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June 30


An ode to women featuring guitars, piano, melodica, and lap steel. [more inside]

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Ain't Misbehavin'

Just a piano solo of Thomas "Fats" Waller's classic, with me singing. This one just lopes along, when it isn't tripping over the edge of the stage and breaking its face. At least it's interesting. No more whispery, tentative vocals here - dove right in and got muddy with it. [more inside]

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From the River to the Sea

A rough mix of a song in progress. Constructive criticism sought! [more inside]

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Write a Summer Song: Be it bubblegum or anthem, strive to capture the elusive vibe of the Summer Tune that you actually don't mind hearing over and over, and which works its way into your mind to be endlessly inseparable from a certain time and place. Or something. Can be more literal (hot weather, vacation, etc.) or more about getting the feel of a summer hit, whatever. [more inside] posted by flapjax at midnite at 4:51 PM PST - 32 comments

Tess's Lament (Maia vocal)

When I posted the original version of this back in March I commented that it needed a female vocal. Well, thanks to maiamadness, it has now. Thomas Hardy's words are a kind of post-script to Tess Of The D'Urbervilles. I'm sure you'll agree that Maia's interpretation really brings them to life. This is what I wanted it sound like - thanks again Maia! [more inside]

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Like a Virgin

So JaiMahodara and I threw this cover together for the challenge last night. Last minute, and a little unrefined. But we had fun. [more inside]

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brown swan by vampire deer

song 3 of 8 of the new album flame

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Summertime makeout salad with honey-roasted handclaps, balsamic dance vinagrette and a sprinkle of arpeggiator. [more inside]

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Follow Alexandria

A song from our band Thous & Thees [more inside]

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June 29

sonnamble - user space

ambient electro-acoustic improv shenanigans. [more inside]

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factory rat in dreamland by vampire deer

song 2 of 8 of the new album flame

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Cold Dip

I realized the last three songs I've posted have been covers, so it's about time for an original. This is from the same project that this and this is from. [more inside]

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June 28


Back to the 4-track cassette box. This was a breakthrough song for me. [more inside]

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Millimeters of Mercury ft. Lanthanide Contraction — The Vagina Song

one more [hilarious, if we do say so ourselves] post before we take a break from posting obsessively. (did i mention we're both gay chemistry majors?) [more inside]

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Nothing Ever Changes

From a new thing I'm (slowly) working on. It's just guitar, piano and vocals at this point, but there's a cello part and some additional vocals to come. This is a rough working cut with scratch vocals, but I like how it's shaping up already. Hope you like it. [more inside]

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You Can't Ignore My Techno

Shortish instrumental, born out of me dicking around in Garage Band and trying to break out of my indie-rock rut.

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good roads by vampire deer

song 01 of 08 from the new album, flame

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Only Passing Through

I posted a solo version of this tune back in January 2010, but this is the Medicine Bone version, recorded at a gig the other night right here in ol' Tokyo town. Video at YouTube.

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June 27


this is what it sounds like when you shrink a lowrider down and go cruising around for circuits to listen to on in a motherboard and then there's an earthquake

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Millimeters of Mercury (featuring Lanthanide Contraction) — Bulletproof Breakbeat

Amen Break + Synthesizer-Playing Chemistry Major + Guitar-Playing Chemistry Major = We blow roofs off shows like supercritical reactions blew the top off Chernobyl.

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The second volume of An Evening With... concludes on a decidedly stupid note. [more inside]

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A nearly-finished track. Looking for suggestions. I feel like I should add a field recording of some kind, but I'm not sure what kind. I'm feeling a little bit of speech. [more inside]

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Dang Me

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and my voice about an octave lower than usual so I figured it was time to record a cover of Roger Miller's despicable novelty hit that was #1 on the country charts the day I was born. Despicable because it's a song written from the perspective of a complete cunt. So I brought some self loathing to the table, along with the sore throat and my complete inability to play blues guitar.

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June 26


Occasionally, An Evening With... can turn a stream of consciousness into more of a babbling brook of consciousness. [more inside]

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An Evening With... v2.8 [more inside]

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Eastern Legend

Mrs. Archivist and I are collaborating on musical project. Recording includes acoustic and electric guitars, synths, traps, accordion, and cello. [more inside]

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Over Amsterdam

A new song, hot off the presses, recorded live in concert just a little more than 24 hours ago, as of this posting. Video of this same performance at YouTube and Vimeo.

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June 25


On An Evening With... v2.7, we bring you an important lesson on the difference between being a flautist and being a flootist. [more inside]

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Sugar, Sugar

On the day that I was born (in San Diego), the Archies' quintessential bubblegum pop song was a #1 hit (in England). This is a pretty straightforward version, although the guitars and bass and drums have all been replaced with marimbas and glockenspiels. [more inside]

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19842010 [more inside]

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Summertime Blues

In Honor of the Season. . .

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If you've been spending An Evening With... us, you'll want to hear this. [more inside]

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Outta Here

The Byrds meet Gary Glitter at a party hosted by Teenage Fanclub. [more inside]

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Mefite Hold music?

I want to buy some hold music for an isp/telcom. Does anybody have a song to sell? [more inside] posted by empath at 10:12 AM PST - 11 comments

June 24


Entry 2.5 in An Evening With.... There's not much to really say about it, for a preface, so [more inside]

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Perfect Songs

Growing up playing music in England in the 80s, playing covers was NOT what you did. You learned three chords and formed a band. However, I'm getting more and more interested in learning some 'perfect' songs. [more inside] posted by unSane at 7:22 PM PST - 40 comments


This is the first thing I have almost finished from my trip out to the middle of nowhere. [more inside]

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Got the Bug Again Finally

Recording for a Complete Dummy [more inside] posted by Danf at 3:26 PM PST - 3 comments

Bathroom Sink

A short instrumental that employed the cabinet under my bathroom sink as percussion. [more inside]

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An Evening With, Volume 2 continues with some Bass Flute by Pheatherwäit. [more inside]

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Cover of the Ewan McColl classic, at the original speed for once. So I know covering a classic like this is pretty dumb -- how you gonna compete with Johnny Cash, Peggy Seeger and Roberta Flack? But I was really curious about something I read, so I wanted to try an experiment. [more inside]

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June 23


Next on An Evening With, Volume 2, a bit of Stream-of-Consciousness, courtesy of man vs sun. [more inside]

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Anyone interested in recording a piano track for me?

Hey, I need some help recording "On My Own" from Les Miserables. [more inside] posted by MaiaMadness at 7:11 PM PST - 1 comments

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Another live recording of a Motown tune. This time I'm not doing the lead vocals, but the backing vocals are me (and one of the guitarists), and so is the vocal impro bit in the middle. I also had a hand in the arrangement. [more inside]

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Send us your bones

Any bones players 'round these parts? [more inside] posted by usonian at 6:28 PM PST - 0 comments

mind yourself

piano, double bass, a rhodes piano and a mellotron wander around a bit. [more inside]

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My first attempt at composing a song using musescore. A bit of a baroque feel to it. (not any real training so I may have broken lots of rules of composition :P)

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Spanish Bombs

A folky cover of The Clash's "Spanish Bombs" featuring micayetoca and Miss V. [more inside]

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Eyeless (Slipknot cover)

This is what Slipknot would sound like if they were only one guy in his bedroom and didn't yell so much.

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The second track from the second volume of An Evening With.... [more inside]

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You and San Francisco

Only took me fifteen years to finish this song. Story inside. [more inside]

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June 22

Girl / 1927

Piano, voice, glitch, noise.

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Welcome, dear listeners, to another exciting episode of An Evening With... [more inside]

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June 21

Faith in Religion

Here's a precocious ditty dating back to the late '80s. I must have been 16 or 17 when I wrote it. I was under the influence of Sting and Swing Out Sister at the time, and I was also starting to learn about classical music. [more inside]

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Knew It All Along

I hate this damn spill in the Gulf, and it's obvious they were cutting corners to save a buck. They had to know that would eventually go wrong. [more inside]

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June 20

orbital resonance diagram 88

I was really inspired by the music of Dj Screw so I made a slow version of a previously faster song. [more inside]

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Are the vocals loud enough?

Turn your bass down...I'm still a'learnin'. Piano overtones are the new "in thing". Mouse programmed...chords and all...not a keyboard in sight.

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June 19

Convert .aiff files to .wav?

Anyone know a quick and easy way for the IT-challenged to do this? posted by MajorDundee at 2:33 PM PST - 5 comments

Duck Fat

A pop song about rendered duck fat. [more inside]

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June 18

Millimeters of Mercury & Lanthanide Contraction — Emergency Exit

What happens when 2 USC chemistry majors collaborate on a song — one of them being an electro artist (me) and the other being pop-punk (him)? This happens. Enjoy. [more inside]

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Three cheers for the AFM!

June 17

Cloud Nine

Another live recording from the Motown project at school last autumn, this time a slightly lesser known song by The Temptations. [more inside]

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Street Sixteen

Strung out and stripped [more inside]

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June 16

Acoustic Guitar Players!

Acoustic Guitar Players. Have you fallen in love with a particular acoustic guitar? One that is your constant companion? If so, why? [more inside] posted by snsranch at 6:56 PM PST - 26 comments

I Want You Back

Live recording from my school's Motown Cover project last autumn, of the classic tune by the Jackson Five. Enjoy! [more inside]

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June 15

We are gonna be friends (White Stripes Cover)

I was just having fun playing that cute White Stripes classic while messing around with Garageband effects I didn't realize existed, but I enjoyed what came out so I thought I'd post it.

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Town in a Lake

My loud sloppy garage rock version of Jessamyn's song about Randolph being in a lake. [more inside]

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Based on a chopped and sliced sample of a heart beating, in this track Millimeters of Mercury (my "stage name") pulls his shields of extreme Auto-Tune down slightly to let you get a little more close and personal.

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June 13


A cover of the song from the Flashdance soundtrack for the #1 song challenge. [more inside]

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June 12

Back on my Back Again

Another slice of 1995 Big Star/Television influenced indie ephemera from my 4-track cassette box. I still really love this guitar riff and the herky jerky power pop stuff at the end of the chorus. A song about not wanting someone to feel bad for dumping you. When I first heard Sloan, I thought 'man, they stole my sound' although really we both stole Velvet Crush's. [more inside]

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June 11

My Train is Coming

One of my contributions to an XTC tribute album project from 2001. The song, written by Andy Partridge, was taken from a rough demo floating around on bootleg cassettes, but never actually released by XTC. [more inside]

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one last breath

This is a cover of that Creed song from 2002 in a style somewhat evocative of Owl City or The Postal Service. [more inside]

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June 10

Ha Ha Ha

Fun break up song about relationship revenge. As usual, the track is all original with me wearing all the hats. The synths are from my Fantom X, guitar sounds processed through POD Farm 2, and the drums are a combo of Fleetwood Total Drumming onshots and 909 samples in GURU. [more inside]

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Atriplex - The Award is Varied

A little deep-glitch piece, getting back into the swing of things. [more inside]

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June 9

Hey Google, My Town's in the Lake

For the last two months, people trying to look up Randolph Vermont on Google Maps have been directed to a dot in the middle of Lake Champlain, 100 miles from the town's actual location. I've tried pretty much everything to get them to fix it [sad details]. Now I'm trying this. [more inside]

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Seventeen Below (Electric Version)

Someone suggested I re-record this with a heavier treatment. So I threw the kitchen sink at it. Guitars, guitars, more guitars, a cello section, some HEAVY guitars, harmonies and a bonus weather forecast. Don't let the quiet beginning fool you. [more inside]

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Party in the CPK

Accordion and ukulele duet, covering Miley Cyrus. Enjoy! [more inside]

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Have You Seen Me?

On the subject of insomnia in a foreign country. [more inside]

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June 8

Help me record some music please.

I'm slowly getting confident enough to put together some simple recordings, perhaps with the current challenge as a starting point. My #1 song is a simple relatively-pleasant one (the 70s were like that, it seems). My problem is I have no idea how to do it; please help. [more inside] posted by fritley at 9:48 PM PST - 7 comments

People Got to Be Free

Cover of The Rascals' song that was a Billboard #1 hit on the day I was born. With a bit of a nod to "The Model." [more inside]

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Paracast theme song [more inside]

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Crushing Tokyo

Accordion + ukulele + godzilla themed love song= Win?? [more inside]

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June 7

foot chase

Easy little piano/drum instrumental track that a friend and I recorded a few years back. I call it "foot chase" because for some reason it makes me imagine being on the run from someone.

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Where Might the Rain Fall

Live recording from a song contest at my old high school, in 2005. This is a sort of symphonic metal-type song. I was very inspired by Nightwish at the time. [more inside]

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June 6

Halp me record audio from the mixing board.

Recording from a Mackie mixer? [more inside] posted by jbickers at 7:04 PM PST - 6 comments

June 4

A Little More Jimi Can't Hurt

Old, and maybe worn out, but I'm still very inspired by this star-child hammering it out on 12 string acoustic. It wasn't a gimmick, Jimi. We're STILL learning from you. posted by snsranch at 8:54 PM PST - 8 comments

March of the Prigs

One of the tracks off the bizarre algorithmically-reconstituted album I recorded constructed today called The Seattleward Spiral. Because the world needs more industrial pop reconstituted from Frasier audio clips. [more inside]

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Now's the time

Samples. It all started with "Now's the fucking time!" from Kill Bill. Then Prince joined in, and then it got out of hand. Elvis has the last word.

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control zed

a sort of constructed improvisation by watson, marsh and may [more inside]

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an inadvertant end

Me and MeFi's own Minus215Cee. I play the squishy trumpet and scratchy electronics toward the right, he plays the sharp sax toward the left. [more inside]

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June 3

World Beneath the Tracks

A brand new song I really wanted to record right away, even though I didn't have any instruments with me. So I used a plastic water bottle... Rubbermaid brand, I believe, and recorded it straight to video with my new camera, which has a pretty decent mic on it, as it turns out. The video's at YouTube.

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June 2

Use What You Got

(to Get What You Want). Another Salvaged From Cassette™ production. Circa 1986. The Beat Meters were my Funky Dance-pop orchestra. [more inside]

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A new synth program still in progress at the time. I hit 'record' only to consider various knob twiddlings, instead it turned out to be a complete solo. [more inside]

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My wife and I recorded this tonight. It's originally by Copeland. We were particularly happy with the result, so I thought I'd share.

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In Your Face (demo)

Sort of an electro-rocky demo for the new record. Mix is rough, etc. [more inside]

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Equipment selection is not really my (near) field

In search of: relatively inexpensive and compact but still decent near-field active monitors. [more inside] posted by davejay at 1:54 PM PST - 10 comments

June 1

Heart of Glass

A busy, silly, energetic million-things-going-on-at-once cover of the Blondie song that was #1 the day I was born. [more inside]

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Good Enough

Another cover song (you seem to respond better to those, anyway :P ), this time something as unoriginal as Evanescence (I know, all the emo kids are doing it...) Yet again, a recording from my vocal exam last week. [more inside]

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an original song. :) ever had a bad break-up? i have. [warning, there's some explicit language toward the end. okay, there's a lot of explicit language at the end. ;)]

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