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June 30

You and the Fishermen

Never get in a fight with a fisherman.

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As you stood there with your helmet off, I remembered getting hit with frozen tennis balls (because they always forced me to play goal.) kind of a song about being scared...of a violent helmetted guy. really a demo, but when i tried to do it 'for real' it sucked. so i like this one despite the faults.

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A light-hearted vocal tune/experiment - all sounds are from my own voice, including the potentially craptacular quasi-beatboxing in the middle. Enjoy!

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Mad House

Spooky beats, sharpened knives, with a madman on that ol' church organ.

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Just a little thing I did with Garage Band and my M-Audio Keystation. I think it'd make a good title screen for a video game.

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In your hands

Recorded by a band I was in way back in '97 at the ripe age of 19.

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Deceiver of Nations

The first protest song I've ever felt compelled to write for my band Pocket Novel Mystery. This is a rough draft, but we'll probably use this one on our next full-length, in one form or another.

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ted dansen interview

this is from 2003. yes, that is a typo. hooray for cheesy soft-synths!

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breaking up

I thought this was cool in 2002

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Hazy Heat

Another song (featuring spinning from DJ Sku) from The Wild Farewell by The Harvey Girls, as posted earlier in Projects. It is too damn hot to be outside.

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Light On

Someone is reliable but grouchy. Something very bad might have happened. I got my neighbour to play the accordian.

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Let's Play

Odd time signature for the verse, standard 4/4 chorus. We're not really sure why it turned out that way, but we liked it. Another one by Dessert Parade recorded for that first release.

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Alien Staring Contest

Meener meener meener ambient earthlings!

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Today is Not a Day

From my for-fun band, The Loqol Boiz. When people talk about "experimental music", this is a good example of what they are referring to. The song tells a story -- can you divine it?

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A quiet electronica piece I wrote not too long ago. This is music to chill out too. It gets the job done.

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Convergence 01

Composed, recorded, produced and mastered by me and a group of peers at a Junior conservatoire a few years ago. A few pointers - the vocalist was instructed to "Speak to God" (but not in a religious way), and the title comes from the feeling that the whole track is moving towards something. Violin = Lotto! (Yep I play two instruments)

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A recent recording of a slow and maybe a little creepy song I wrote a couple of years ago. I'm responsible for all vocals and instruments minus the bass, which was recorded by my Scottish buddy Riadsala.

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The Spy Part 1 (Cover's Blown)

Acoustic demo about what I did during the Cold War.

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The Spy Part 2 (Thirty Scarves)

Demo of a song about being far away from the spy you love. With acoustic guitar and tuba.

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A Theory of Everything

Twangsome surf-rock from The Strange Attractors, recorded when I should have been writing screenplays. That's me kicking the reverb tank at the beginning.

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Rubik's Cube

Solving The Puzzle of Love.

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Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo

Awesome stuff, guys. I'll represent retro/chip music: I'm involved in the niche hobby of writing new music with old videogame hardware. The music you are hearing was programmed in notepad using a TurboGrafx 16 (PC Engine). It's meant to combine Capcom and Konami videogame soundtracks of the late 80s, hence the weird title. I perform this music live in NYC, with guitars and lasers. I got awesome advice on Ask MeFi about how to get my equipment to shows, and as thanks I'll share my stuff with whoever might enjoy it. More of it is at my site, and my friends who also do this share it also.

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No More Room In Hell

is my favorite song from my band's (The Scarring Party) first release. It's a sepia-toned song about the apocalypes

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Vice City

Yeah, it's pretty much about what you think it is.

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The New One

This is my former band, Heat Lorraine. I'm lead guitar on this track. We had broken up already when we played this show. There was a lot of resentment floating around. We'd all had a few drinks before we went on, but our lead singer (and rhythm guitarist) Brian was drinking with a vengence.

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A cover of ABBA's S.O.S by me (Brad Sucks) and my pal TheHipCola for an ABBA Fight we were involved in.

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Trees + Herbs Just Got Easier

cloeburner and I used to be in an improv noise rock band called cloeburner. When I listen to this song, I think of a majestic bald eagle, sinking slowly into a pool of lava and contemplating its own mortality. I hope you will, too.

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An utterly ridiculous song created in Soundtrack.

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Ringing Rocks Piece #1

Field recordings from Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania

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Das Wartenfurwasschlimmererzupassierenwaltzer

The Waiting for Something Worse To Happen Waltz. By Mefites interrobang, rocketman, mouthnoize, and originalname37, once collectively known as Polkapocalypse.

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Community Noise

Members of the public were invited to bring a non-musical object to a drop-in recording session. We recorded them making a noise with their thing ('things' included carrots, an umbrella, false teeth, keys, photoflash, adding machine, pints of beer), and then the next day I did an improvised gig using only the collected sounds as source material. This is an excerpt from the gig.

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Scarlet Blues

I originally wrote this for two purposes: my A Level Music, and the soundtrack for a short detective film I was making at the time. It is performed by a local youth big band and features Lotto on lead trumpet. I'm playing bass clarinet in there somewhere, prizes if you can hear it.

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Faded Afternoon

Ah, those long hot sticky days of Summertime, waking up hung over and stumbling bleary-eyed through breakfast at one PM before dragging your alcohol-bruised body outside and collapsing in a deck chair beside the overflowing ashtrays and empty pizza boxes while the neighbors’ air conditioner hums and cats prowl through the backyard grass... and your buddy hands you a can of sorta-cold beer still dripping with melted cooler ice from the night before and someone else lights a cigarette and everyone stares straight ahead at nothing, totally dazed, eyes squinting in the afternoon sun... yeah.

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matthewchen is spamming

Jangly, wistful guitarpop as requested.

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Oozing, loving, beatless

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Diamond Joe

Low quality stomping country music recorded drunk and presented here in it's straight-from-the-desk unmixed format. Came out pretty good. Nice rattly drums.

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Funky soul-inspired song from a 10-piece North London band sadly no longer in existence. Trumpet = Lotto!

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This snappy little track is from my band DIVISION OF PLANES.

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3 Men by Bob Wiseman

I did not write this song or have anything to do with it. It's a previously unreleased track by a friend, Bob Wiseman, who gave it to me in 2003 to post on my Blogathon. I killed that blog so the song once again became unavailable; Bob's since given me permission to share it more widely. If you like it, his site is at bobwiseman.ca.

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Most of Mine

There was an episode of Will & Grace in which Harry Connick Jr's character cheats on Grace and then tries to get back together with her. Embarrassingly enough, that TV show was the inspiration for this song.

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Funk My Wagnalls

da funk is all.

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Nil By Mouth

A big machine is rolling up behind you in the dark. Creepy ambience.

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Imaginary Dance

Guitar-heavy, folk-inflected rock instrumental.

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Working On A Line

This is one of the tracks I submitted to the MeFi music compiiation project, but not the one that will be included on the CD. Dessert Parade is primarily a studio band now, since the four of us have scattered around the country and both the bass player and guitar player are on their way to being Famous Rock Stars. We recorded this one in 2002 for our first release.

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Surface Waters

Drifting across the waves. Some live experimental guitar ambience.

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Something Friendly

Casiotronic feel-good in a can.

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Drive Safely (A17)

"You're gonna die, man!" "Yeah. Someday."

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Sobering Up

Upbeat acoustic indie folk rock blues! Most of my songs are about drinking.

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June 29

Woman Attack Dog Breeder With Body Of Dead Chihuahua

Of dead puppies and retribution. Originally written for The Aural Times.

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Making Me Nervous

"ironic electro-pop"

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it's a song about dirt and also bags

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