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May 30

Further Chaos Dance Mix

Slow dance to the outbursts of generative electronic folderol. [more inside]

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May 23


Exclusive to MeFi music, Snowdrifts as originally recorded! From Where The Trail Leads. [more inside]

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May 22

Flip Side

What's it like when you feel like you're on the flip side from everyone else on the street? A vaporwave exploration of the lo-fi a e s t h e t i c.

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May 17

Prosthetic Conscience

Guitar Instrumental. A rework of an old piece of mine. Just got a bass guitar, so of course it's pretty high in the mix.

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Transcontinental Airway

Another IDM travelogue inspired by the remote land arrows of the Transcontinental Airway System. Music for dancing, thinking, or especially (if you have the means) driving.

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May 15

Where The Trail Leads

The title song from my new online-only album Where The Trail Leads. Stream or downlaod for free. [more inside]

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May 13


An old instrumental jam from when I lived on the island. I think this is from around 2013.

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May 10

Mumbo Jumbo: Light It Up

I couldn't help noticing a certain theme to Mumbo Jumbo's Hermitcraft Season 6. (Well--two, really. One was breaking and placing concrete, but that's not the one I made a song about.) [more inside]

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May 9

Make Right the Time [Danny Schmidt cover]

A different draft of the song rangefinder 1.4 introduced me to, having been given her basic tracks and having added my noodling. This is the one with the piano. And the kitchen sink. [more inside]

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Obscure Reference

Guitar instrumental. A bit of harmonica. [more inside]

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May 7

Falling Into Summer - DEMO

Recorded with a Roland Jupiter X as a live take

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May 5

I'll race you!

Foot race? Bikes? Horses? It don't matter none, 'cuz it's on! [more inside]

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May 4

Autumn, Semaphores

A psychedelic synthpop meditation on dreams, the romance of travel, the uncanny desert night, and technology approaching obsolescence. If Tears For Fears collaborated with 1970-era Steve Reich, you might get something like this. Based on a painting by Georgy Nissky and a time-lapse video of two vintage railroad semaphores in the New Mexico desert. [more inside]

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May 1

25 Seconds of Wuthering Heights

I never finished my entry for the Kate Bush music challenge a while back, but I liked the bit I did get done.

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