generated by my Platonic Music Engine which generates music using every musical idea that has ever or will ever exist. [more inside]

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May 20

vampire deer - jamtape 3

alesis sr16, bass, guitar and arturia microbrute through various combos of boss dd3, vox stompbox b1, ehx pitchfork and dod dimension 6

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May 19

vampire deer - jamtape 2

korg er-1 through a behringer octave pedal, bass, casio sk-1 and guitar through a vox stompbox b1 and ehx memory man deluxe with hazari [more inside]

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May 16

vampire deer - jamtape 1

4 track tape recording - new album, 3 jamtapes [more inside]

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May 15

Day Trip To Ikea

Here's a highly textured synthpop song written in 1999 using Juno-60, OB-1, Arp Axxe and an Arp Omni II. All the synths are driving each other via CV.

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May 14

En Garde!

Penultimate track from Creature Of Habit in which we find our protagonist brooding over the realization of the previous track, and facing down the Creature. [more inside]

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May 13

Early Riser

my friend Kyle Butler and I, recording as Kiltertolks. Improvisation, guitar, piano, field recordings/samples, computer generated sounds. [more inside]

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May 12

Mr. Trump Don't Like It

I will send you a care package of peculiar and random things if you re-write and record the famous Memphis blues rag Mr. Crump Don't Like It for MeFi Music. This is a serious offer. posted by DirtyOldTown at 12:24 PM PST - 4 comments

May 11

Hello My Future Girlfriend '99

My trance remix from way back in the day of the classic "Hello My Future Girlfriend" audio clip. [more inside]

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May 9


It's a jam that has bleeps, pew pews, and a vaguely apocalyptic vocal sample! Perfect 4 ur summer jam needz [more inside]

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May 5

China Doll

A collaborative cover of the Julian Cope original, by me and not_on_display [more inside]

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May 1

Realization, Remembrance, Regret

Song four from Creature Of Habit. [more inside]

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The Lost City of Flesh Eating Robots

A very silly track from my high school days. Circa 2004.

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Move Right Now

Odd, never-quite-finished, repetitive something which I concocted years ago using PS1 MUSIC 2000's default instruments and some short vocal samples. [more inside]

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