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June 30

Uneffected Whamola Solo

Just for flapjax and peterkins. Video is available here, as is FLAC. [more inside]

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I Knew It All Along

In at the last minute for June's MeFiMu challenge. Loud autoharp pop. [more inside]

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An attempted Hendrix-style wedding song for a friend. [more inside]

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July Challenge - Irrational Songs

(unSane here using a sockpuppet as I've used up my talk quota for the week) In math, an irrational number is one whose fractional part doesn't repeat. For example, pi. Your challenge for July is to record an irrational song or tune - one which has no parts which repeat. Read on for more info... [more inside] posted by sweet mister at 5:16 AM PST - 22 comments

June 29

I Used To Hate You But Now I Love You

This month's Challenge got me to thinking: with 'hate' being such a profound and powerful emotion, isn't it odd that there are really so few songs that really employ it as an idea or as inspiration? I mean, 'love'? Heck, you can't spit without hitting a love song, but hate, that's a different story. So anyway, this is a song of hate and love. Love and hate. Simple as that. Video here.

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Plínk, Plønk, Pləŋk

A lovely string quintet (of sorts), and the second track from the 2011.06.09 session, with our friend and guest performer, Luke Furman. [more inside]

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June 28

Revulsion (Ex-Machina Mix)

For this month's challenge, I offer a song about hating being loved. [more inside]

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All Night Dennys

I did not rock well last night.

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My love/hate song is a cover of Delbert McClinton's country/gospel classic (actually written by Frankie Miller & Jerry Lynn Williams) accompanied by the pump organ. [more inside]

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June 27

Shiny New Thing Make It All Better

A peck of power pap for you pop-pickers to ponder, peruse and probably perforate. Inspired by this from one of my favourite websites The Daily Mash

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Mare in the Moon

A fantasy for synthesizers and percussion. [more inside]

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True to you

Inspired by the challenge. I hope that counts. [more inside]

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June 26

Band Politics

Having just got back into a (one-off) band after many years, the main thing I had forgotten was Band Fucking Politics. Omigod. I feel like a social worker. I'm much better at it now that I used to be, but how do you deal? What are your horror stories? I'll share mine if you share yours. posted by unSane at 8:20 PM PST - 36 comments

Trying To Boogie

From deepest Ikebukuro, in the heart of downtown Tokyo, it's the Smoke Benders, trying our damndest to boogie, y'all. Video here.

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Getting back into the flow of some bedroom recording on a Sunday.

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June 25


All love, no hate. [more inside]

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Sketch for Columbo

My first recording at my new house in Albuquerque is a very brief trumpet sketch dedicated to the late Peter Falk. [more inside]

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Just what the world needs: another cover of a hit pop song by a white guy with his guitar. [more inside]

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Overt Tranceponder

A 2011 track from The Sweetheart Contract's new album, Murderize. [more inside]

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June 24

Emily's Box (Silly Radio Bit Intro)

I submitted this to a local radio station Jingle Contest to win a trip to London for some rock show. I didn't win, but my crappy jingle is getting airplay 4 or 5 times a week. Wooo! [more inside]

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June 23

Please Don't Take My Photograph (Abu Ghraib Lament)

I wrote this in 2004 after the photo's came out of the prisoners being tortured and photographed like prize big game kills at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, though it might have a double meaning. I enjoyed keeping it really simple, with an old drum machine, my Fender Jazz bass, and synthesizers like my digital Moog and Mellotron and Korg. I like making synthetic moods like mono moog moaning. (say that three times...) [more inside]

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Hang It Up

A short song about a long distance relationship. [more inside]

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Oblique Strategies....

Came across a reference to this the other day and followed up. Wikipedia succinctly elucidates thus: "Oblique Strategies (subtitled over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas) is a set of published cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt first published in 1975, and is now in its fifth, open ended, edition. Each card contains a phrase or cryptic remark which can be used to break a deadlock or dilemma situation. Some are specific to music composition; others are more general. Examples include: - Use an old idea. - State the problem in words as clearly as possible. - Only one element of each kind. - What would your closest friend do? - What to increase? What to reduce? - Are there sections? Consider transitions. - Try faking it! - Honour thy error as a hidden intention. - Ask your body. - Work at a different speed. Here's a clip of Eno explaining matters to the thoroughly splendid Mr Jarvis Cocker. There's also this website that allows you access to randomly selected cards. [more inside] posted by MajorDundee at 2:02 AM PST - 18 comments

Dark fire road drive

Slow, drony, monochordal, minimalist, ambient electro.

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June 22

mmHg - The Planets: Venus

This is the first part of my attempt to do something akin to the work by Gustav Holst. The difference with me is that it's electronic music, and that I'm being more astronomical than mythological. We start with Venus. [more inside]

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Antepuntal Regression

The first track of the night's session, which may very well become a new entry in our An Evening With... series. This week featured special guest Luke Furman, and his wonderful array of toys/instruments, including several Ocarinas...Ocarinae? Ocar-enises? [more inside]

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June 19

short service

I don't really remember how I made this...it was several weeks ago now...but I think it's old tamborine and piano samples; plus, bicycle spokes? and dowel rods maybe? yeah, it's made of stuff. [more inside]

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June 18

Whamola Solo #2

A bit more aggressive, percussive take on the new monster. Headphones/subwoofer are, again, mandatory, for maximum effect. FLAC available [more inside]

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Rap Collaboration!

Does anyone else on here rap? I think it'd be cool to do a collabo with someone because it brings some flavor and new direction to the music. [more inside] posted by dapperkoala at 11:39 AM PST - 1 comments

Drop It Like It's Hot [Cover]

This is an a cappella cover of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot". It was the bonus track off of my latest mixtape, Hardly Broken II: Still Standing [more inside]

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June 17

Bell End

Another archaeological artefact, this one apparently from the stoned age. Nice groove. Unsuccessful played-for-laughs-but-not-quite-making-it lyric. [more inside]

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June 16

Discrete Magic

A bit of semi-long form semi-ambient semi-minimalist semi-something something something. Unfortunately, this is at a stupidly low bitrate because it's 22 minutes long, so higher bitrate MP3 and FLAC are available. [more inside]

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June 15

Raindrops keep Falling

An arrangement of the classic song for banjo and a little bit of toy piano. [more inside]

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honey and glue

This track is part of a "lyrics project," whereby the author of the song's lyrics asked five different contributors to write/perform original songs based on said lyrics. The rest of the tracks can be found here P.S. I'm on drums.

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June 14

Whamola Solo #1

A little field test of my newest toy. Once again, good headphones or speakers are recommended, as it tends to go subsonic. FLAC is also available. [more inside]

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June 12

Contrabassoon + 2(Accordion)

Sometimes, you find exactly how many reeds you are absolutely necessary to make the sound you want, then you add two more accordions. Previously. [more inside]

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Garage band guitar tuner is just plain wrong?

I thought it would be fun to try our garage band's lessons, and see what they're like. But the built in guitar tuner is just... wrong. So wrong. In order to get Garage band to play nice and give me lots of green lights I'm playing something like a whole tone out with the recorded music I'm supposed to be playing along with and it sounds dreadful. What gives? Fresh install, by the way. posted by aesop at 4:20 PM PST - 22 comments


Post-crunk for haters to get their hate on to. Cut up vocals from 7 songs in the first verse, huge reverb in the second, and the third verse is just the stripped down beat to blow up your sound system.

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June 10

Two-Fisted Punch

James Tiberius Kirk takes it to the edge [more inside]

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June 9

Epilogue to Lightning

Warning: This recording includes heavy amounts of face-swallowing, house-rumbling, often subsonic bass. Also available in HBR MP3 and FLAC. For best results, use good headphones or speakers with a subwoofer. Apply directly to the forehead. [more inside]

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Extended glitchy soundscape, recorded live using today's Google "Les Paul" Doodle and some hardware effects.

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A dark electronic piece. Resonant bass intro, echoing bells then slightly distorted drums and detuned synths. [more inside]

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Green-colored acoustic guitar midi. [more inside]

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Music from robots

After seeing this MeFi post, I'm intrigued about the possibilities of using Vocaloid-like software (specifically UTAU) to create some tunes. Does anyone have any experience or helpful hints for working with UTAU in English, or suggestions for what to do with it? [more inside] posted by ZsigE at 5:22 AM PST - 0 comments

June 8

Collab Opportunity! (draft)

Who wants to lay down a DEADLY SOLO over this track, oh, that's right, YOU DO. (blank section starts at 2:13) [more inside]

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What is it with riffs, anyway? [more inside] posted by unSane at 8:30 PM PST - 27 comments

Since I've Been Loving You

Pretty straight-up cover of the Zep song. Live rehearsal recording. [more inside]

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Hey Ya

Q: What's cooler than being cool? A: Ice cold. [more inside]

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Archival. Sometimes I surprise myself. Stick with it for a while - it's a grower. [more inside]

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June 7

oh ee oh

A round of sounds. [more inside]

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June 6

Through the Clouds

A 6/4 take on the classic IV-I chillout/dreampop progression a la Lemon Jelly/Stereolab/Pogo

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June 5

Mudai Heisei 23 Rokugatsu Itsuka

I've been acquiring a number of sample libraries in the past year, and this track makes use of some of them. It has Indonesian gamelan, Japanese taiko, Indian tabla and orchestral strings. [more inside]

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Once again, friends, it's the Smoke Benders: Daysuke on tuba, Naoya on drums, and me on pocket drill, diddley bow, light-triggered synth and vox. Live in Toyama, Japan. Video here.

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June 4

They Don't Run Your Life

Another pep talk for the anxious and non-confrontational. [more inside]

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June 3

Pop Will Eat Itself...?

Interesting article in yesterday's Guardian by Simon Reynolds as a kind of excerpt from his new book. Expresses in more articulate form some of my own concerns about the future of "pop" music. Discuss at will. posted by MajorDundee at 9:01 AM PST - 40 comments

June 2


This is the song I wanted to have compared to the song I uploaded previously. Please see last post.

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June 1

Jr. High School Man

I recorded two albums with my band The Tower of Dudes. One of the albums was recorded in my apartment with a minimal amount of equipment. The other album was recorded in a studio with a lot of good equipment. I have my own feelings about the two different recording experiences, but I am curious about your thoughts: [more inside]

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The Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Can this smug mall punk trash be spun into monophonic A.M. pop radio solid gold? [more inside]

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