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June 28

When the Curtains of Night

I'm happy to present my collaboration with not_on_display: this is our version of a neat little tune that was included in The American Songbag (a 1927 folk song collection by Carl Sandburg); the song there was itself derived from a late 19th-century song by William S. Hays. [more inside]

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June 25

Good So Bad

This is my take on a song by one of the hosts of [dopey podcast](http://dopeypodcast.com), the one they close out every episode with. Came out kinda like a ska tune somehow. Got my daughters doing a little background vox.

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June 23

Excuse Me

Recent Songfight battle; a lipogram: the lyrics can't contain any letter "A." I was eliminated.

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June 20

Won't Take Long

A Ramonesy take on a recent Rolling Stones song

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June 14


A (very) quick upbeat pop song featuring my baritone acoustic guitar and heaps of songwriting cliches. [more inside]

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Anchors Aweigh

Some more punk rock from Spent - Anchors aweigh, pick up and go, anchors aweigh!

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June 10

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

A quick and scarcely rehearsed lofi recording of my take on the classic folk standard/gospel/African American spiritual, with an overdubbed chorus and acoustic guitar.

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June 9

Heart's Attack

Another demo recording from Spent, this one a punk rock love song.

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Intro Jam

from the new Blueshell album [more inside]

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June 8

Podcast #5 is up!

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June 4

Postcards From Nowhere

This is one of the first songs I've written--a new wavey pop song about a girl who's in love with a guy who may or may not be a serial killer. The song is an exaggerated account of a long-dormant toxic friendship; I was inspired by the Enigma Variations compilations, as well as the podcast My Favorite Murder and the urban legend of Debbie Harry and Ted Bundy. [more inside]

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June 3

A Goddamn Avalanche

This is a thrashy proggy tune that's been brewing in my head for a few years. Guitars, bass, drums, and some Korg Minilogue synth giving it a Cult of Luna-ish feel in spots. [more inside]

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June 2

Evil Autoplay

I made a garage-y ditty with my kids using a clown car of musical instruments. [more inside]

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June 1

Following You

A demo track from Spent about your favorite Facebook friend.

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