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June 30

Place to Be (Nick Drake)

Only the brave or shameless attempt to cover Nick Drake.

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underwater caves

A song about underwater caves and the strange things that live in them. Me and my wife recording as Tangemeenie. Sorry, it's not new, but I wanted to play, too. And I use my guitar to do an impression of water in this song, so it just seemed to fit.

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round - vampire deer

04 of 13 - herby and the polar bear club ... some people write songs for good parties, i write them for bad ones

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June 29

The most frozenest river around

A song inspired by crossing the frozen river Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This song is short, simple, and basically three choruses and no verses. That's right - screw the verses!

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"From the depths can they hear us pleading / Grant us rest, Lord"

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I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

A cover of one of my favorite songs

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Only Listened One Time

This song is not actually a cover of any actual song, even though it pretends to be for reasons that will become obvious when you listen to it.

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Drink Meta-Filtered Water

This is my contribution to the Music Challenge. I started off wanting to write a song about how water is the best beverage ever, which made me think of filtered water, which made me think of Meta-Filtered water, and so on...

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long long way to graceland - vampire deer

03 of 13 - herby and the polar bear club ... just renting here

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June 28

Living Ain't Worth Dying For

We were going for a John Cougar Mellencamp, Americana, country-rock thing. We have no interest in having a message, hence the stupid words. And we think vague singing about "Uncle Sam", "the war", "the factory", etc., is funny.

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Part 2 of my extended musical apology to mathowie. I have to earn my return.

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Carl's Coffee

When I saw that the challenge was about "water", I thought about my friend Carl. Spoken word + very mellow bass.

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The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds

A song about the rain—I seem to write a lot of those—and for the inaugural round of the Mefi Music Challenge.

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Sinaloan Milk Snake Song

A lo-fi cover of a lo-fi song by the Mountain Goats, from Zopilote Machine. Made in GarageBand, vocals recorded with built-in mike. I'm brand-new at this, so I welcome technical advice about how the mixing, recording, use of loops, etc. can be improved.

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Don't Let Jessamyn Pick the Themes

Also known as "puddlewonderful." This is my contribution to the challenge and so, there's [more inside]

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just a quote - link is in the comment.

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aurora borealis eyes - vampire deer

02 of 13 ... herby and the polar bear club ... misunderstandings of popular doggerel applied to current events

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June 26

I Want to Drive

This is a short, NSFW song about an aggravating place. It was thrown together in a two-hour burst of creative intoxication this afternoon, though most of the lyrics have been bumbling around in my head for the past few weeks.

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steppin' on my pearls - vampire deer

01 of 13 - herby and the polar bear club ... a lament

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Burning of the Bushie

I told myself I couldn't sleep until I created and uploaded this. Here is an abstract audio interpretation of my vague, apathetic feelings towards the current political regime. Listen to the end & Look for more to come.

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June 25

It's a secret to everyone

more well orchestrated crazy.

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hens and rooster

It's nice to be at home with some guitars at hand. I wanted to participate to the challenge, but this tune has nothing to do with water. To me, it evokes a procession of hens in a courtyard, near and around a drowsy rooster. Images of aimless loopsided wanderings, long seductive dances. What is the rooster dreaming of ? just another bunch of hens I guess. Then he awakes suddenly. Too bad this wasn't the theme of the challenge. Enjoy.

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June 24


Another Geese song. I wrote this for my wife, who was meeting her father for the first time at age 36. Hope you like it!

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A track from my defunct band's unreleased full length. me- gtr, m. sonin- gtr/vox, d. zeidman- drums recorded spring 2006

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June 23

Fincha cha cha Remixed

About five years ago (when I was 13 and pre-pubescent) I recorded a little ditty. Now, five years later, my mate has remixed it and I love the result!

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June 21

Songs of Nothing

In the studio we have many white boards, and upon one a friend wrote the nonsense, "Songs of nothing/Words in the night/Fancy delight". I turned it into a song as meaningless as its inspiration. Sorry about the harmonica.

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Tetris Drone

This is what happens when you play a guitar with a gameboy and an e-bow. Kind of noisy! Also, kind of awesome.

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Steampunk Fever Stream

My friend Dan and I apply the guitar and recording implements to hastily collected drippings from his subconscious.

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June 20


Hip-hop has been a passion of mine for a long time. And recently, some friends of mine and I got together to produce an entire album. This is the latest effort from me, as featured on our upcoming album. Sure, it's a demo, but it's free!

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drone piece i wrote on guitar.

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to dream

late night meeting with a street musician, near saint anne, in Montpellier. Lots of things to say, many songs in his bag, mostly sharing the same chords (!?). Nice feeling.

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June 19

Late Century

An apology to mathowie

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in formal cat

This is much more the style I usually work in. Poppy, punky, and fuzzy. Maybe it's just because of the low grade equipment I use, but my songs always turn into big saturated buzz-fests. At least with this one, it was no accident. As usual, recorded by myself with guitars and robots. Hope you enjoy. Lyrics inside.

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June 18

23rd Century

Here's a track from my album about wanting to be a robot. I figure lots of you folks can probably relate. My band is currently touring the east coast, with dates in VA, NC, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT, and VT. Details inside!

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Got Away

Continuing a theme, I guess...

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Puter Puter

OK, this is not the greatest composition of all time but I do want to share my (surely unoriginal) observation that if you have a baby and a Mac it's really fun to cut up clips of the baby talking and put it over a loop. Grandparents like this. All suggestions for how to do this kind of thing better are most welcome -- I've only been using GarageBand for about a week.

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Here Lies a Lonely Man

Under an archway, cross a cobblestone floor through an old wooden door. There's an apartment, and someone lives there, but does anyone care?

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June 16

Drifting Downriver

I played this for a friend and he said, "That'd be a nice song to hear while floating down a river."

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June 15

The Way I Feel

Another Geese song! I wrote this song a little more than ten years for the woman who eventually became my wife. My original recording was simply me and a guitar, neither sounding particularly good. I recently re-recorded it, and, well, hear what happened. For more, you can go to my music site (forgive my self-promotion). Enjoy!

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blues a la basie

The Count Basie variation of the standard blues changes. Just two guitars, solo and rhythm.

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June 14

short trip

Ever been in a french train station ? Recorded as I was coming back from playing with Edouard (whose amplified saxophone is included). NOISE 20 secs into the recording (that's for humannaire) - but it ends as smooth as usual (guitar outro). Bits of usual threatening, complaining, philosophing... in french (and english).

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June 13

get the door

simple, mellow track for the long awaited summer. still experimenting with bent instruments. thoughts?

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June 11

Every artery

A song mostly inspired by having a stressful job where I deal with lots of nervous/frustrated/severely impolite people, and its effect on me. It's a little rough because the main track is recorded on a boombox with a verrrrry old cassette.

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June 8

Prom Night

Kind of rough. We just mic the room and record while we play. No mixing or anything. I play the bass.

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salt in the wound

::::: -> |

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spanish cakes

As fresh as possible, in a slightly different mix than my previous upload, to give some more presence to the tune. The rhythm track was under electronic dust somewhere on my drive. I had recorded it without bothering to turn off the radio, so it is heard at the quietest moments. I've added a melody and a solo, as well as some percussion, but it's still a very tiny addition. Flaws included.

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June 6

Superhero Theme Song

A short guitar instrumental I made for a friend's film.

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June 5

Emotional Disaster

Spider Robinson and I were pals for a time. This is him reading from Callahan's Key. The added telepathy is mine.

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Two short and very meditative improvisations from some time ago.

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June 4

Owl Creek

I wrote this maybe four or five years ago. No words, just fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Minor, kind of moody.

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Not Anymore

A poppy ditty about a girl's good fortune thanks to yours truly.

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Barley & Grape Rag

A cover of the Rory Gallagher track. I decided to learn this tune instead of doing some proper work today. I think I definitely need to find where I put that pop shield....

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June 3

I Like Your Song

Normal Heights, San Diego. Ice Cream truck with Ice Cream song playing. Backwards.

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could of

kinda jazzy, kinda not. this is where my highschool extra curricular activities run into my highschool punk band...recorded alone. fake drums. some mixxing creds go to my lil drummer bro...(family link!)

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June 2

Playin' the Pawns

The Great Big Mulp + snsranch + collaboration = Hell Yea!

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imp 4

Four years ago, I was trying to feel what it's like to be able to improvise. These are three takes over the same short chord cycle : take 2, 1, 3. My conclusion is : to improvise, you have to be able to wait.

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June 1


I recorded this montage while talking with MMM over the telephone. (Pre-Beasties, 'circa '97.) He and I were both into outer space funk, and we talked a lot about sound and space alien movies. With Mike on the phone, I pulled out records he named and recorded them using a Realistic tape deck with tape over the heads to turn it into a two-track. It was juiced session. The results have passed the test of time.

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chinese no groove

Improvised trio. Guitar, keyboards, doorbell. When you've got a pebble in your shoe, you can't look at the stars.

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