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June 28

Io Buggy

A jam about riding on a rugged moon. [more inside]

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June 14

Flawless Victory

Flawless Victory

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June 13


More songlike modular AO entry - with a heartbeat! [more inside]

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June 10

gonna be alright

A mellow, chilled-out hip-hop groove

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June 8

The Wandering Life Is A Difficult One But It Is Not Without Its Pleas...

Had a homie on the last goat farm who asked me to write her a song about bouncing around the country taking care of goats and green things, asked me to call it "Hard Out Here for a Nomad" but that is not the name of this song, the name of this song is "The Wandering Life Is A Difficult One, But It Is Not Without Its Pleasures; For Example, Today I Saw A Cardinal." [more inside]

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June 6

Mellow Morns

An eggs-tremely mellow morning improv sesh on the synth rig!!!

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June 5

Ambient Office v8 - Plod

Apparently my mood impacts the song that develops... [more inside]

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June 4

I Ain't Got It

From an album. https://danagosto.bandcamp.com/album/kitty-cat-island

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June 2

Mingulay Boat Song

Trad. sea song, composed in the 1930s by Scots composer Hugh Roberton. I learnt it from a pirate band who used to play at the Maryland Renaissance Fair. [more inside]

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June 1

That's The Story Of My Life

Tempus fugit...carpe diem

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