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June 30


Content Warning (inside the fold) [more inside]

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Deeper Well (Emmylou Harris cover)

I love this song. Cover with guitar, piano. From her 1995 album Wrecking Ball, which Wikipedia calls "career redefining."

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Forget About (Sibylle Baier cover)

Cover of this beautiful song by Sibylle Baier. Guitalele, flute/clarinet/marimba/wurlitzer piano synths. [more inside]

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June 29


I sat in bed and doodled around in Animoog.

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June 25

MeFi Music Mixtape Meta

There's a MetaTalk post at the minute asking people to link playlists and favourite MeFi Music posts, so I'm over here shamelessly drumming up interest. Come and join in, promote your stuff, fanperson all over your MeFiMu idols...the possibilities are several. posted by billiebee at 3:56 PM PST - 2 comments

both sides now, now

lofi recording of somewhat didactic relyricization of joan baez classic, prepared around the time of the tiki torch society's march on charlottesville. [more inside]

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June 24

The Insertion

Here's a demo electronic track. 505 Drum Machine, Nord Lead 1, Arp Odyssey and a Crumar Stratus though a few effects. It's maybe Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack-esque?

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All day

Post of the week! This is a new (and improved?) version of a song I posted quite a while ago (as "Drinking all day"). Light, airy, one-chord country song with moody lyrics. Added second guitar part, violin, harmony vocal. I think I'm getting somewhere with my recording capabilities--what do you think? Any thoughts on the mix?

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June 23


A quick demo of a short instrumental that was inspired by, written and recorded on and named after the red guitar I bought the other day and mentioned on the MetaGoodness thread.

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June 22

A Cautionary Tale

Colbert sounded like Led Zeppelin in his bit that rides the cusp between humor and a sheer release of pent up indignation, so I added guitar accompaniment.

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June 21

This Is Not A Test

Origin story. [more inside]

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Received Wisdom

Another fuzzy, rather lo-fi outing for Sredni Vashtar... [more inside]

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June 18

Want Trouble

Moody, jazzy little tune that explodes towards the end. About the delicious dread of falling in love when both people have baggage. This is my second big attempt at faking swing drums, so pointers would be helpful. As per usual, I started out wanting a sparse mix but it got away from me a bit. [more inside]

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June 17

Vox Inhumana

From my newly released album of the same name, at starthief.bandcamp.com. Something on a spectrum of drone/ambient/abstract electronica. [more inside]

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June 16

a cloud of lettuce

A free jazz-ish interpolation for guitar synthesizer and laptop studio. [more inside]

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June 13

fly away - first time

I lost my good friend a while ago. I made this with him and I miss him dearly. I just want him to be somewhere, so here he is. [more inside]

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I like it again. This is the piano track I posted before (now without the synth, and with vocals and backing vocal harmony) but I think I've mostly solved the problem that to me the whole thing felt kind of lifeless. (At least I felt confident enough to replace the old track with this on SoundCloud, hope that was wise.) What do you think?

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June 12

I don't know what I like to do anymore

What's in it: a sad, simple little guitar / vocals song.

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June 10

I belong to you

Wrote a new song that I still like, unlike the last one I posted! Textured, mellow, summery indie/country with guitar, percussion, strings, vocals.

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June 1

Emergency Contact

One of the few times when the melody and the lyrics arrived simultanesouly. I was adding my wife as an emergency contact to my phone and it came to me that this was a new kind of relationship ritual. [more inside]

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