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June 30

Don't Talk To The Cops

Inspired by the recent MeFi post. Also, first song upload. Hi!

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Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future (is a Cover))

I know this song has been uploaded right at the very end (if not shortly beyond) of the MeFi Music Challenge, but I went through a number of songs in the long debate to find a MeFite's song to cover, eventually landing on the one that most frequently gets stuck in my head. That song is Colonel Roger (is a Soldier from the Future) by chiefbluefeather. [more inside]

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A Man is Coming

Another new song, recording in the lowest-fidelity I can manage. This time a country blues song about scary things. [more inside]

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Hey, Little Sprout!

A song written for my oldest nephew (he's the giggling in the beginning and the talking at the end). His nickname is the monk, not little sprout. [more inside]

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Bell Temple (Tixi's Theme)

Music for a video game I'm (slowly but surely) writing - an underground labyrinth of hourglasses, pendulums, and time-based puzzles. [more inside]

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Betty (Sugar Fix)

This song is about a love rectangle. The singer is in love with Betty, she’s in love with a boy who treats her like crap. He is in love with Betty’s rich best friend who treats both him and Betty like crap. Everyone’s pretty much miserable except possibly for the best friend who’s oblivious to people’s feelings. [more inside]

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June 29

And Now She's Gone

MeFi Music Challenge, Lyrics Flavor. Toe-tappin' old-timey country happy blues. [more inside]

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leave the earth behind you

Some experimental ambient textures and layering. Contains samples from Hulk Hogan & The Wrestling Boot Band, Unique Ason, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Björk, Four Tet, Morgan Freeman, and Busy P. Also some sampling of dirty audio jacks. Title from Fadhil al-Azzawi (Iraqi Poetry Today).

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Blue Train (the slow one)

I loved baby_balrog and his band's rollicking original of this tune. For this cover, I figured I'd take the train down another track: slowed way down (down on the ground), stripped way down (just vocal and strumstick), and with a little different shade of blue for the engineer's hat.

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You know Id choose you again

Just a tune about a turning point in my life. I loved this women more than myself. I felt the presence of the man upstairs and was inspired to take another path.

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chinese dragon

no dragons were harmed in the making of this song, in which we revert to our default full on trip hop status.

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Alfred Packer, A Man Who Liked to Eat

Part of my Old Songs project: An uptempo country ditty from 2004 about a Colorado cannibal, and, later, Astro Zombies neighbor in New Orleans' French Quarter. [more inside]

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mixed live in one take. going for sort of a "legion of green men" thing here. i have no idea what time signature this song is in.

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June 28

Roads of Plenty

My attempt at the Metafilter lyric challenge [more inside]

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She dialed my number by mistake and left a kinda wild message. She called back a few times looking for someone else. I wrote this song just cause she had a nice voice. The calls stopped I never met her or spoke to her again.

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Sierra Madre Breakdown

Deliberate Strangers - from Hog Wild and Pig Bitin' Mad [more inside]

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A Christmastime Toast

Part of my Old Songs project. An unnecessarily melancholy Christmas song from 1999. [more inside]

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Bagatelle with a capital b, e, l, l. In the same family as Sam's Company. 44 seconds.

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June 27

Last Day/First Day

We're finally free and clear. [more inside]

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Just the way I see it.

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June 26

Rockmoss Remix

- A totally reconstructed remix of Xillon's Rockmoss, from the album It's Ok To Dance. [more inside]

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No Time to Cry

My first new song in quite a long time, recorded in as deliberately lo-fi and distorted a manner as possible, because that's what I like. I'm now 40, so it's time for me to start singing country. Therefore, I have written a murder ballad. [more inside]

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That Door Again

A song about a door

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Attack of the Pasta Party Pirates

An original song by my old band, Selected Letters. Alto Sax, Oboe, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and a good mix of tight arrangement and improvisation. I miss this band a lot, but it was great while it lasted.

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A new version of a song I came up with this year. This is a lot like how it will sound live. Hopefully it'll get even funkier. (disclaimer: used to be called "The Porn Song")

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1000 A.D. (Sugar Fix)

Inspired by the Marginal Revolution thread giving advice on what to do if you find yourself suddenly transported back to Europe 1000 years ago with nothing but the clothes on your back. [more inside]

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June 25

Four Detestable Children

Part of my Old Songs series, a circuslike melody from 2004 telling of little criminals. [more inside]

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Concept (Remix)

A remix of a bandmate's song concept. First night with Ableton Live, and it's entirely worth the learning curve.

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June 24

Woe Is Me

Part of my quickly growing Old Songs collection, in which I record songs I wrote many years and even decades ago. This is a somewhat scandalous song about unrequited love. [more inside]

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June 23

Song of the Cane Toad

Part of my Old Songs project, where I record song I wrote years or even decades ago. This song tells of the disasterous introduction of the Hawaiian Can Toad to Australia, for some reason. [more inside]

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The Determinator.

A classic punk rock song. [more inside]

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June 22

Wichita Lineman

My version of the Jimmy Webb song

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The Worst Decision

Laid-back, blues-inspired pop song for the June '08 lyric challenge. The phrase "life is all about conflicting desires" did not sink in initially. But on further reflection, I understood how this is true. Such conflict can lead to inertia or abdication of choice, resulting in disappointment. I did all the parts on this track: vox, keyboard, drum programming, and electric bass. I'm happy with the music, but the mix needs work. Dedicated to Jessamyn, of course (for what became the bridge). Lyrics inside. [more inside]

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'Till We're Dead

If a MeFite sticks earworm on me I am gonna put it on here for what of prying it out of my head. Seriously though, awesome song.

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God Damn You Tom Brown

Part of my old songs series, where I do lo-fi recordings of songs written years and sometimes decades ago. This one is a sort-of Irish folksong about a very mean man. [more inside]

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Go on a joyride!

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June 21

Center Stall

A song about the freshman year of college, and masturbation. Enjoy! [more inside]

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Serenade the Moon

Part of my Old Songs project of recording song I wrote years and sometimes decades ago, this one a Tin Pan Alley styled love song. [more inside]

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June 20

For her

To the the one that I let get away

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The Band Will Play a Melody

Part of my Old Songs project of making lo-fi recordings of songs I wrote many years, and, sometimes, decades ago. I have come to the inexorable conclusion that in the years between 1996 and 2000, I was either quite depressed, or unexpectedly skilled at feigning it in song [more inside]

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Recorded this song last night. It's a new direction, sort of. Unplugged electric bass, acoustic guitar, vocals. 7/4 but unusual rhythm work. I like it, hope you do.

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June 19

光速 (Kousoku/The Speed of Light)

I think I was chanelling Peter Schilling's "Major Tom" when I wrote the music. I know I was under the influence of Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe when I wrote the lyrics. [more inside]

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Avery Island (Cover)

I stumbled across this wonderful instrumental on Neutral Milk Hotel's Avery Island today, and came up with an idea. [more inside]

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June 18

This Dream of Love

Another in my collection of Old Songs, in which I record lo-fi versions of song written many years and, in some cases, decades ago. [more inside]

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Acoustic Fragment

Fingerpicking on my camping guitar; a song I wrote 30 years ago. Sorry for the lofi recording--I just played it into my laptop. [more inside]

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Intro (version)

A new version of a song I had a couple of months ago. Kind of an OCD version.

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nsbok 0539

Lost in blue synthetic cubes.

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It's also about Firefox 3 and Download Day 2008. [more inside]

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June 17

Beggar's Song

Another in my "Old Songs" series, where I record lo-fi versions of songs I wrote quite a while ago. This one came from sometime about 1996, and, as far as I can tell, it was composed in a fit of Brechtian depression after listening to an evening of Yiddish art songs. [more inside]

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from Night School: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Neon+Zoo/Night+School [more inside]

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Swallowing Hair

3 guitar noise thing. [more inside]

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June 16

Great Long Strumming Thing

Part of my project to record old songs I wrote. This one probably dates back to 2000, and it rather naughty. Recorded with ukulele accompaniment. [more inside]

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breaking the rules

I added a guitar accompaniment to By The Grace of God's gorgeous a cappella country waltz. [more inside]

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Another acoustic, instrumental tune. This is the first track I've made in GarageBand (my Ubuntu machine died hard last week).

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June 15

Tip Your Hat

A song I wrote back in 1996. Its lyrics draw from images from the Mexican Day of the Dead, which I've always fancied. In particular, I like the small clay dioramas that show scenes of skeletons going about daily activities, such as getting haircuts or riding in cars, and it is those images that fueled this song. [more inside]

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New order/90's bowie/nin/soulwax/rise-robots-rise (ok, but with no rapping)/faithnomore style. [more inside]

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Rock n' roll song (about rock n' roll)

We know that rock about rock rarely rocks. And we know that rock about rock about rock rocks. But how about covers of rock about rock about rock? [more inside]

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June 14

The Book of Love

For this month's MeFi Music Challenge, just to make things confusing, I'm offering a cover of a cover. Specifically, it's a cover of Sleepy Pete and Melissa May's The Book of Love (which, of course, is also a cover--not to mention a hard act to follow). [more inside]

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Photographing the Deceased Child

I've decided to make lo-fi recordings of old songs I wrote in my 20s and early 30s. Many of these songs are between 15 and 20 years old and have not been preformed since they were written. [more inside]

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June 13


For this month's LYRIC Challenge. Jessamyn's comment was the spark that got this song going. This was also a chance to do a little strummin' on my new Strumstick. I've been having fun with it. [more inside]

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Did you ever play Columns for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive? [more inside]

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Slip or Fade

Acoustic number in the works, just looking for some advice & feedback about this song (see description) [more inside]

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June 12

Veronica (cover)

A cover of micayetoca's wonderful Veronica. [more inside]

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Blah blah blah (cover version)

This is a pointless instrumental cover version of Meatbomb's recent a capella (one extreme to the other), Blah blah blah for the MeFi Music challenge, so now you can sing along to the tune*! [more inside]

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June 11

Es Muerta Me Corazon

Just kidding, nothing's dead. [more inside]

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Cats on Ecstasy

Light My Fire cover. [more inside]

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June 10

Dammit (Blink 182 cover)

This is the most unlike me I could ever be. But it seemed like a perfectly natural direction for the song to take, and my luck has been severely down the last couple days, so... (dear people who hate blink182. I do too, most of the time. This doesn't sound like them)

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I Wish The Chief Was My Boyfriend

My wifes love for Galen "The Chief" Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica knows no bounds and now it's burst out in song format. She made the words and singing, I made the music. All together now, "I don't care if he's a Cylon, I know he's someone I can rely on..."

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I Stand in Line

Because it's new.

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Ethnic food fight

duet about throwing food at people

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June 9

2 Cigarettes (cover)

For this month's MeFiMu Challenge: Here's my fuzzy, fizzy, buzzy cover of chococat's original, one of my very favorite MeFi songs. [more inside]

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June 8

four ewe [the cover]

Continuing the tribute to the living genius of The Great Big Mulp. [more inside]

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Scrape the Sky

off my first ep, "Night School" [more inside]

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You are my sunshine

WILDCARD challenge -- again with the three part acapella harmony [more inside]

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Ossuary I

WILDCARD Challenge - beatboxing & humming & processing.

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June 6

Flyball's Lament (the cover one)

A version of my still-favorite all-time MeMu song by the inimitable Great Big Mulp, for the June challenge. [more inside]

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Version 2 of a song I made with Logic Studio on a Macbook Pro, which somehow reminds of the year 1979. [more inside]

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June 5

Roll Back the Stone

I was in a good mood this week.

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Zero Day

Title pretty much describes it.

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Grossenschrift S

Adapted from the Sesame Street animated short. [more inside]

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Into the Night

Just a silly cover song.

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June 4

Body Music 1

For this month's WILDCARD Challenge, all sounds made using only my body: cheek tapping, belly slapping, finger snapping and vocal utterances. Clocks in at a crisp 1:29, and takes its inspiration in roughly equal parts from eefing and katajjaq.

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Where Brooklyn At?

Fennesz, O'Rourke, Rehberg, ODB, Para 1, Nitin Sawhney, and... Dizzee Rascal? [more inside]

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June 3

Oh! Susanna

Classical banjo and fingerstyle guitar arrangement of the Stephen Foster tune. [more inside]

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June 2

Til we're dead

inoculatedcities wrote this, I thought it was awesome and decided to cover it [more inside]

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Init 2

A short, chilled-out acoustic tune.

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Nurse I've Done it Again (Return to the A&E Department)

The sequel to All The Things... (...I've Stuck up my Arse, Ode to an A&E Nurse), the dark middle act of the A&E trilogy. Watch your bassbins.

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June 1

How we do it in Delaware

I'm not actually from Delaware but I know a guy who's been there before.

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